Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 21

Episode 21 / Episodul 21

Ji Heng asked her how she came back yesterday. Tian Qi said that he and Ji Zheng drank a lot of alcohol. Ji Heng was not sure if what she said was true, so she had to set aside. Ji Heng gave the hip flask to Tian Qi. Tian Qi found that there was a booster medicine often used in Hualou, which could treat the person in front of him as a sweetheart.

Ji Jiheng called Mrs. Ji, brothers and sisters like Kant, and said that they were taking medicine in the wine. Ji Heng asked Chunhua to talk about their plans, Chunhua said everything she heard, and Mrs. Ji said she would no longer control it and let him handle it. Ji Heng stated that he valued Tian Qi and kicked out his brothers and sisters, so that they would not be allowed to enter Jifu again.

Wu Jizheng reminded Tian Qi that Ji Heng probably already suspected that she was a woman.

Ji Heng wanted to take off her clothes and take a look when she went to bed at night, but she slapped in her sleep. Ji Heng couldn’t help it. In fact, Tian Qi was pretending to sleep. She knew that Ji Heng had doubts and had to think of a way.

Putian Qioutu went to find Aunt Red. Aunt Red gave her a piece of clothes made of fish gel, and she felt like wearing a man’s real chest.

Zheng Shaofeng was drinking in Wanhong Tower, drunk, and came to see Tian Qi’s voice. Aunt Hong asked Tian Qi to go back first. In fact, Zheng Shaofeng was not drunk.

Putian Qi went back and put it on and tried it. It was similar to a man’s chest, so he had to find a chance for Ji Heng to touch it, but Ji Heng was very embarrassed by her and kicked her out. Ji Heng thinks Tian Qineng should not be a woman like this.

When Ji Heng and Tian Qi returned at night, Ji Heng deliberately spilled Tian Qi’s dirty water and asked her to go back and wash it.

Xi Jiheng changed his night clothes to see Tian Qi take a bath, but Tian Qi had already prepared and called a man from Wan Honglou. On the way back, Ji Heng thought he saw a man, and suddenly found something wrong. Last time Tian Qi hit his arrow to save him, but there was no scar on the man. Ji Heng hurried back and saw Tian Qi was going out to take a bath.

Ji Jiheng kept going out to the river and found that Tian Qi was indeed a woman and ran back all the way to the house with great joy. When Ji Heng went back, he asked Sheng Anhuai to tell Tian Qi that she would not use her today or tomorrow.

Tong Jiheng and Sheng Anhuai talked about women’s affairs, and Sheng Anhuai taught him amazing things. Women all have different opinions. Many times they say they don’t want to, they say they don’t. In fact, Sheng Anhuai is also single, and many people liked him that year, but he missed it with his beloved.

Ji Jiheng came to Tianqi secretly, but when he was about to appear, he found that Ji Zheng was here, and quickly hid. Ji Zheng still wanted Tian Qi to go with him, Tian Qi rejected him, speaking of Ji Heng’s various bad, he heard Ji Heng very depressed. Ji Zheng helped Tian Qi get his hat, Ji Heng couldn’t stand outside and pulled Ji Zheng away.