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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 22

Pei Zhao said that he had long suspected that there was a secret in the Red Honggu War. Pei Zhao told Su Ci that Liang Cheng had been killed. Su Ci also told Pei Zhao that he was investigating Bailiang’s case, that the communication letter from the patriarch Bailiang was forged by himself, and that Lei Zheng was responsible for the case back then, which was his true purpose. Pei Zhao suspects that Liang Feng is the one who forged the evidence.

The two returned to Liang’s Mansion, and the butler brought out the works collected from various places seven years ago, all copied by scholars, and a copy of the scholar’s name. Su Ci was going to find those scholars right away, but Pei Zhao said that she had just been poisoned and needed a good rest and went back later.

Pei Zhao told Xiwen that the Bailiang case might be hidden. When asked about Xiwen at the scene, Xiwen said that the only daughter of the patriarch was missing. At this time, Su Ci came to ask Pei Zhao to eat, and was shocked to hear Xiwen’s voice, because Su Ci thought that Xiwen’s voice was the murderer when he went to the scene, so he believed that Pei Zhao was the murderer.

After thinking about it, he rushed into the room to assassinate Pei Zhao, but in the end he couldn’t bear to start, and told Pei Zhao that we would leave on horseback without owing each other.

Pei Zhao remembered that Su Ci had mentioned the case of the Bailiang clan being exterminated, and he was very sad, and when he went to the river to worship before, Pei Zhao already knew that Su Ci was the only daughter of the Bailiang patriarch.

 Pei Zhao and his party ran into Su Ci at the entrance of the inn. Su Ci saw Pei Zhao and was about to leave.

Pei Zhao carried her into the room. Su Ci admitted that he was a member of the Bailiang tribe and said that Pei Zhao was killing her entire clan. Murderer. Pei Zhao asked her if she had misunderstood. Su Ci said that Xiwen’s voice was the murderer back then. Pei Zhao explained that he went to ask Xiwen to save people, but it was too late to stop it. For Su Ci, Pei Zhao stayed behind and used himself to investigate the battle of Honggu. After hearing this, Pei Zhao put forward the second condition, that he wanted to investigate Bailiang’s case with her, and Su Ci agreed.

Everyone sat together to eat, and Su Ci took out the list of scholars, which was a fake calligraphy for Lei Zheng. Xie Beiming said that the case was closed a long time ago, but Su Ci said that the letter of conspiracy was a forgery. If you double-encumber Su Ci, how did you know that the letter was forged, Pei Zhao said that Su Ci was careful, and it was also judged back then. Attribution of the instrument.

King Yun already knew that Liang Feng’s counterfeit had been taken away, and he had also found the scholar on the list. King Yun immediately sent someone to stop it.

The five Pei Zhao found Li Mu, the last scholar on the list, but he was burned to death seven years ago. Everyone went back to the inn, speculating that he had forged the letter of rebellion.

Pei Zhao suggested that the government must have a fire file, and Su Ci said that he could go alone. Pei Zhao and Su Ci found the file, and Li Mu died exactly one month after the case of Bai Liang.

Dong Rushuang pretended to be a writer, Xie Beiming pretended to make trouble, saying that she was not as good as Li Mu. At this time, everyone mentioned Li Mu’s past to Rushuang. He was a diligent young man who did a lot of dirty work.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci were still checking the dossier and learned that Li Mu had taken medicine for a long time before he was alive, and he was frail and unable to escape the fire. So far, the Li family has disappeared.

In the evening, when everyone gathered together, Su Ci believed that the government’s case did not match what the street residents said, and decided that he needed to go to the ruins of Li’s house the next day.

Everyone came to the ruins of Li’s house and saw a rice jar. Su Ci discovered the cellar.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci went down together. It turned out that this cellar had been inhabited by people. Su Ci couldn’t hold on to lack of oxygen, so Pei Zhao carried her back.

Go up, but Pei Zhao also feels wrong. After coming up, Dong Rushuang said that Pei Zhao needs to get out of the air as soon as possible, which would be life-threatening, so Su Ci hurried up to get out of the air, and Pei Zhao woke up.

Pei Zhao and his party returned to the inn and talked about the cellar. They suspected that someone was hiding in it to escape the fire. Everyone began to suspect that the dead person was not Li Mu or that the person hiding in the cellar was a member of Li Mu’s family.

Su Ci decided to visit Li’s tomb the next day, and Pei Zhao told her another plan. Pei Zhao released the news that he wanted to dig up wasteland to pass water, but Li’s grave was on the wasteland and needed to be moved. The five Pei Zhao came to Li’s grave and waited for the rabbits.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 21

Zhao Pei and Soviet porcelain hiding in the room to hear Liang Cheng said to be buried quickly to Liang Feng, Liang Cheng also came to this room seems to be looking for something Liang Feng is not found on the left. Both Su Ci and Pei Zhao believed that Liang Cheng was anxious to bury Liang Feng. Su Ci said that he had seen turmeric on the horseshoe before, and he still needed to open a museum to know the cause of Liang Feng’s death, and Liang Cheng was responsible for it.

