My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 23 – Recap

Meng Na knew that Sang Zhan and Sang Tian were elder brothers and sisters. Afterwards, she was very angry and said that Sang Zhan lied to her and then left. Sang Zhan hurried to catch up. Only then did Sang Tian know the relationship between Sang Zhan and Meng Na, and Wen Bing laughed at Sang Tian without seeing it.

Meng Na was angry that Sang Zhan deceived her in the Internet cafe alone, and then divorced him online. After Meng Na came out, she found that Sang Zhan was in the same Internet cafe as her. Sang Zhan wanted to ask Meng Na to forgive her, but Meng Na was very angry and left.

William came to the milk tea shop to find Xiao Rou and gave Xiao Rou a pot of Succulent. William also said that he knew that Sang Tian is a girl, and said that he would bless Sang Tian and Wen Bing. Sang Zhan and his senior sister Yoo Sang Tian came out.

Sang Zhan wore a doll costume and begged Meng Na for forgiveness. Meng Na was very angry and said that she had lied to her before, but now she has joined her senior sister to lie to her again. So Meng Na ran to the ice castle that was about to close, and Sang Zhan followed in. Sang Zhan told Meng Na that he really liked her, and even rewarded all the points in the game to the people who came to their wedding. Meng Na was even more angry. After Sang Zhan and Meng Na went out, they found that the door was closed. Then Sang Zhan left Xiao Ruan and Sang Tian to send a WeChat message and told Meng Na about her sister.

After Sang Tian and Wen Bing finished shopping, Sang Tian immediately rode to the playground with Wen Bing after receiving Sang Zhan’s news. Xiao Rou also received news from Sang Zhan and went to the playground together on the front bumper of William’s bicycle.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met the sweet potato seller who fell down on the road, and then Sang Tian and Wen Bing helped the grandfather pick up sweet potatoes. Sang Tian was picking up sweet potatoes on the road, and suddenly a truck drove across. Wen Bing rushed over and pulled Sang Tian, ​​but he accidentally knocked out blood, so Wen Bing was sent to the hospital.

Xiao and William rushed to the playground to rescue Sang Zhan and Meng Na. William received a call from Sang Tian, ​​so everyone rushed to the hospital to see Wenbing. Sang Tian told everyone that Wen Bing had a slight concussion, and just rested for a few days. Sang Tian asked everyone to go back first, and then stay by herself to take care of Wen Bing.

Sang Tian held Wen Bing’s hand, and Wen Bing’s mother rushed to watch this scene at the door. Wen Bing’s mother apologized to Sang Tian, ​​saying that she already knew about Sang Tian, ​​and asked her to treat her as a family member if she didn’t mind.

Sang Zhan sent Meng Na back to school, and the two reconciled. Sang Zhan told Meng Na not to tell others that her sister was a girl. Meng Na said she would keep the secret, but was heard by the senior of the ice hockey department.

The next day Wen Bing woke up. Wen Bing found that he could see the face clearly, and his mother also cried excitedly. Later, my grandma came. It turned out that the grandma who used to divination was the grandma who smelled the ice, and all this was designed by the grandma. Because when Wen Bing was in a car accident when she was a child, the last thing she saw was Sang Tian’s appearance, and only then did Sang Tian and Wen Bing remember this. Both mother and grandmother identified Sang Tian as their daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law.

Coach Ma received a call from the principal. It turned out that it was the senior who posted that Sang Tian is a girl in the school. So Sang Tian had to leave the ice hockey club. But Coach Xue asked Sang Tian to go to their figure skating club to stay in Liuye, and Sang Tian agreed.

Xiao Xiao discussed this with his classmates, and Li He guessed it was Sang Tian. Then Sang Tian took the initiative to tell everyone that she was a girl. Sang Tian and Wen Bing also knew that William had known that Sang Tian was a girl.

Sang Tian changed back to women’s clothing in the dormitory, and Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to dance with him. Sang Tian wanted to return to Wen Bing’s paintings for her, but Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to kiss him and then give him. When they first wanted to kiss, everyone was peeking at the door and found. Everyone came to say goodbye to Sang Tian, ​​and gave them gifts to Sang Tian, ​​and finally they took photos as a souvenir.