Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 26

Pei Zhao deliberately showed the Hetian jade he had just bought. Xu Mengchang was dumbfounded. Su Ci asked to see the silkworm house. Xu Mengchang took Su Ci and Pei Zhao to the silkworm house. Su Ci asked He Da, Xu Mengchang said that he was dead, Pei Zhao pretended to be very angry, and without He Da, a highly skilled employee, he was not at a loss. Xu Mengchang said that there are many silkworm workers taught by his wife.

Dong Rushuang disconnected the plague prevention medicine and gave Xie Beiming to drink, and also fed Xie Beiming candied fruit, but Xie Beiming deliberately dodged, Dong Rushuang began to wonder whether he had changed his heart.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao left Xu Mansion and came to the street. Su Ci believed that Xu Mengchang really did not know that his brocade was Bai Liangjin. Su Ci wanted to get some clues from the Sun family. The two came to the silk and satin shop of the Sun family.

The two deliberately talked about how good the silk and fineness of the Xu family are. I remember saying that after the death of the Xu family, who can make a small amount of money, and He Da can do it. Six coins, now the number one in the Sun family.

Outside, the mother-in-law of the Xu family came to look for Sun Bo and wanted to return Xu Qingmei. The two went forward and told her mother-in-law that Xu Qingmei was safe and sound.

Dong Rushuang went up the mountain to collect medicine, and Xie Beiming followed all the way. Gong Dong Rushuang pretended to fall, and Xie Beiming immediately came up to help. Dong Rushuang said that if he didn’t like it, he could just say it. Xie Beiming denied that he didn’t like her.

A mother-in-law was taking care of Xu Qingmei at the inn. Su Ci and Pei Zhao planned to go to the Sun’s Dyeing Workshop again. They found that Sun Bo was dead and he was wrapped up. There were eight copper coins on the table. Pei Zhao mentioned the previous buddy about Xu. The big lady has eight dollars.

Su Ci thought it was drowning and suffocation. The place where she first lay was a table. The dude said that there was no suspicious person recently, only the previous mother-in-law who was yelling outside the silk and satin village, and only Xu’s family would get revenge.

When Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to Xu’s house, Pei Zhao told Xu Mengchang that Su Bo was dead and there were eight copper coins beside him. Pei Zhao said that Xu Mengchang killed He Da and Sun Bo, Mrs. Xu said it was a ghost murder, and Xu Mengchang thought that Pei Zhao was slanderous and kicked them out.

Su Ci does not think that Xu Mengchang killed the person, because Mrs. Xu’s words are very intriguing. Su Ci went back to the inn and asked her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law said that she was helpless more than ten years ago and was taken in by the Xu family. The mother-in-law also said that the death of Mrs. Xu was killed by the current Mrs. Xu and Mengchang Xu. It turned out that the current wife was the maid who was rescued by Mrs. Xu back then, and then acted as a blessing in the house. Lady Xu died.

Su Ci believes that the deaths of He Da and Sun Bo must be related to Lady Xu. Xu Mengchang and the current Mrs. Xu mistakenly believed that they were wronged for their lives, and they decided to use their tactics. Pei Zhao said that he was in the portrait of Lady Xu and said Out of my own plan. Su Ci wanted to pretend to be Mrs. Xu, but Dong Wushuang was not relieved and decided to let Xie Beiming pretend to be Mrs. Xu. Dong Wushuang said that he just wanted to tease Xie Beiming. Xie Beiming came out wearing women’s clothing, shocking everyone.

In the evening, Su Ci pretending to be a big lady Xu, wearing white clothes, and asked Pei Zhao’s opinion. Pei Zhao said that adding a little more lip gloss would be fine. After that, Pei Zhao personally applied lip grease to Su Ci.

In the evening, Su Ci pretending to be Lady Xu came to Mrs. Xu’s room. Mrs. Xu was frightened and hurried to call Xu Mengchang. It turned out that Xu Mengchang was also dead. Su Ci hurriedly called everyone in. He also had some in Xu Mengchang’s hands. Eight coins.

After Mrs. Xu woke up, she immediately cried and said that it was her fault and that she was avenging her revenge. She thought that Xu Qingmei’s mother had come to revenge. Su Ci asked what she had done back then. Madam Xu recalled what happened back then. She poisoned Lady Xu to the upper position, and He Da did not have any copper coins at the time and was taken by Madam Xu.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci were eating out. Su Ci said that he still had no idea about raising silkworms. Pei Zhao asked the boss about raising silkworms. It turned out that Wumian silkworm silk can be used for eight dollars, but no one can raise them. Five sleep silkworms.

Xu Qingmei stood on the small bridge. Pei Zhao and Su Ci came over and asked her what her plans were. Xu Qingmei said that her mother-in-law came to Xu’s family seven years ago. Qingmei caught up with the brocade technique at that time, and Xu’s business began to flourish.

Su Ci It means that her mother-in-law has always stood on the opposite side of Xu Mengchang. Pei Zhao told Xu Qingmei that Xu Mengchang’s property would be left to her younger sister. The mother-in-law was very excited and thought that these were Xu Qingmei’s.

At night, the mother-in-law came to assassinate the second Miss Xu Jia with a knife, but was caught by Pei Zhaosuci.