Xie Beiming prepared a box made of extremely hard and profound iron, and wanted to use this to trick Liang Cheng into saying that this was Liang Feng’s relic, and it was full of treasures. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming came to the outside of Liang’s mansion. Dong Rushuang fed the housekeeper a candy pill, deceiving it as poison. The housekeeper was afraid, and promised to give the box to Liang Cheng. Xie Beiming kept boasting that he was smart. After the two of them finished their affairs here, they went to find Su Ci and Pei Zhao to worship Zhang Yuhua together.

Along the way, Pei Zhao talked about Zhang Yuhua’s past on the battlefield. Pei Zhao couldn’t help but recall the war. A group of four came to worship Zhang Yuhua’s tomb.

At this time, Mrs. Zhang and the maid also came and wiped Zhang Yuhua’s tombstone. I arranged the bouquet sent by Rushuang to express my gratitude to Pei Zhao for taking care of him for many years. My husband died for the country, but others stepped on his bones to enjoy the glory. In the end, I did not continue to say it. Thank you everyone for visiting Zhang Yuhua. After leaving, she coughed suddenly. Madam Zhang seemed to be allergic to flowers, and the maid began to apply medicine to Madam Zhang’s hands.

At night, Liang Cheng pushed open the coffin. It turned out that he was looking for the key to the box. At this time, Pei Zhao and the others rushed over. Su Ci began to examine the body and compared what caused the scar on his forehead, and three places were smashed. Pei Zhao also said that this trace was left by something on the murderer’s body. Su Ci noticed the finger on Liang Feng’s hand and directly pointed out that Liang Feng was killed by Liang Cheng, the turmeric from Horseshoe Mountain, but it had been raining for a few days, and the farmers had put away the turmeric.

Liang Cheng admitted that he had returned home a day earlier, but had just dealt with some of his estate. Su Ci also speculated that the murderer was left-handed, and Liang Cheng was exactly the same. The trigger from Liang Feng’s hand was Liang Cheng, and Liang Cheng also admitted that he killed Liang Feng, and said that he didn’t mean it and didn’t want it. The housekeeper asked Dong Rushuang for an antidote, but Rushuang told him it was just a sugar pill.

Su Ci returned to the coffin again. Su Ci noticed that a blood suit was worn by Liang Feng when he died, but there was a little blood that was particularly red. Rushuang smelled the scent of Baizhi, but Liang Feng was not sick during his lifetime. At this time, Mrs. Zhang came and asked them why they had taken Liang Cheng, and also interceded for Liang Cheng. Pei Zhao noticed that Mrs. Zhang had scars on her hand.

While in prison, Su Ci was interrogating Liang Cheng. Liang Cheng recalled that he had a dispute with his father, and he accidentally smashed Liang Feng, and he was sure he had only smashed Liang Feng once. Pei Zhao took out the previous secret letter and showed it to Liang Cheng. Liang Cheng said that this was a secret between Liang Feng and Lei, and he didn’t know it.

King Yun already knew that Pei Zhao had arrested Liang Cheng, and he was afraid that Pei Zhao would have to eliminate the roots of the battle against Honggu.

Su Ci told everyone that Liang Feng’s forehead had three marks of being smashed. When he hit the corner of the table, he was smashed once, with at most two wounds. Su Ci suspected that there were two murderers. Pei Zhao asked about antipruritic drugs, and one of them was Angelica dahurica.

Su Ci decided to go to the Liang Mansion to find Mrs. Zhang again. Rushuang said that Mrs. Zhang’s sachet included Angelica dahurica. Su Ci took out the blood suit. The powder was in Mrs. Zhang’s sachet. Su Ci said it was in. After Liang Cheng injured her father, Mrs. Zhang went to Liang Feng’s room again and hit Liang Feng with a brave. Mrs. Zhang admitted that she had smashed Liang Feng.

It turned out that she only noticed the blood book left by Zhang Yuhua a few days ago.

It turned out that Zhang Yuhua was necrotic. It turned out that the reinforcements did not move. The reinforcements were led by Liang Cheng and Liang Feng. Also involved, Liang Feng abandoned Zhang Yuhua in order to save the thunderous struggle with the enemy. Mrs. Zhang begged Pei Zhao to make the murderer pay the debt. Mrs. Zhang also said that she went to show everyone, she went into the room and committed suicide.

When Pei Zhao came to the cell, Liang Cheng had been killed. Pei Zhao noticed a red mole between the eyebrows of the murderer who died next to him.

Pei Zhao and his party once again came to worship Zhang Yuhua. They blamed themselves for failing to protect Zhang Yuhua.  Su Ci also blamed himself because his accusation made Mrs. Zhang suicide. Pei Zhao comforted her not because of her, but Su Ci still doubted. Yourself. Pei Zhao worried that Su Ci would be dangerous to get involved, but Su Ci said that he wanted to do something for Pei Zhao.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 20

Xie Beiming came to the yard to find Dong Wushuang, and he deliberately boiled the ginseng soup. If Shuang was worried that it would be unpleasant, Xie Beiming tasted the ginseng first. The result was too much ginseng and he got a nosebleed after one sip. Xie Beiming also accused himself of Can’t handle things well. Rushuang kissed Xie Beiming’s cheek after listening. Under Rushuang’s guidance, Xie Beiming finally confessed to Dong Rushuang. Dong Rushuang hugged Xie Beiming. Xie Beiming promised to take care of Dong Wushuang for the rest of his life.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao were still locked up in the room. The outside was locked. They were in this room, lying on the floor to sleep, and they hugged each other to sleep.

