Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 8

Episode 8 / Episodul 8

Before Liao Shuyi’s death, she cursed Ji Heng for betrayal and separation, and those she loved would hate him.

This made Ji Heng think of the Shen Qingyun family once more, and the thought of Shen Zhaoer whose life and death are unknown. But I don’t know, in fact, the person he has been thinking about is standing beside him at this moment. Shen Zhaoer saw Ji Heng’s guilt but thought it was guilty. It was from the forced death of Liao Shuyi, and his heart began to change Ji Heng. Perhaps he did not look so ruthless.

However, Liao Shuyi’s death was just the beginning. Jifu was in danger everywhere, and Shen Zhaoer had the idea of ​​leaving Jifu for the first time. However, a word from Ding Zhi made her hesitate again. Nowadays, he has finally become Jiheng’s portable medical officer. If he can get his trust and become his confidant, what else can he do? Is it impossible? Shen Zhaoer was restless and wanted to give up eventually, but when she put down her fan and wanted to leave Ji Heng’s bedroom, without taking two steps, Ji Heng started having a nightmare again, muttering in her mouth.

Shen Zhaoer heard that Ding Jing quickly turned around and sat on the bed trying to wake up Ji Heng. Who knew that the other party suddenly got up? Hold her in her arms.

This action made both of them somewhat surprised and surprised. The next moment, Ji Heng resumed as usual, and let Shen Zhaoer go out with him. In the moonlight, Ji Heng revealed his heart to Shen Zhaoer for the first time. Because of a fortune-telling, he tried to practice martial arts in exchange for his father’s care but made his father jealous of himself. Later, because he had affected the lives of others, the family died to protect himself. Ji Heng couldn’t help but feel relieved. Shen Zhaoer comfort. With regard to Ji Heng, he said that he was a good man to protect his country and defend his country, and the family would not blame him.

However, if Shen Zhaoer knew that Ji Heng was referring to his parents, I wonder if he could still think so. Unfortunately, nothing happens. Ji Heng looked at Shen Zhaoer solemnly and informed the other about his insomnia, so he wanted to bet.

One, in exchange for his weaknesses for Shen Zhaoer’s loyalty. Similarly, if Shen Zhaoer dares to betray, Ji Heng definitely has ten million ways to make her die miserably.

The case of the killing of the county master was concluded, and Sun Congrui knew that the emperor would not move the angry Ji’s family, and repeatedly pleaded with each other. In this way, he could gain a free relationship. At first, it was also Sun Congrui who recommended Ji Hengzi to be the father after his death at the old festival. Since then, he has been living as a Ji family. Brother Ji Heng always treated this Sun Congrui

Hate, not to mention, it was this Sun Congrui who killed the Shen Qingyun family indirectly. However, Ji Heng knows very well that it is not the time to tear his face with Sun Congrui. When Sun Congrui heard that there was still one person in the army for escorting grain, he thought that Ji Heng’s plea was pity and asked him for this position for his son. Ji Heng With Sun Congrui’s fake smile, this scene happened to be seen by Shen Zhaoer. At that time, Sun Congrui deliberately protected Shen Qingyun in his house, and later went to report in exchange for glory and wealth.

At that time, Shen Zhaoer stared at Sun Congrui’s face so hard that she could recognize it even if the other party turned gray! Now that Sun Congrui came to Jifu, she opened. I was worried what would happen if Ji Heng made good friends with Sun Congrui? Shen Zhaoer tried to eavesdrop on them but was stopped by Ji Zheng . Later, Shi Zi was angry and was seen by the pool. Although, Ji Zheng apologized to Shen Zhaoer for pretending to be a god of flowers, and promised that he would help no matter what happened in the future. But now, if it is about Ji Heng, will he still help?