My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 20 – Recap

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met at the jewelry stand. Sang Tian looked at the necklace and imagined Wen Bing and her confession. Wen Bing saw that she had been looking at the necklace and thought it was for Xiao Rou. Wen Bing said that this necklace was too earthy, and that he was going to confess, and he decided to give him a gift. Sang Tian left angrily, Wen Bing looked at the necklace thoughtfully.

Sang Tian met Sang Zhan downstairs in the dormitory. Sang Zhan asked her to help him go to the playground to work with him tomorrow, and promised to invite her to ride the Ferris wheel. William just heard their conversation, so he decided to go to the playground to work tomorrow.

The next day Sang Tian came to the amusement park to hand out flyers in a doll costume. She met William, who was also wearing a doll costume, and the two distributed flyers together. William also took photos with Sang Tian and sent them to Moments.

Wen Bing and Meng Na took promotional photos, and when Wen Bing looked through Moments and found that Sang Tian was also in the playground, he suddenly thought of an idea.

Coach Ma was shopping with the convenience store owner. The boss felt that the clothes selected by Coach Ma were not suitable for her, and asked her to wear a skirt and high heels to the convenience store owner to answer the phone. Cheng Minjun eavesdropped and discovered that he was a scumbag. So he ran to expose him, and found that it was his sister, so Coach Ma left speechlessly. Cheng Minjun called Coach Xue and wanted Coach Xue to help him dig a little bit. Cheng Minjun promised to invite Coach Xue to dinner, so Coach Xue decided to do him this favor.

Sang Tian and William went to the ice rink and saw Wen Bing and Meng Na taking promotional photos. They thought that Wen Bing was going to confess to Meng Na, so they left. When William saw that Sang Tian was in a bad mood, he took Sang Tian to a relaxing place. Meng Na found the necklace that Wen Bing bought and thought it was for her. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian asked him to buy it for his girlfriend, and then left.

William bought Sang Tian ice cream to eat, Wenbing went to them and snatched Sang Tian’s ice cream. Wen Bing said he would go to ride the Ferris wheel with Sang Tian, ​​and Sang Tian said he would sit with Meng Na and left. Wen Bing came to the doll shop and bought a doll costume that was exactly the same.  Meng Na happened to see it, thinking she wanted to surprise her. Sang Zhan also just wore a doll costume, pretending to be Wen Bing and Meng Na playing together in the amusement park.

William brought Sang Tian to the Ferris wheel, and Wen Bing pretended to be William when he went to buy tickets, so he went to the Ferris wheel with Sang Tian. When William saw that Sang Tian had followed the wrong cat, he immediately went to the next room. When Sang Tian found Wen Bing and said that he should be with Meng Na, Wen Bing told Sang Tian that the person he liked was not Meng Na. Wen Bing also wrote Sang Tian TiAmo Wen Bing on the glass window. Sang Tian always thought that this meant pig head, so she kept saying this word to Wen Bing. William suddenly felt very sad watching this scene, and found that Sang Tian liked Wen Bing. Sang Tian promised Wen Bing not to express his wish for success when the Ferris wheel reached its highest point.

Meng Na and Sang Zhan came under the Ferris wheel. Meng Na kissed the doll’s face. After opening it, she found that it was Sang Zhan. Then she was very angry and said that she had taken her first kiss. Sang Zhan said that he would just give it back to her, so he put the hood on Meng Na’s head and kissed it.

William came to the milk tea shop to find Xiao Rou. Xiao Rou enlightened William. William suddenly realized that he should bless Sang Tian. So Xiaorou watched him recover and decided that today’s milk tea would be half price for him.

Sang Tian’s firework show is about to begin, so Wen Bing has to confess. Wen Bing took out the necklace and brought it to Sang Tian. Sang Tian said that unicorns cannot be given away casually. When she just wanted to take it off, Wen Bing grabbed her hand and said that TiAmo liked you. At this time, the fireworks just started, Wen Bing kissed Sang Tian on the forehead and confessed to Sang Tian that she liked her. Sang Tian felt that Wen Bing might be playing tricks on her, and she didn’t know how to respond to Wen Bing. Just then a motorcycle drove past, and Wen Bing put Sang Tian’s hand in his pocket and said that he would walk to his right at night.

Sang Zhan was waiting for Meng Na’s game to go online. Meng Na opened the game and found out that she was married to Sang Zhan, so she changed her profile picture. Sang Zhan saw that Meng Na was online, so he apologized to Meng Na. Meng Na just wanted to forgive him, but suddenly realized that she had changed her profile picture for Sang Zhan and said nasty things, so she left.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing returned to the dormitory. Wen Bing made Sang Tian not burdened. Sang Tian felt that she wanted to tell Wen Bing that she was a girl, so she put a picture of her long hair in the box, Wen Bing also found out, so Sang Tian wanted to introduce her to Wen Bing and said that she was a girl It was her younger sister named Sang Ye, Wen Bing refused.