When Pei Zhao woke up the next day, Su Ci was already reading the letter. Su Ci said that she was instructed to poison Yunchuan during the thunder dispute, and she would definitely find out the truth. Su Ci also took out the letter from Liang Feng and Lei Zheng, the former Shangshu from the Ministry of War. In the letter, Liang Feng asked Lei Zheng to bless Liang Cheng’s promotion. Both thought that these two people had something to do with their own things back then, and both thought that they were going to find Liang Feng.

Xie Beiming was giving out red envelopes to everyone. Fei Yuan took the most. Pei Zhao and Su Ci also returned to the mansion. Xie Beiming also gave them one of them, declaring that today is the day Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang are together.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao’s group soon set off to find Liang Feng. King Yun was still concerned about Lei Zheng’s case and asked about Pei Zhao’s whereabouts. King Yun began to doubt Su Ci’s identity and asked people to check it carefully.

Su Ci, Pei Zhao, Xie Beiming and his party arrived and found that the family was going through a funeral. It turned out that the wife of the late General Zhang Yuhua, who had been with Pei Zhao, was her father who died, and her father was Liang Feng. Asked about the cause of Liang Feng’s accident and wanted to investigate it, Mrs. Zhang agreed.

Madam Zhang said that her father had hit the desk, but Su Ci felt that the distribution of blood stains was incorrect, especially on the brave. Su Ci directly said that Liang Feng’s death was not simple.


At this time, Liang Cheng also came back. Su Ci asked the housekeeper when Liang Feng died. The housekeeper replied that when it was about to dawn, when he came to see him, he was already dead and no one saw him. Liang Cheng came back and knelt in front of the mourning hall and cried very sadly. Dong Rushuang said it was too fake.

Su Ci wanted to examine the corpse, but Liang Cheng refused because the coffin was already inconvenient. Su Ci bluntly said that Liang Feng was a homicide, but Liang Cheng refused. However, Su Ci insisted that he still wanted to examine the corpse. Liang Cheng was immediately angry and said that this was a violation of Liang’s family unless Su Ci could bring in the investigation document from the Department of Spiegel. Pei Zhao couldn’t help but Su Ci expressed his apologies. Pei Zhao asked Liang Cheng for Pai Yao, and Liang Cheng agreed. Su Ci and Pei Zhao were about to leave. Madam Zhang said that she was sorry for what had just happened. At this time, the horse yelled, and Madam Zhang asked to move the horse that Liang Cheng had just returned to the backyard. Su Ci noticed something wrong with the horse’s hoof.

Xie Beiming and Feiyuan bluntly said that the murderer was Liang Cheng, because they just stopped the autopsy. Su Ci speculated that it was this brave who smashed Liang Feng, and even started an experiment on the spot, letting Pei Zhao act as Liang Feng, using the irrigated sheep intestines to test the distribution of blood stains. Pei Zhao’s last clothes were wet, and everyone thought that Pei Zhao was angry, so Su Ci went to coax.

Pei Zhao asked Su Ci to wipe himself. Su Ci found that Pei Zhao had many scars on his back, all of which were left during the war. He even asked Su Ci to dress him, but Pei Zhao still said that he did not calm down, so Su Ci took the initiative to kiss him.

Xie Beiming discovered that Feiyu had brought a lot of things. Xie Beiming noticed the turmeric, which reminded Su Ci that he had just seen the horse’s hooves and there seemed to be turmeric. He decided that Liang Cheng would not be able to get rid of the relationship, and planned to visit Liang’s house at night to find relevant clues. In the evening, Pei Zhao also came to Liang’s Mansion, and Su Ci also came to Liang’s Mansion, and they both found each other.

The two began to look for clues. Su Ci discovered that Liang Feng was hiding a lot of fake name stickers. The two were finding a list and were about to look closely when they heard someone passing by outside.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 19

Fu Ziyou stayed outside the door of Princess Yunchuan. Because of Li Yu’s escape, Fu Ziyou stayed outside for fear that Yunchuan would be disadvantaged.

On the street, Su Ci and Pei Zhao, Su Ci said that he had seen Liyu’s paper early in the morning, but because of the traces of smoke oil on the paper, Lei struggled to smoke leaves all year round. But I can’t say it directly, because everyone doesn’t believe it. Therefore, it can only prove that the forgery of the document convinces everyone. And Pei Zhao said that he promised to be married is just a stopgap measure, as long as the princess’s poison is solved, he will find a way to break the marriage contract. At this time, only the last medicine is left and I don’t know what it is, and Rushuang is still trying blindly. Pei Zhao speculated that this bureau was set up for himself since Shuomu wanted to propose a marriage, and the last place where the poison was read was Prince Qi’s mansion, so the last poison must be the mansion, or Bei Rong’s food, Pei Zhao said The three kinds of Beirong food prepared at the time.

Back in Fuzhong, Dong Rushuang began to try these three foods, together with Xie Beiming and Pei Zhao. In the evening, Xie Beiming was still working hard on medicine. Dong Wushuang was very moved when he saw it, and he was a little bit happy.

Rushuang still tried the poison, and successfully learned the fourth poison. The maid boiled the antidote to Yun Chuan. Yun Chuan said he was going to thank Su Ci and Dong Rushuang. The maid said that during this time, Fu Ziyou was watching during the day and night, and thanked him too.

