Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 17 – Recap

In the Atlanta Hotel, Tong Nian just learned from Ai Qing that Tong Nian is also the first love of Korean business dialect. Ai Qing’s speculation originated from the fact that after the death of Hanshangyan’s beloved cat, Wang Hao and Ai Qing thought that Hanshangyan had a first love complex. Today, Han Shangyan looks at Tong Nian’s eyes just like he looked at that little cat back then. The word “first love”, like a magic sound, echoed in Tong Nian’s mind for a long time.

After separating from Ai Qing in this way, Tong Nian walked and walked downstairs to the Hanshangyan training base. As soon as he raised his head, and the moment he lowered his head, the eyes of Han Shangyan and Tong Nian met. Across the glass, Tong Nian made gestures playfully, wanting to tell Han Shangyan, knowing that you are fortunate enough. Within a few minutes, Tong Nian rushed to the door of the conference room. Following Tong Nian’s call, under the watchful eyes of the K&K and SP boys, Han Shangyan walked towards the flushed girl. The two of them were behind the door, in a position where outsiders seemed extremely ambiguous, Tong Nian stuffed the straw of coconut water into Han Shangyan’s mouth.

After Han Shangyan chased him to help Xiao Tongnian and the SP team people block the wine, Tong Nian was called to have a meal with Zhou Shan. In the face of this old woman’s quarrel, Tong Nian responded to all changes with the same change, and did not let go of Sanya’s food, and did not disappoint his stomach. When Tong Nian was struggling by himself, Han Shangyan appeared in time through positioning until Tong Nian was sitting on his side. Next, Han Shangyan’s remarks and behavior made Tong Nian feel a strong sense of security. However, this sense of security is a double-edged sword that protected Tong Nian, and also stabbed Zhou Shan.  Zhou Shan originally thought that Han Shangyan’s relationship with Tong Nian was a glimpse and a short fate. But now Han Shangyan and Tong Nian, who seem to love each other very much, are still feeding each other.

Without the babbling woman, Han Shangyan and Tong Nian strolled happily on the beach. The two of them walked through a shady place and saw the other two, namely Wang Hao and Su Cheng. The two had fallen in love and then broke up, but because Wang Hao was Su Cheng’s first love, Su Cheng insisted on giving birth to Xiao Ai in that love. Now, the story of Wang Hao and Su Cheng has long since turned over, but their daughter has become the bond between them. Just like ten years ago, when Wang Hao learned that Su Cheng had a daughter with him, Wang Hao and Ai Qing were already overwhelmed in love, but for their children, Wang Hao and Su Cheng registered their marriage, and then divorced soon. Back then, because Su Cheng couldn’t support Xiao Ai, he had to bring Xiao Ai to Wang Hao. But now that Su Cheng has the ability, he wants to fight for Xiao Ai’s custody. But Wang Hao gave up a lot for his daughter Xiao Ai. Wang Hao not only lost his beloved Ai, but also the brother who vowed not to leave ten years ago. Until now, Wang Hao has completely lost his brother Han Shangyan. In the past life, Wang Hao has been bumpy, and in today’s career, Wang Hao’s SP team is also under the name of others. Because of this, Wang Hao was unable to protect his old friend Mi Shaofei. The biggest boss gave an order to call Xiaomi out of the first team. Before coming there, Hanshangyan went to Xiaomi based on his old friendship, but Xiaomi did not want to escape at this critical moment. In view of this, Xiaomi also told Wang Hao about this matter and his own thoughts.

After Han Shangyan and Tong Nian returned to the hotel, Tong Nian also inquired about Wang Hao and Su Cheng’s experiences. When he saw the white whale, Han Shangyan saw excitement in Tong Nian’s eyes. As a result, under the leadership of the breeder, the two began to have close contact with Beluga several times, and the relationship between Han Shangyan and Tong Nian also took root unknowingly. That night, Tong Nian stayed in Han Shangyan’s room until Han Shangyan fell asleep tiredly, and he was still alive and well. And Tong Nian’s friend, Yaya, is worried about things that cannot happen at this stage. When Han Shangyan opened his eyes slightly, he gave Tong Nian his room card and told him not to play a gangster while he was asleep.

On the second day after the sweetness, Han Shangyan was still paying attention to Tong Nian’s position when he was training the boys, but was surprised to find that she came to Sanya, but the door did not go out. Han Shangyan held this curiosity until he was finished and planned to find Tong Nian. But Shangyan arrived at the door of Tong Nian’s room, and went back home, proudly letting Tong Nian find himself in his room. The two of them walked and stopped in the hotel while chatting. After a while, Han Shangyan knew that Tong Nian was living in the hotel for himself.

The sea breeze slowly, Han Shangyan went to work again, professionally training the boys to run along the coastline. Looking at this kind of Shangyan, Tong Nian felt particularly moved. Both Tong Nian and Wu Bai knew that when Han Shangyan came to such a beautiful beach, he was still burdened by the burden in his heart. That is to win glory for the country, and that is to let the kids of the K&K team stand on the podium.