My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 24 – Recap

Sang Tian came to the figure skating department to take classes, but she didn’t have time to change her student ID, so she didn’t go to the finished class. Wen Bing and the others came to the locker room and found that their clubs and clothes were cleaned, and there was milk tea.  Coach Ma informed them that in order to prepare for the college league, let them train on the ice arena at 9 pm, and also specially reminded them that there was no administrator at that time.

Later, Sang Tian came to the locker room and brought them a sign made by herself, saying that although she could not play with them, her heart was with them.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian came to the ice rink to skate. Sang Tian said that Wen Bing can see people’s faces clearly now, would she feel that Sang Tian is not that important anymore. Wen Bing picked up Sang Tian to skate, and said affectionately that there would be no such thing.

Sang Tian came to see the ice game, but when he entered the field was found to have been kicked out with a fake certificate. Wen Bing and the others were waiting for Sang Tian in the locker room. Sang Tian called and told them that she could not enter outside the stadium, but let them cheer and don’t let her down.

At the start of the game, Wen Bing scored a goal alone. Xiao Xiao used her mobile phone and Sang Tian’s video to broadcast live footage. After Wenbing didn’t pass the ball, Asakusa University scored a goal. The senior and William had a conflict, and they have been fighting each other. Sang Tian looked very anxious, hoping they could adjust their state.

At the beginning of the second game, the goalkeeper’s senior was injured so Xiao Xiao was replaced on the bench. But Xiao Xiao may not have found the status yet, so he fell. Wen Bing passed the ball to Meng Qi in the last ten seconds, but Meng Qi failed to score, and finally lost the goal Wen Bing scored because it exceeded two seconds. Sang Tian was also very anxious watching the live broadcast outside the field. Suddenly Meng Qi came out to find Sang Tian and asked Sang Tian to play for him.

Sang Tian came to the ice rink, everyone was surprised but very happy. Sang Tian told everyone that the principal specially approved her to participate in the exhibition match. So they scored a goal with the tacit cooperation of Sang Tian and Wen Bing. Then William and Shen Qiaodi came to a head-on confrontation. Shen Qiaodi was hit by William this time and William successfully scored a goal. Shen Qiaodi suddenly felt a little relieved after seeing William score a goal, and then several goals from the shallow North University were successfully intercepted by Xiao Xiao. Finally, Sang Tian successfully scored the last goal to reverse the score and successfully won the game.William got his brother’s affirmation, and his brother shook hands with him.

Sang Tian and they hugged each other excitedly, Meng Qi received a call from Miao Miao, saying that he decided to give him a chance.

In the evening, Sang Tian came to the ice hockey rink and wanted to say goodbye to the hockey. Wen Bing also knew what she thought, and said that she had to say goodbye to him. So Coach Xue and William came to the ice rink when they just wanted to kiss. Coach Xue told Sang Tian that she had been officially admitted to the figure skating club, but Sang Tian refused, saying that after meeting Wen Bing, she found that she really likes ice hockey. So she planned to go to a new place and start chasing her dream of ice hockey.

Just when everyone thought Sang Tian was leaving Liuye, Coach Ma came and told them that the principal had agreed to start a women’s ice hockey club, so Sang Tian could be in Liuye. Everyone also discovered that Coach Ma and Cheng Minjun were engaged.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na grab the doll in front of the claw machine. Sang Zhan catches the doll Meng Na likes. Sang Zhan and Meng Na are very happy.

William and Xiao Rou were chatting in the milk tea shop, and Xiao Rou asked William to drink less high-sugar drinks in the future.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing made a snowman together on the road where they met. Wen Bing deliberately lied to her that she could not see her face again, and asked Sang Tian to kiss her quickly. Seen through by Sang Tian, ​​Sang Tian asked Wen Bing if he could see the whole world clearly, would she be his only. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian is his world, so Wen Bing gave Sang Tian the Unicorn Necklace because he loved her, and the two kissed together, and the story ended.