After that, Yun Chuan asked Fu Ziyou into the house to express his gratitude. Fu Ziyou said that he was responsible and left.

The emperor began to promote the female official system, and everyone was discussing that Su Ci was a detective. In the Department of Der Spiegel, colleagues all know that Su Ci is a woman and admire her. Su Ci also said that it was not intentional to conceal it. The Director of Der Spiegel brought Su Ci to look at the confidential files in the reference room, because Su Ci has been promoted and has the authority to access it.

Su Ci found that Bai Liang was destroyed because of collusion with the enemy, but Su Ci realized that this was not his father’s notes, and that the case was handled by Lei Zheng.

Luo Xin let Su Ci handle the closing of Lei Zheng’s case personally, saying that he had other cases to handle, and also told Su Ci that Lei Zheng’s body also had square burn marks.

Fu Ziyou accompanied Yun Chuan on the street. Yun Chuan said that he liked Fu Ziyou, and he was serious, and he did not like King Qi. Fu Ziyou said that he would never like others anymore. During this period of time, he was just doing his duty, and he was not worthy of Yun Chuan’s liking.

Pei Zhao and Shumu drank together. Pei Zhao deliberately pretended that he was a idle prince. He was also targeted and often abused. He also emphasized that if he had the support of Bei Rong, he would be safe. After hearing this, Saki thought thoughtfully.

Sakumu went back and told Yunchuan that Pei Zhao and Yunchuan were not suitable, and he was afraid Yunchuan would be in danger. Yun Chuan said that it would be a good idea to divorce, Sakumu also agreed. Yun Chuan also said that she has someone she likes, and she does not want to marry someone she doesn’t like.

Sakumu met the emperor in person, Sakumu said that he would leave for Beirong, and the marriage of Pei Zhao and Yunchuan asked the emperor to cancel the marriage contract. Pei Zhao expressed regret, and the emperor agreed. Shumu also asked the emperor Fu Ziyou to resume his post on behalf of Yunchuan.

Yun Chuan came to Fu Ziyou, congratulated him on his reinstatement, and gave him the sword spike he made by himself. Yun Chuan also said that he would return to Bei Rong with his brother. In fact, he came to leave.

Su Ci was checking Lei Zheng’s residence. Su Ci turned to a secret room and Pei Zhao also came to find Su Ci. The two inadvertently touched the mechanism and the secret room door suddenly closed. The colleagues who searched outside thought that Su Ci had left early, and everyone locked the door and went back to rest.

Pei Zhao said that he had dissolved his marriage with Yunchuan and that he would marry Su Ci. Su Ci was very happy. The two struggled to stand up and hug each other, and Su Ci took the initiative to kiss Pei Zhao.

In the evening, Dong Wushuang recalled his experience with Xie Beiming on the road. Fortunately, Xie Beiming’s encouragement and support for him was annoying why Xie Beiming didn’t confess.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 18

Sakumu told his subordinates that Dong Rushuang had solved Yun Chuan’s poison, and Princess Yun Chuan was okay, and she could immediately discuss the matter of marriage.

Su Ci began to pretend to be Yunchuan. Su Ci said he should stay in the palace, Pei Zhao said that he wanted to see Su Ci. Advise Su Ci to take care of her body first. At this time, another person came to eavesdrop, and Pei Zhao told Su Ci. Su Ci began to play the piano, and after a while, told others that she had left. Su Ci deliberately didn’t understand the rhythm because Yun Chuan didn’t. Su Ci excused that she was going to rest, and asked Pei Zhao to leave.

In the evening, Cha Yan came to the princess’s room, trying to kill Yun Chuan, but was caught by Shumu and Pei Zhao who had ambushed here early. Dong Rushuang is still equipping Yunchuan with an antidote.

Currently Rushuang doesn’t know if he can solve it. Rushuang found that the isolated poison was wrong and hurried out.

Shumu is still interrogating Cha Yan, asking him why he is like this, but Cha Yan said he can’t let his wife and children be younger than his death. Shumu asks Che Yan to hand over the poison. Che Yan said that he didn’t inflict the poison, and he also acted on orders. This person is a leader.

After listening to Su Ci, she felt that she had been stunned and fainted. Dong Rushuang arrived in time and asked everyone to go out.

The next day, Su Ci woke up, but she was also poisoned. It is speculated that the insect repellent paint and thyme in Yunchuan. Rushuang means that this is the soul-stimulating Siwei San, the mutual growth and mutual restraint, and there must be four flavors that cause the poison, only one The species is not poisonous. Rushuang said that he had only seen it in medical skills, and now to detoxify, he must know the specific four. Dong Rushuang began to check whether everyone in the room was poisoned, but none of them were poisoned. Everyone is in the same room, but some people are poisoned and some are not.

King Yun learned that Pei Zhao had gone to the post house and immediately went into the palace to see the emperor.

Su Ci was still studying why everyone was poisoned in the same room, but she suddenly thought of the pillow.

Feiyuan came to look for Pei Zhao, but it was Jiang Xiwen who told Jiang Xiwen that the emperor was coming to see him. Xiwen said to look for Pei Zhao soon.

