My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 13 – Recap

Sang Zhan asked someone to tell Meng Na to let her wait, but in fact Sang Zhan wanted to fix her. Meng Na stayed where she was waiting for Sang Zhan. When Sang Zhan came back, she found that Meng Na had been waiting for him. Sang Zhan suddenly felt a little intolerable. When he just wanted to wake Meng Na, he suddenly remembered that Meng Na was her sister’s rival in love, so he left.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, saying that Xiao Rou was too clingy, and kept pulling her for candlelight dinner. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian is too straight to understand girls’ hearts. So she taught Sang Tian how to answer the girl’s question. Sang Tian found that Wen Bing was very sultry, so she felt that Wen Bing was very bothersome.

Sang Tian and they discussed their opponents this time, especially Shen Qiaodi. Xiao Xiao said that Meng Qi, the senior, and the others had a terrible loss in the match against the Northern University last year. Everyone thinks that this is a bronze against the king, and there is no doubt that they will lose. Everyone is a little anxious. So Sang Tian comforted everyone and said that this time it was the shallow North University who was training them. He also set a small goal for everyone and just scored one goal. Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and wanted Wen Bing to go to the ice rink to guide them in practice, but Wen Bing refused.

Sang Tian found that William’s condition had been wrong, and worked very hard and desperately. William stayed on the ice rink alone and recalled what his brother Shen Qiaodi said to him when he was a child. Shen Qiaodi always looked down on his younger brother William and felt that William was very poor and not worthy of his younger brother. Senior Sister Miaomiao came to enlighten William, hoping that he could look a little bit more. It is not important to lose the game, the important thing is not to lose to himself.

Sang Tian and the others came to the ice rink to play against the Shallow North University, and Wen Bing and Miao Miao also came to the game to watch them play. Shen Qiaodi scored two goals. William had a chance to score the last goal, but his brother put too much pressure on him, causing William to lose the goal.

Senior Sister Miaomiao discovered that Wen Bing knew that Shen Qiaodi was William’s elder brother. Xiao Xiao blamed William for his mistake, which caused them to lose the last goal. William had to tell them that Shen Qiaodi was his brother and he had never beaten him. Everyone was surprised when William said this.

William did not come to class, and Sang Tian lied to the coach that he was on sick leave. Sang Tian went to the dormitory to find William, but William refused to see anyone. The teammates asked Xiao Xiao to apologize to William. Xiao Xiao said that he did speak too much and would apologize to William.

Coach Ma came to the locker room and asked Sang Tian where William had gone, and Sang Tian had to say that William had taken sick leave. Coach Ma found that William had not come to class, so he asked Sang Tian to tell William that he would leave Liuye directly next time he didn’t come. Sang Tian ran to the playground to find William, and wanted to enlighten him. But William said he would be fired if he was to be fired.

Sang Tian asked Xiaorou to confide in her troubles, just to see Shen Qiaodi and Miao Miao senior sister chatting, Sang Tian heard Shen Qiaodi look down on William. So Sang Tian angrily rushed to Shen Qiaodi and told him to bet with her and apologize to William if she wins the singles. Shen Qiaodi proudly said that he had never seen anyone who could beat him, so he agreed to her bet.

After Shen Qiaodi left, Sang Tian felt that she was too impulsive and complained that Xiaorou didn’t stop her. Sang Tian went back to the dormitory to ask Wen Bing to help her. Wen Bing guessed that she was singled out by Shen Qiaodi, so she asked her to think about her own advantages.

Sang Tian came to the agreed place to wait for Shen Qiaodi. She and Shen Qiaodi agreed that as long as Sang Tian scored a goal, she would win. So the two started the match, Sang Tian almost scored, but was intercepted by Shen Qiaodi.