Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 24

Su Ci said that she was the only survivor of the Bailiang clan. Su Ci believed that everyone should avoid suspicion with her because her life experience would drag everyone down. Dong Rushuang said that Su Ci is like her sister, and Xie Beiming Ye said that he would support Su. porcelain. Pei Zhao said that before the truth is revealed, everyone must keep Su Ci’s life a secret. Su Ci, the first evidence has been found, but the relevant personnel are dead and there are no witnesses.

Su Ci wanted to see the body of the person who injured Pei Zhao before, and found the square burn mark. Pei Zhao said that from Qingshui County to Yunchuan, the only person who trained so many dead men was King Yun, but Xie Beiming was thoughtful, and left the morgue because he was a little bored.

Xie Beiming returned to his room and recalled how he got along with King Yun when he was a child. When he was a child, he had seen the person in the morgue just now, who was a subordinate of his adoptive father. He speculated that his adoptive father was King Yun.

At this time, Dong Rushuang came to Xie Beiming, worried that he had no appetite and was sick.

Pei Zhao and Xiwen talked in the room. Pei Zhao began to suspect that there was a rape, because these were the only people who knew his schedule. Pei Zhao recalled that Feiyu said that Xie Beiming had a pigeon and communicated with his foster father.

Xie Beiming asked Dong Rushuang, if she accidentally did something wrong, would she forgive him? Dong Rushuang said as long as it was not betrayal.

Xie Beiming rode to Prince Yun’s Mansion. Xie Beiming accused King Yun of deceiving, but King Yun said that he had made too many enemies and this was to protect him.

King Yun asked about his subordinates, Xie Beiming said he was dead, and Xie Beiming asked King Yun why he was not sad? Would he be sad if he died? King Yun said that Xie Beiming was different from them. Principle Yun Wang and Xie Beiming’s father are good friends, and Xie Beiming’s father has passed away. King Yun said that he had sent someone to stare at Pei Zhao, but the news of Xie Beiming’s letter was only an accident. King Yun used Dong Ru to threaten Xie Beiming to continue to send messages for him. After speaking, Xie Beiming left.

Dong Wushuang was still waiting for Xie Beiming, and Xie Beiming was still drinking in the restaurant at this time, recalling King Yun’s father-like love to him when he was a child, fearing that he would not listen to King Yun’s words against Dong Rushuang and put himself in a dilemma.

Pei Zhao took out the clothes that poisoned the emperor that year, and asked Dong Rushuang to see if there were any clues. Su Ci asked to investigate the link in which the clothes were handled to know which link went wrong.

Pei Zhao brought Su Ci to the Huanyi Bureau. Pei Zhao said that the Huanyi Bureau was the easiest to start in all links. Pei Zhao called Gonggong Liu, and Gonggong Liu said that there was another secret behind the sudden death of the first emperor. It turned out that before the first emperor was poisoned, the mother of the Huanyi Bureau suddenly died of illness, but she didn’t care at the time. After the mother was buried, her body was destroyed. Gonggong Liu also talked about the maternal skill, able to repair all kinds of brocades, and several court ladies who contracted sicknesses and were sent out of the palace, but the Huanyi Bureau did not record it.

Dong Rushuang suspected that the maid was poisoned. Everyone is thinking about how to find the palace ladies. At this time, Xie Beiming is back. Su Ci wants Xie Beiming to help find these palace ladies. This is related to Bai Liangjin’s poisoning.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to Hongwenguan and asked Su Ci to become a small eunuch.

Su Ci found records about Pei Zhao’s childhood. It turned out that Pei Zhao had been lonely all these years. Su Ci also talked about his family and said that he would find out the truth, and Pei Zhao also said that he would vindicate Bai Liang’s group. . Pei Zhao is still looking forward to their future, and will definitely live happily.