My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 11- Recap

Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to wash his hair, but Sang Tian had no choice but to agree. Sang Tian helped Wen Bing wash her hair, and the two started fighting with each other. Sang Tian left without helping Wen Bing finish washing her hair.

Sang Tian and Xiao Rou met, and the two went shopping together in the mall. Sang Tian tried on various clothes to buy things. Finally, Xiao Rou was too tired to walk, so she took Sang Tian to the nail salon to do manicures. It took a while.

Wen Bing looked at Sang Tian’s WeChat steps. Thinking about what she did, there would be so many steps, and later saw that the number of WeChat steps had not increased, so she called Sang Tian, ​​but Sang Tian did not answer.

After Sang Tian finished her nails, she went to eat dessert with Xiao Rou. Xiao Rou went to the bathroom, leaving Sang Tian to eat the cake by herself, Sang Tian admiring her manicure. At this time, Wen Bing suddenly appeared.

Wen Bing found the nail polish on her hand, so he asked her why she was applying nail art? Sang Tian anxiously said that she was shopping with her girlfriend to help her try her color. Xiaorou just came back at this time, so Sang Tian said that Xiaorou was her girlfriend, and then left with the excuse that she would continue shopping.

Coach Ma informed the students that it is best not to go out this long vacation, and if they want to go out, do not bring Wenbing. William said that he had booked a homestay, so he asked Sang Tian to lie to Wen Bing that they would go to the training camp this time and leave Wen Bing alone in the dormitory. Wen Bing believed it and stayed in the dormitory.

Sang Tian and the others came to the destination and found that the scenery and environment near the homestay were very good. Wen Bing was painting at the painting agency, and his uncle told him Sang Tian that they had gone out to play, only then did Wen Bing realize that he was cheated.

William told Sang Tian that the single room was full and they could only sleep in the whole bunk. At this time, Sang Tian just realized that her menstrual period was coming, so she called Xiaorou, but Xiaorou said she was busy and had no time. So he sent a message to Sang Zhan and asked him to bring a pack of sanitary napkins.

So Sang Zhan took a taxi on the side of the road, and happened to meet Meng Na who was carpooling with him, so the two took a taxi to the hotel together.

Sang Tian and the others just wanted to go to the picking garden next to them to pick the fruit, but it happened that the ice just came, so they pretended to train. Wen Bing said that he would supervise everyone next to him, so Wen Bing asked everyone to train in the open space, and he would eat and drink by himself.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na had a dispute in the car. Meng Na also found out that Sang Zhan had brought a pack of sanitary napkins, so she said that Sang Zhan was abnormal. The driver gave Sang Zhan the wallet and said that Meng Na left it in the car.

Sang Tian just wanted to go to a showdown with Wenbing, and just received news from Sang Zhan that he had arrived at the homestay, so Sang Tian rushed over and got the sanitary napkins with Sang Zhan.

Because Sang Tian escaped, they asked William to have a showdown with Wenbing. William knocked on the side and finally compromised and said to continue training.

Sang Tian just came back at this time, and they wanted Sang Tian to go to the showdown. Wen Bing walked over and said that he heard that there was a picking garden nearby, so he decided to let everyone go to the picking garden to pick fruits.

They came to the picking garden, so they decided who picked the most in the group competition. They decided to group by rotating the bottles. Finally, Wenbing and Sang Tian formed a group.

Sang Zhan just entered the picking garden. He wanted to find Meng Na to return her wallet, but he accidentally reversed the sign of the picking garden. But Meng Na just happened to look at the sign, but she wanted to go to the picking garden but went to the guest house.

Sang Tian was photographed secretly by Wenbing, and Sang Tian was very unhappy. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian was so unwilling to be grouped with him, and Sang Tian complained that they have four hands, but they only have three hands. Wen Bing said that this hand was injured because of her, so Sang Tian confessed to Wen Bing that she should not lie to him. Wen Bing said that he was not angry because they went out to play, but because they lied to him, and he was stupid enough to be discovered by him. So Sang Tian said that he would not find out next time.