Su Ci called the maid for questioning. It turned out that this pillow was new. Because she couldn’t sleep well, Yun Chuan mentioned that she wanted to change to a new pillow. Li Yu told Yun Chuan that the xylophone was also made by Li Yu. Now Li Yu has a big one. Suspicion. Sakumu took everyone to find piano master Li Yu, but Li Yu had already left.

Li Yu came to a room and knocked on the door and someone came to open the door for her.

Su Ci still searched in Liyu’s room, and found a secret compartment on the bed. Inside it was a booklet of the reception arrangements of the North Rong Kingdom. Li Yu forgot to take it away when he hurriedly ran away.

When the emperor came to Pei’s mansion, King Yun accused Pei Zhao of not coming to pick him up. Xiwen said that Pei Zhao was changing clothes. The maids brought the tea, and the emperor said that this tea was not a light and elegant one, so let people re-infuse it, and wanted to change a cup, but was blocked by King Yun, saying that King Qi was not in the house and he was not respectful.

At this time, Pei Zhao just arrived, and Su Ci also brought evidence to prove Pei Zhao’s innocence, pointing out that the real culprit who poisoned Princess Yunchuan was the piano master Li Yu, who was being arrested throughout the city. He also brought the documents received by the mission, with the seal of the Ministry of Rites. Not many people have this document. The emperor ordered the court officials to bring the documents.

The ministers submitted their documents one by one, but they were all missing. Su Ci asked for a nearby inspection, but was blocked by King Yun and asked to scramble to check the documents, and the emperor agreed. Su Ci began to examine the documents that were shuffled.

With his amazing eyesight, Su Ci guessed which minister belonged to the clerk. It was discovered that Lei Zheng’s document was forged, because the ink hadn’t dried out yet, and there were differences in paper. The father-in-law’s experimental paper is indeed different from everyone else. Lei Zheng shouted that he was about to assassinate the emperor, but was attacked by King Yun from behind and died on the spot.

King Yun lost a cron, but saved Liyu. King Yun is still investigating a mysterious person, and he wants to find him immediately.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 17

Li Yu is teaching Princess Yun Chuan to play the piano, because Yun Chuan needs to play at the banquet, but the performance is not very good now. Li Yu said that he built another new piano for the princess and it would be better to play!

Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming knew that Pei Zhao was going to marry Yun Chuan. The two were very angry, and Feiyueyuan told them that Pei Zhao had done everything to save Su Ci. Pei Zhao said why he wanted to marry the princess, Pei Zhao said that he had no other way.

When the princess came to Pei’s mansion, Pei Zhao specially prepared cheese for her. Princess Yunchuan was very happy. Said that he wanted to return the gift, so he played a live song.

At this time, the people in the prison were talking about the imminent marriage of King Qi and Princess Yunchuan. Su Ci was sad to hear that this was Pei Zhao’s method.

After playing the piano, the princess felt unwell and vomited blood.

The doctor said that the princess was poisoned, but he had never seen it before and did not know how to detoxify. If the poison is not interpreted in time, it will not last for five days. Pei Zhao said that Yunchuan should not be moved, and Shumu said that because Yunchuan was poisoned in the palace, he should not stay in the palace again. And let them find the real culprit, if Yunchuan has an accident, he will fight Daliang to the death.

Director Liu Xuan of the Department of Derby began to investigate the maids and servants in Pei Zhao’s mansion.

King Yun told the emperor Prince Shumu, King Yun said that if Bei Rong and Liang go to war, the people will be in fire and water. It was also said that Princess Yunchuan was the poison in Pei’s mansion, and Pei Zhao could not shirk the blame. The emperor ordered King Qi to be placed under house arrest.

Yun Chuan woke up but still vomited blood, the doctor said Yun Chuan’s poison was more serious.

Pei Zhao understands that if there is something wrong with Princess Yunchuan, he will not only be unable to save it, but will also lead to war between the two countries. So Pei Zhao broke into the palace at night and asked the emperor to let Su Ci go to investigate the Yunchuan poisoning case, and the emperor agreed.

On the next day at the court, King Yun disagreed. Liu Xuan believed that he needed to find out the truth and argue with King Yun, but the emperor’s imperial decree had already been issued and could not be taken back.

The father-in-law took the imperial decree to the cell and asked Su Ci to investigate the poisoning case of Princess Yunchuan.

The emperor also asked Rushuang and Su Ci to detoxify Yunchuan together. Su Ci came to the post house and said that he would do his best to investigate the truth. Prince Shumu said that it would never be poisoned in the post house, and Der Spiegel also found out that no poison was found in Pei’s house.

Dong Rushuang said that the princess had been poisoned a few days ago, and that it was chronic poison, and that the poison became unbearable over time. Rushuang said that he still has no way to detoxify and needs to go back and study again. At this time, someone was listening to them outside the door. Su Ci said that only someone close to her can poison Princess Yunchuan every day. Princess Yunchuan’s maid, Xiaoyue, said she was not herself. Su Ci wanted to draw the snake out of the cave, claiming that the princess was fine and could marry King Qi immediately.

Shumu took Yunchuan away, and Su Ci pretended to be Princess Yunchuan. Su Ci said it was his duty. Su Ci wondered whether it was the murderer who poisoned herself, and Yun Chuan approached and caused the poisoning. Su Ci noticed the white particles on the eaves. The next person explained that termites had appeared, so he applied the paint again.

