My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 22 – Recap

Wen Bing came to the playground with Oden and wanted to give it to Sang Tian. William felt that Sang Tian was weird today because Wen Bing made Sang Tian angry. Sang Tian and Senior Sister Miao Miao came to the playground arm in arm. Senior Sister Miao Miao announced to everyone that she was Sang Tian’s girlfriend, and Wen Bing watched this scene unmoved. Sang Tian said that she was very happy with Senior Sister Miaomiao, and she also showed her affection to Wen Bing on purpose. Wen Bing said that he was going home, Sang Tian felt that Wen Bing had guessed something.

Coach Ma eats instant noodles at a convenience store, and convenience store owner Qin Lang has been harassing Coach Ma. Cheng Minjun found them and exposed Qin Lang’s true face. Coach Ma realized that Qin Lang had been cheated, so he poured instant noodles on Qin Lang’s head angrily. Cheng Minjun took Coach Ma and left, and Coach Ma was very happy watching Cheng Minjun holding her hand. Coach Ma also hinted that Cheng Minjun could chase her again.

Senior Sister Miao Miao and Tian Sang showed affection in front of William and the others. Sang Tian wanted to reject Senior Sister Miao Miao, but Senior Sister Miao Miao said that she had known that Sang Tian was a girl. And under her guess, she felt that Wen Bing had a high probability already knew that she was a girl, so Sang Tian immediately followed Wen Bing.

After Sang Tian left, Meng Qi and his classmates came to see Senior Sister Miaomiao. Meng Qi asked Miao Miao why she was with Sang Tian, ​​and Miao Miao said she liked the courage of Sang Tian. Meng Qi wanted to pursue Miaomiao, but Miaomiao asked him to be brave first. So Meng Qi decided to defeat Shen Qiaodi of the Northern University, and the pursuit of the championship was insignificant.

Wen Bing met his mother. The mother said that the two of them were boys and could not do kissing and some intimate things, and showed Wen Bing the photos. Wen Bing realized that Sang Tian was so abnormal recently, so he told his mother that he had known that Sang Tian was a girl. She also told her mother that Sang Tian came to Liuye because Liuye was her mother’s alma mater, and Liuye was her only contact with her mother. At this time Sang Tian also rushed over, Wenbing took Sang Tian’s hand and said that he really liked Sang Tian. He also accidentally revealed that they were kissing to help Wen Bing see the face clearly. His mother agreed when they saw that they liked each other so much, but hoped that they would not live together.

Sang Tian asked Wen Bing when she knew she was a girl. Wen Bing saw that Sang Tian had been wrong and told her that it was the one in the swimming pool. Sang Tian wanted Wen Bing to paint her portrait, and Wen Bing deliberately deceived her. Said it burned. William was very happy watching Sang Tian and Wen Bing reconcile. Sang Tian called Xiao Rou and said that everything had been resolved, Xiao Rou said sadly that she had bought a plane ticket and rushed back, and lost a good chance of vacation, but Sang Tian promised to make up for Xiao Rou, so Xiao Rou was very happy again.

William came to the milk tea shop to see Xiao Rou very happy, so he deliberately said Xiao Rou shouldn’t be sad, because Sang Tian had a girlfriend. Xiao Rou said that she was very happy that Sang Tian found true love, and the two of them happily blessed Sang Tian together.

Cheng Minjun held the flower waiting for the horse coach for a date. The horse coach was dressed very beautifully and wore high heels, but accidentally sprained his foot. Cheng Minjun felt very distressed and told Coach Ma to stop wearing high heels. From now on, she can wear whatever she likes. He likes her real look. Cheng Minjun took Coach Ma back home, and both Coach Ma and Cheng Minjun received a call from Coach Xue, saying that she had fallen in love again, so the two went together.

Sang Tian waited for Wen Bing to say goodnight in the dormitory at night. After Wen Bing told her good night, Sang Tian was very happy, so she went to bed happily looking at the portrait.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing both rejected Xiao Xiao and their appointment after class, and William helped them cover up, so Xiao Xiao and the others thought they had gone on a date. Sang Tian and Wen Bing ate oden together back to back at a table, but Xiao Xiao and the others found out, so they had to put together a table together, but Wen Bing secretly held Sang Tian’s hand under the table.

Meng Na talked to her senior sister and found that she seemed to really like Sang Zhan, so the senior sister helped her make an appointment to meet Sang Zhan in Liuye at nine o’clock in the evening.

Sang Tian and Wenbing video at night, but William and the others watch the game in their dormitory. Xiao Xiao discovered the portrait by accident. William helped Sang Tian to cover it and said that he painted it, but everyone knew that he did not paint it. At this time, Wen Bing just rushed back, so he told everyone that he painted it, and after kissing Sang Tian in the toilet, he drew a picture for everyone.

Sang Tian sent Wenbing out of the dormitory. They met Sang Zhan downstairs. Sang Tian told Sang Zhan that Wenbing had known that she was a girl, but Meng Na happened to hear that she was shocked. Sang Zhan is a sibling.