My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 9 – Recap

Wen Bing left the ice rink after teaching Sang Tian’s shooting posture and called his uncle, but his uncle did not answer. I met Meng Na at this time. Meng Na said that she had two musical tickets and wanted to watch it with him. Wen Bing refused to say that they could not go to a 3v3 match next week and would like to train. Meng Na also said that she wanted to watch them train and give them some food and drink. Wen Bing refused, saying that Coach Ma would be unhappy when he saw it.

Cheng Minjun came to Coach Horse’s office and asked Coach Horse to pay for the last meal. He also brought a small gift to Coach Ma, thanking her for helping him pick up his bag last time. Cheng Minjun wanted to know more about Coach Ma, but Coach Ma said that she was not free, so he drove Cheng Minjun away.

Coach Ma was eating in the cafeteria and met Coach Xue. Coach Ma saw that Coach Xue ate very little. Coach Xue said that they should pay attention to their figure in figure skating, unlike their ice hockey club. Coach Xue also said that Cheng Minjun had given her a set of skin care products, and Coach Xue found that the skin care products also had a gift hand cream. Coach Ma realized that Cheng Minjun had given her the gift hand cream. So Coach Xue said she was cheated by Cheng Minjun, and Coach Ma left angrily.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian are training on the ice rink. Sang Zhan pretends to be a takeaway and wants to test whether Wen Bing is face blind.

Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop. Sang Zhan suspected that Blindness was pretending to be blind, but Xiaorou said that she could distinguish a person by height, weight, and shoe size. So Sang Zhan remembered looking for Sang Tian in the surveillance room that day. He felt that smelling of Bing was really a face blindness. Otherwise, how could he find Sang Tian in so many people at a glance? Sang Zhan said that if Wenbing is really face blind, then he should have a lot of trouble on the court. So Xiao Rou said that unless a mark was made, such as Shaobing seven-point sugar, this suddenly inspired Sang Tian.

Sang Tian, ​​Wen Bing and William were training together on the ice rink. Suddenly, seniors came and wanted to let them leave the ice rink. Wen Bing said that Liuye has an unwritten rule, which is to compete for the field by strength. So they decided to win with one goal and hit the PET bottle on the door frame. The senior didn’t hit, but Wen Bing hit. The senior pretended that he didn’t make it clear and wanted to compare it again.

Later, Meng Na came, and felt that the senior was shameless after playing awe-inspiring, so she drove them away. Meng Na was watching them training on the ice rink, Meng Na wiped Wen Bing’s sweat. Sang Tian was a little unhappy watching this scene, Wen Bing and Meng Na went outside to buy drinks.

William taught Sang Tian how to shoot, and suddenly felt his heart beat faster. Sang Tian felt that something was wrong, so she immediately said she was going to buy water.

Sang Tian saw Wen Bing and Meng Na buying drinks in the supermarket, so they hid them secretly. But it was still discovered. Meng Na asked Sang Tian to help her take a photo with Wen Bingzhao. After finishing the photo, Sang Tian said to go back to training and left.

William met Senior Sister Miao Miao at the stadium and asked Senior Sister Miao Miao if he was close to a person, why would his heart beat so quickly? So Senior Sister Miaomiao told him that if it was a girl, it meant that he was moved by that girl. If it is a boy, it means that the person is very good and makes him feel pressured. So he left after speaking.

Sang Tian came to the ice rink to train and found Wenbing was also in the ice rink. Wen Bing said that if Sang Tian hit the single room six times, she would give her a gift. In the end, Sang Tian succeeded. So Wen Bing gave her a picture of the two of them in the afternoon. Wen Bing taught Sang Tian’s sense of belief in shooting and made her treat the door frame as the person she likes.

Meng Na was chatting with Sang Zhan in the Internet cafe. Meng Na told Sang Zhan that she used Sang Zhan’s method and successfully obtained the first photo of her and the person she liked. Sang Zhan asked to see her picture, but Meng Na refused to say that only a familiar stranger can share the secret, so the two happily played a game.

Coach Ma told them that a 3v3 match would be held tomorrow afternoon, saying that the team that won the match could agree to any of their conditions. So William said that in order to match the tacit understanding of the three of them, he wanted to give up the single room and move to their dormitory. But Wen Bing and Sang Tian refused.

Wen Bing took Sang Tian to train, and Sang Tian made rapid progress. Sang Tian asked Wen Bing to get up in the morning and said that the game was going to happen in the afternoon, and she wanted to train again in the morning. Wen Bing said that he should take a good rest in the morning, otherwise the training will affect the game. Wen Bing said he has his own way of relaxing. Sang Tian received a call from Xiao Rou and told her to accompany her to the road show. Sang Tian felt that there was nothing wrong in the morning, so she agreed.

Wen Bing came to the studio to paint, but he was impatient, so he painted and tore, tore and painted. Uncle came to the studio and felt that Wen Bing was worried that they would lose and Sang Tian would leave him. Wen Bing said that their group would definitely win, so he left.

Sang Tian came to the dressing room to see Xiao Rou, Xiao Rou dressed up as a disco, so she made Sang Tian also dressed up as a disco to perform with her, and this scene happened to be seen by Wen Bing.