Pei Zhao came to find Su Ci. It turned out that Pei Zhao had been to Shuomu before and let himself participate in the investigation. Su Ci said that Pei Zhao wanted to marry Yun Chuan for himself, but it was someone else’s husband after all. Now it is more important to find the murderer and resolve the crisis between the two countries.

Sakumu and Rushuang also came in. Pei Zhao noticed the piano on the table. At this time, everyone was discussing how to be poisoned. At this time, Xiaoyue suddenly fainted, Rushuang said that Xiaoyue was also poisoned. Pei Zhao said the room had a strange smell, but it was not all Yunchuan’s favorite thyme. Su Ci told Shumu that it was time to act.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 16

The next day in the court hall, I began to announce the promoted personnel. There happened to be Su Ci in it. In this life, an official stood up and said that Su Ci is a female companion in men’s clothing, and took out the picture of the beauty he saw on the street.

The official said that the last page found in Qu Linjiang was Su Ci, and that Qu Linjiang drew a portrait of Su Ci in prison and brought Xiao Junhao, the son of Yongan, as a witness. Xiao Junhao reversed black and white and gave false evidence.

The court officials proposed to verify their identities in the court. Both Pei Zhao and Liu Xuan defended Su Ci. Pei Zhao was a little excited and was caught by King Yun. Su Ci also understood that King Yun was actually going to deal with Pei Zhao, so he admitted to himself. Her identity as a woman, and said that Pei Zhao did not know.

Su Ci was taken to the cell, and Xiwen also pleaded guilty to Pei Zhao. The person he sent out to guard Xiao Junhao did not perform his duties. Pei Zhao said that for the present plan, he can only persuade the emperor to implement a female official system. , And asked the people to petition to release Su Ci and Taixue also request the emperor to allow women to go to school.

King Yun felt it was a pity that Su Ci pleaded guilty first and did not involve Pei Zhao. Plan to use Su Ci as the game, and bring Pei Zhao into the game. 

Dong Rushuang was also worried about Su Ci here, and Xie Beiming was anxious to save Su Ci on his own.

An official came to the cell to interrogate Su Ci. The name was Lei Zheng. He said that Su Ci was deceiving the monarch and asked her for the purpose of mixing with court officials. Su Ci said that she would only settle the case in order to make a living. Seeing this, he ordered people to beat Su Ci with a whip.

Xie Beiming had already begun his prison robbery plan, and Su Ci had been beaten to blood, but he still refused to say. Pei Zhao came to Su Ci’s room, secretly determined that he would save her.

The next day, officials in the court said that a woman would become an official. Pei Zhao came to see the emperor. Su Ci was still being tortured to extract a confession.

Su Ci pretended to surrender and asked her to tell her what to say so that she could follow suit. It turns out that these people have no other tricks, only Su Ci. Lei Zheng used a false confession to force Su Ci to be in custody. And Su Ci found that the guards inside had changed a group.

Pei Zhao also said to the court that women had good political achievements and countless military merits. He talked about the negligence of most male officials in the court in previous cases. He also took a petition from the people and asked the emperor to allow women to be officials. King Yun bluntly said all this is for Su Ci.

At this time, Lei Zheng came to the court and took the false testimony, saying that Su Ci’s going to the Mingjing Office was the arrangement of the King of Qi, and that King Qi was about to commit trouble. Speaking of some time ago, Pei Zhao was suspected of paving the way for Su Ci’s promotion. Lei Zheng expressed that he would severely punish Pei Zhao and Su Ci. Liu Xuan said he was guilty of oversight, so please think twice. The emperor said that Su Ci’s bullying of the emperor was to confirm the fact, and he asked about it after the envoy of Beirong left Beijing.

Dong Rushuang approached Xie Beiming and said that he would rob and rescue Su Ci with him.

Pei Zhao came to the prison of the Criminal Ministry to see Su Ci, but was stopped by someone, and left when he saw that the guards were all fresh faces.

Xie Beiming refused to let Dong Rushuang participate in the robbery, but Rushuang insisted on going together. Xie Beiming went into the cell.

At this time, Pei Zhaoye came, and Su Ci told him to leave. Pei Zhao said that he knew that all this was a game, and Su Ci also told Pei Zhao to be careful. Su Ci once again asked them to go first. They were all skin traumatized. Pei Zhao also thought it was inappropriate to take Su Ci away and said that he would definitely save her.

Xiwen talked about this and suggested that if Pei Zhao had the power of Beirong, Pei Zhao had no choice but to go to the emperor and said that he was willing to make a relationship. The condition is that on the day of his wedding, he can amnesty the world and release Su Ci. The emperor expressed his hope that his brother would be happy, but Pei Zhao had made up his mind as long as he could save Su Ci.

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 15

Su Ci tops the promotion exam, beating even another top contender, Detective Luo in the martial arts part.

The gang goes out to celebrate and they enjoy hearing the stories of women in the military during their meal. Fei Yan reveals that Pei Zhao did this for Su Ci which touches her.

To show her appreciation, she makes an embroidery for him.

Pei Zhao asks the scholars of The Imperial College about letting women enroll but none of them were receptive.

