Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 23 – Recap

This game is a contest between the SP team and the Taotao team. After introduction by the host, the audience learned that it is not easy for Mi Shaofei, who has retired for many years to be photographed by the SP team. When Mi Shaofei heard this, he was poking his back, implying that Mi Shaofei entered the SP team relying on his relationship with Wang Hao. Because of the previous group matches, Mi Shaofei was ranked outside the 100th place. Therefore, in this group match, Mi Shaofei was determined to win and went all out. After several hours of hard work, Xiaomi finally lived up to expectations and won the Taotao team as the main force. When delivering his testimony, Mi Shaofei was shocked and announced his retirement. Yaya in the audience was crying with joy and was stunned, but still thought that Mi Shaofei was cool.

Han Shangyan, who came to see the results of the game, happened to hear the bad news, just like seeing him retiring from the game. Han Shangyan once again attributed the incident to Wang Hao, who was “have conviction”. Waiting for Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang to finish the curtain, Han Shangyan rushed to the backstage to find Wang Hao, and wanted to solve it with his fists. However, after Ai Qing’s fight, Wang Hao’s guilt was frank, and Xiaomi, as always, told Han Shangyan that he did not want to join K&K. Han Shangyan began to abandon the nasty thoughts he thought was shady, but he still felt sad for Mi Shaofei in his heart. Because Hanshangyan knows better than anyone else, Mi Shaofei has a dream of a world champion just like the Shangyan of the year.

Afterwards, Mi Shaofei had a good talk with Ou Qiang. As a brother, Ou Qiang was very reluctant but also tried to understand Mi Shaofei. After that, only Wang Hao was left alone to reflect on himself, and Ou Qiang met Tong Nian and asked him to persuade Han Shangyan. Because Ou Qiang knew what Han Shangyan had in mind, the time in this line was deep and shallow, Wang Hao was not the boss, and it was normal that Mi Shaofei could not be protected. But this time it was true that Wang Hao and Ai Qing didn’t know it, and it was Mi Shaofei who went his own way.

One thing that made Yaya both worried and admired was that after Mi Shaofei announced his retirement, he went straight to apologize to the fans outside the stadium.

In addition, one thing that made Tong Nian both melancholy and distressed was that Han Shangyan had just retired from his old friend Mi Shaofei. The mother of the K&K club demo unilaterally wanted to replace the demo and terminate the contract with Han Shangyan.

On the second day, Mi Shaofei went to the company to sign a contract termination agreement with Wang Hao. The atmosphere between the two men was not as good as before, which made Wang Hao very uncomfortable and tore the cold agreement on the spot. Then, the two men returned to business as usual, and there was a goodbye from the buddies. Because as early as before Mi Shaofei came, Wang Hao arranged personnel and paid compensation to Mi Shaofei’s card. Besides the company’s share, Wang Hao also asked Mi Shaofei to double the compensation from his account.

After Mi Shaofei bid farewell to Wang Hao and Ou Qiang, the next day he took Yaya, called Tong Nian, and went to the K&K club to find Korean business language. Originally, both Tong Nian and Yaya were ready to fight. As a result, when the two met, they first met with a smile, and then went to a race to vent. Finally, they pushed each other and pretended to complain like children, making Tong Nian.

When it was time for dinner, the two men and two women sat around the table. Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan cherish each other, drinking from a small glass of wine to a large bowl of wine, and even the Han Shangyan even sternly made Mi Shaofei not stay in the hotel, and went to stay at the Han Shangyan home. However, this is just a joke by Mi Shaofei. In Mi Shaofei’s cognition, his brothers have to settle accounts. After that, when Mi Shao Fei rushed out of the hotel and climbed onto the bridge, after drinking enough to vomit, Yaya took a box of tissues and rushed out to take care of Xiaomi. Yaya faced Xiaomi’s regret and helplessness, so she could only come up with the support and company of female fans. At this moment, Xiaomi, in Yaya’s eyes, is no longer the image of the illusory idol before, but the image of a man with flesh and blood and self-esteem.

And in the restaurant, Tong Nian heard Han Shangyan say to himself that going abroad is not for work, but for blind dates. Tong Nian saw with his own eyes Han Shangyan looking directly at his own account, and Han Shangyan deliberately did not contact him unreliably. Before Tong Nian made up his mind to walk out of the hotel, he heard and saw that Han Shangyan said bluntly: I don’t like!