Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 27

Episode 27 / Episodul 27

Aunt Hong prescribed a prescription to make the medicine come over. Kang Ninger went to feed the medicine, but Ji Heng couldn’t drink it.

 Tian Qilai fed the medicine to see if he could not drink it, so he drank it and fed it to him.

Mrs. Ji was very relieved to see Ji Heng drinking, let everyone retreat, Liu Tianqi and Sheng Anhuai took care of him.

Madam Yuki confessed before the Buddha and remembered the events of that year. At that time, Shen Qingyun discovered that the old Jiedushi was not sick, but was poisoned, and what he developed was the inconsistency he developed. He said he would develop an antidote as soon as possible to detoxify Jiedudu. Mrs. Ji was afraid that he would go out and found a name that poisoned Jiedushi and exiled his family. Unexpectedly, Chen Wuyong suddenly went to kill Shen Qingyun’s family and came back to resume his life with Madam Ji. Mrs. Ji did not intend to kill them at all, so far she could only comfort herself for herself and Ji Heng.

Mrs. Ji Ji confessed that she was willing to pay for her sins in the second half of life and hoped that the Buddha would not punish Ji Heng.

Tian Qi stayed to take care of Ji Heng, carefully gave him medicine and medicine, and did everything himself.

Tian Qi left before Ji Heng woke up, and Ji Heng woke up to see Corning. Ji Heng does not believe that Ning Er took care of him. Ning Er is very puzzled, but Ji Heng told her that she already has a heart and will not fall in love with Ning Er. She should have her own life and find her own happiness.

Auntie Hong Hong came to Tian Qi. She had just given Ji Heng the pulse. He wasn’t in the big trouble, just take good care of him. Tian Qi asked her to stay for a few more days, and waited for Ji Heng to leave.

Aunt Hong called Ji Heng over. Ji Heng asked her if Tian Qi was taking care of her. Aunt Hong admitted it, hoping that he could let Tian Qi pass and not let her struggle with love and hate.

 Xi Jizheng and Zheng Shaofeng came out to drink, Zheng Shaofeng also persuaded him to fight for power. As long as he could become a superior and Ji Heng lost his power, Tian Qi could not still like Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng returned to see Tian Qi missing, and suddenly came to Ji Heng, blaming him for destroying his mother’s tomb. Ji Heng has not done it at all, but Ji Zheng does not believe that some people have seen Ji Fu’s soldiers do this.

Putian Qi left a letter and wanted to start a new life. Unexpectedly, Zheng Shaofeng led someone to stop her outside the city and arrested her back. Ji Zheng asked Zheng Shaofeng for help. He had to tear his face with Ji Heng. If he didn’t do it, Ji Heng would do it. Zheng Shaofeng promised to help, but their power was not enough.

Ji Zheng had a plan to marry Tian Qi. Xu Jinjin sent a letter to Ji Heng and asked Ji Heng to come to the party alone. Ji Heng agreed, and let Xu Jin take the gift back.

Ding Zhilai told Red Aunt Ji Zheng to be married to Tian Qicheng. Aunt Red was very surprised, so Ding Zhi hurried to inquire about the news.