Qu Linjiang is still in prison, he continues to paint his “perfect” portrait of a beauty even in his crazy state. His art is still being sold on the streets. The royal uncle’s subordinate gets hold on one of the paintings. Showing Xiao Junhao the art, he confirms that Su Ci is indeed a woman. The uncle also finds out that Prince Qi is promoting women in men’s careers. Prince Shuomu and Princess Yuchuan arrive from Beirong to discuss alliances.

In connection with this, they are interested in betrothing the princess to Prince Qi. Pei Zhao and the royal uncle isn’t receptive to this idea for different reasons.

Pei Zhao asks Fu Ziyou to watch and protect Princess Yuchuan closely. He knows that there are people who would do anything to prevent him from acquiring such strong allies.

Princess Yuchuan disguises herself as a maid and sets off outside but Fu Ziyou was able to find her at the Lixiang Restaurant (after much struggle).

Princess Yuchuan’s maid-in-waiting tells her how miserable Fu Ziyou is (murdered fiancée, demoted in his job). The royal uncle urges the emperor to hold a roll call ceremony for the newly promoted officers. Of course, he has a hidden agenda again for this. 

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 14

Pei Zhao dreamed that he had been on the battlefield before, and he was a little emotional, and everyone came to heal him. Dong Rushuang said that there is no danger now.

The next morning, Su Ci took off Pei Zhao’s eye veil. Pei Zhao’s eyes had recovered and everyone was very happy. Pei Zhao took Su Ci and hugged him. Everyone consciously left when they saw it, leaving only the two of them in the room.

Pei’s house was decorated with lights, Su Ci also changed into women’s clothing, and had dinner with everyone by the lake. It was the first time that Xie Beiming saw Su Ci wearing women’s clothing. He was shocked that Su Ci was actually a woman. Xie Beiming was a little angry but only not knowing it alone, Su Ci also expressed apology and took the initiative to drink with Xie Beiming and respected everyone. Dong Rushuang also said that he forgave Su Ci and was willing to be sisters with her.

At night, Dong Rushuang said that he had eaten enough and wanted to go for a walk. He also took Feiyuan and Xie Beiming away, leaving only Su Ci and Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao gave Su Ci a hairpin. This hairpin was made from the previous Ye Mingzhu grinding. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci if he would let him stay with Su Ci with this beam of light, but Su Ci said that he was used to one. People, Pei Zhao said she is not alone, he still has friends and himself. Shu Su Ci said many of his shortcomings, but Pei Zhao said that he was willing to accept them. Pei Zhao put the hairpin on Su Ci’s head, and the two were officially together. Pei Zhaoqing couldn’t help stabilizing Su Ci. In this way, the two kissed by the lake.

Xie Beiming said with emotion after seeing it, it turned out that it’s okay if he was drunk. Then he went to Dong Rushuang to drink, but Dong Wushuang drank and fell down. .

The next day, Pei Zhao sent Xiwen to investigate the government’s attitude toward women in school and military service.

In the Department of Der Spiegel, the director is announcing that it will proceed soon. The promotion of officials includes literary and martial arts examinations, and emphasizes that there is only one promotion place. Su Ci recalled that he wanted to check the royal secret files, but because of insufficient positions, he was not qualified to check. So Su Ci secretly made up his mind to reach the promotion quota and clear the grievances of the Bailiang clan. Colleagues are also discussing that this time the promotion of Su Ci and Luo Shaohui has the greatest opportunity.

Dong Rushuang had already prepared the food, and when everyone came back to eat together, Feiyuan told everyone that Su Ci came out of the martial arts training ground and did not plan to come over for dinner.

Pei Zhao came to look for Su Ci and found that Su Ci’s feet were not right, so he picked Su Ci onto the bed and applied her own medicine. Su Ci said that these were all minor injuries, saying that she was okay, but she was still afraid of pain. Pei Zhao said that she should take care of herself just for promotion.

Xie Beiming said that he would teach Su Ci martial arts and wish her a helping hand. The next day, Xie Beiming began to teach Su Ci martial arts. Su Ci’s martial arts was still a shortcoming. Xie Beiming also practiced Su Ci every day, and Dong Rushuang was also with him.

During this period of time, Pei Zhao made a jade stick with organs, called the heart porcelain stick, and began to teach Su porcelain how to use it.

Su Ci started archery, but he didn’t shoot well. Pei Zhao came to teach him personally. Everyone came to watch the excitement. After all, it was King Qi who taught him himself. At this time, more and more rumors came out. Luo Shaohua said that Su Ci has a big backing, and his friend maid also talked about Qi Wang’s broken sleeve with him.

Su Ci started contacting again this day, but seeing someone, in order to avoid suspicion, he wanted Pei Zhao to go back to rest first. Pei Zhao said that he was born in the royal family, and many rumors were destined to have him. At the same time, he would cherish every day with Su Ci.

Xiwen brought a reaction to the women who Pei Zhao asked him to investigate before joining the army. Most of them were sent out of the barracks. Pei Zhao ordered someone to write a picture book. Please tell the storyteller to tell the story of these women joining the army.

On the day of the exam, Wushuang and Feiyuan both gave Su Ci gifts, and Xie Beiming’s parrot couldn’t say the words of teaching, everyone was happy.

The literary test began. Su Ci handed in the paper just after half of the incense stick. The martial arts test began. Su Ci’s first arrow shot very well.

