Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 25

Dong Rushuang was talking to Pei Zhao. Su Ci said that he had found the old palace ladies. These old palace ladies were indeed poisoned, but Xie Beiming, who was next to him, kept laughing. Everyone was puzzled.

Dong Rushuangze said he was fine. Dong Rushuang said that these old ladies were chronically toxic. They were expelled from the palace because their palms became red and swollen. Now 7 years have passed, and many of them have deformed their palms. The former emperor died suddenly. Someone added a catalytic agent to accelerate the onset of toxicity. Dong Rushuang said that he still needed time to find out what poison they were and what the giant chemical potion was. Xie Beiming couldn’t smile anymore. When Dong Rushuang said that Xie Beiming was not very happy recently, he gave him laughter and told Xie Beiming to understand the medicine. Let him take it himself.

Dong Rushuang found that thanking Beiming seemed to have something on his mind, but Xie Beiming was unwilling to say it. He waited for Xie Beiming to figure it out before telling him.

Dong Rushuang said that among the old palace ladies, they looked like a rare chronic poison called Feiyue, and the catalytic agent was Bletilla striata. Pei Zhao compiled the tonic prescriptions that the emperor had taken before. Dong Rushuang found that there was no Bletilla striata, Rushuang said I still need to check it out, and Xie Beiming was also standing by at this time, not accompanying Dong Rushuang on the grounds that he was in trouble.

Dong Rushuang came to the drugstore and learned that Bletilla is Magnolia ginseng. Dong Rushuang found Su Ci and Pei Zhao, and the medicine was Baiji, but the previous tonic was offered by the Queen Mother, and Pei Zhaoren would not do this for the Queen Mother.

Pei Zhao came to the Queen Mother and said that he had suffered a lot of injuries and wanted to take some medicine to replenish the body. Before talking about it, Pei Zhao had decided that there was a tonic that had a particularly good effect. The Queen Mother said that it was offered by Princess Yun.

Pei Zhao told Su Ci that Su Ci was very angry that King Yun was blaming the Bailiang tribe.

Xie Beiming bought a lot of fabrics and planned to finish the experiment to wash clothes for Dong Rushuang, and among them was a Bailiang brocade, but the skill was never passed on.

Su Ci found the shopkeeper who sold the fabrics, and the shopkeeper said that he came from outside, so he was unwilling. Having said that, under the threat of everyone, it was Nanxun Xu’s family.

The five people from Pei Zhao came to Nanxun town, but Nanxun town had a plague. Everyone believed that Nanxun Xu’s family had offended the silkworm flower empress. The next day, Xu’s silkworm workers were killed and wrapped into silkworm cocoons. It turned out that the big lady of the Xu family suddenly mastered a very complicated brocade technique seven years ago, but the big lady has passed away, and this big lady has always been from Nanxun Town.

At this time, Pei Zhao and his group saw a girl about to jump into the river and went to stop her.

After the girl woke up, she asked why she jumped into the river. It turned out that the girl’s father wanted her to marry a person he didn’t like Sun Bo.

Something happened at a celebration a few days ago. It was Xu Qingmei, the daughter of the Xu family. It turned out that this year the Xu family was preparing for the silkworm flower ceremony, but the silkworm flower empress suddenly caught fire.

Everyone went to attack Xu Mengchang, so Su Bo went to take advantage of the fire and robbed him and asked Xu Qingmei to marry him.

Pei Zhaohe porcelain found Wu Zuo and asked about He Da’s case. The day He Da died was the day of the celebration. And everyone felt that this was not done by humans. Hao Zuo also took everyone to look at He Da’s body. Ru Shuang Shi died of suffocation. Hao Zuo said it was the official of Mrs. Xu and Master Xu, but it is not clear who found it at first sight.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao went to the Xu family. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming went to find the source of the epidemic. Pei Zhao learned that the nearest silk and satin shop of the Xu family was anxious for sale. He had paid a deposit but had no money to buy it. , Pei Zhao bought this jade pendant.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao came to Xu Mansion. They dressed very gorgeously and looked very wealthy. Pei Zhao asked her if she wanted to sell the property. This year, he was buying brocade for the palace. Xu Mengchang asked Pei Zhao and Su Ci to take the brocade away. Look, Su Ci recognizes that this is Bai Liangjin. Pei Zhao said it was very similar to Bai Liangjin, and Xu Mengchang hurriedly denied it. Then Pei Zhao asked his wife how he learned, Xu Mengchang said he didn’t know.