Xiwen tells Pei Zhao that the martial arts test has started, and Pei Zhao said that he will go, Xiwen is worried about the rumors that he will sit down, and Pei Zhao said that he does not need to worry about this.

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 13

Su Ci came to Pei Zhao and asked Feiyu if Pei Zhao ’s eye disease had relapsed. Feiyu told what had happened that night because the application could not be interrupted, but Pei Zhao went out that night to save Su Ci.

 Pei Zhao heard the voice and let Su Ci in. Su Ci asked Pei Zhao that the last page of Qu Linjiang’s book had been torn off. Did he arrange it? Su Ci knew that it was because Pei Zhao rescued Su. After resigning, he did not go to the hospital in time, but handled the evidence for her. Su Ci felt guilty that she could not repay Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao said that this was his willingness, so that Su Ci did not feel guilty.

Su Ci promised to take care of Pei Zhao during this period of time when his eyes were invisible. Pei Zhao said that he had been suffering from a chronic illness for many years, which was difficult to cure, and that his eyes were injured by the vine.

Pei Zhao asked Dong Rushuang to help Su Ci to see if the drug in his body was completely eliminated. Dong Rushuang said that it was not a serious problem. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming said that they would do their best to heal Pei Zhao’s eyes, and they all left. Pei Zhao asked Fei Yuan to clean up the things in his house, so that Su Ci would not discover his identity. Su Ci went to find books about diet.

Xie Beiming saw that Dong Rushuang was doing medicine but was absent-minded. Dong Rushuang said he was okay and left.

Su Ci stewed Pei Zhao soup in the kitchen. Xie Beiming brought ginseng and let Su Ci stew. Su Ci made it according to the book, not very professional. Xie Beiming made noodles, but the technique was not good.

Su Ci brought the soup. Pei Zhao said it was a bit salty and had a strange taste. Pei Zhao heard that Su Ci made the soup and drank it all in one breath.

Xie Beiming gave Dong Rushuang the dessert he made. Dong Rushuang disliked it too sweet. Xie Beiming said that he just wanted Dong Wushuang to be happy. Dong Rushuang said that he was deceived by a friend. Xie Ming asked him if this friend was a malicious deception. Otherwise, the sad person should be a deceiver. Xie Beiming said that Dong Rushuang burst into tears. Soon, he said that he was okay, and that he was worried about Pei Zhao’s poison. Xie Beiming said that he believed Dong Rushuang could do it.

At night, Pei Zhao felt very hot and asked Fei Yen to prepare bath water. Su Ci came over at this time, and Pei Zhao thought it was Fei Yuan, so he asked Su Ci to undress himself, and Su Ci stubbornly went up and was disgusted with soot. At this time, Pei Zhao admitted that he liked Su Ci and wanted to protect her. This was Fei Yuan shouting outside the door, when the water came, Su Ci ran away in a hurry.

Feiyuan came to Dong Rushuang and told her that Pei Zhao had a nosebleed. Dong Rushuang asked if he had eaten something tonic. Pei Zhao asked Fei Yen to make a sweet soup to reduce the fire and spread Fei Yen. Then Pei Zhao and Dong Rushuang talked about the fact that Su Ci was pretending to be a woman and deceived them. Pei Zhao said something wrong. Rushuang felt that Su Ci did not.

Dong Rushuang was a little discouraged when he was studying the prescription for treatment, worried that he could not cure the raised eyes. Xie Beiming came over to cheer for Rushuang and stayed with Rushuang to study the prescription for Pei Zhao’s eyes, but Xie Beiming fell asleep because he couldn’t hold on.

The next day, Dong Rushuang prepared a formula that could be treated, and Doctor Zhang told Feiyuan that the toxins had spread, so he should not go to the doctor for sudden illness, and could not believe the liar. Dong Rushuang interrupted to fight poison with poison, but Doctor Zhang didn’t think. The doctor Zhang revealed the identity of King Pei Zhaoqi in desperation, and it was not something that Dong Rushuang could treat. At this time, Su Ci came to bring soup to Pei Zhao, and heard that Pei Zhao turned out to be King Qi, overturned the soup, turned and left.

Dong Rushuang came to see Su Ci and asked her if she knew how she felt cheated. Su Ci apologized. Dong Rushuang used Xie Beiming’s previous comforting words to comfort Su Ci.

Then he said that Su Ci came to Pei Zhao and said that he needed to discuss the treatment of the eyes. Dong Rushuang said that fighting poison with poison would be life-threatening. Feiyuan thought it was too dangerous, but Xie Beiming said he could give it a try.

But Su Ci let Pei Zhao make his own decision and would accompany him. But Pei Zhao decided to take a chance, Wushuang started the treatment, and everyone was helping.

After a few days, Dong Wushuang had already forced the toxin into his eyes. It took two hours for the drugs to conflict. Feiyuan, Xie Beiming, and Dong Rushuang had all left.

Only Su Ci was taking care of them in the room. At this time, Dong Rushuang, who was outside the door, was not confident that he could cure Pei Zhao’s eye disease.

Pei Zhao told her not to be angry with him and deceived her. Actually, I wanted to find a good time to tell her. Su Ci felt that King Qi was far away from her, so Pei Zhao let Su Ci quickly become familiar with it during this time. I think Wang Qi is quite easy to get along with. Su Ci expressed that it was an honor to meet the great hero in his mind.