Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 7

Episode 7 / Episodul 7

Shen Zhaoer and master Ding Zhi said that he had saved his own god turtle, with a ugly face and an extremely ugly face, but he was heard by Ji Heng after the rockery . Thinking of diving herself to save people that night, she ended up with such an evaluation, and when she was angry, she started to tease her mind.

Ji Heng watched with interest Shen Zhaoer holding a basket the dried fish were thrown into the pond one by one, praying for the appearance of the tortoise.

More and more people came to join in the fun, waiting for her to summon the god turtle, who knew that a little turtle really came out. Shen Zhaoer took the tortoise that was about the size of her palm and went to make a deal. Just when everyone laughed at the size of this turtle. Move to make a clearance for her and let her raise the turtle.

 Late at night, the maidservant Mu Zhu wanted to sneak away, but was intercepted on the spot by Mrs. Shu’s personal maidservant brocade. Mu Zhu has done too much for Mrs. Shu and knows too much. She is destined to live tonight.

Soon, the news of Mu Zhu’s death in the house spread. Shen Zhaoer learned about this from the master Ding Zhi. It took me a while to find out that this Mu Zhu was a good friend of Sun Dali. At that time, Mu Zhuben was waiting for Mrs. Shu, but because she made a mistake, she was demoted to the embroidery room in Fuzhong. And the clothes that Shen Zhao’er wears are most likely from Mu Zhu’s hands. She wants to hide Shen Zhaoer in the belt easily. Think of it this way, all these things seem to have the answer. At this moment, Feng Jiheng’s order has been tracking and observing Shen Zhaoer’s Ji Zheng in the dark , and naturally he has closed the conversation between the master and apprentice.

Later, in order to find out the truth, Shen Zhaoer stole a set of maidservant’s clothes, pretending to be Mu Zhu’s sisters, and tricked Mu Zhu’s embroidery before his death.

Back in the room, and the master Ding Zhi opened the examination, in addition to some clothes, there are some particularly strong sachets. The two checked carefully, and it really happened. In one of the sachets, I found a pack of inches. Ji Zheng naturally informed everything about Ji Heng, but Shen Zhaoer was still worried about whether to confess with Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng hiding on the beam of the house saw this, took a mask to pretend to be a god of flowers, and deceived the sachet from Shen Zhaoer.

After inspection, this sachet was a tribute, and was given to Mrs. Shu by the old jiedi. Eight years ago because Dongjia Mountain Villa occupies the mountain as a king, and it hurts the village. Lao Jiduo was ordered to crumble but was trapped in the mountain. Ji Heng led his soldiers to the rescue and stabbed Dongjia Mountain Villa. The old Jiedushi also met Madam Shu this year and brought it into the house. After collecting all the evidence, Madam Shu’s identity gradually surfaced. Dong, in the family villa, there is a daughter named Liao Shuyi, and Dong Zichun, the son of the owner of the Dongjia village, is a young girl. At that time, when Ji Heng won the battle and counted the personnel, the two had disappeared. Now that he wants to come, perhaps Dong Zichun is still alive. Since Liao Shuyi sneaked into Jifu, they have been preparing Revenge.

As the two discussed, Sheng Anhuai came to report that Mrs. Shu went out nervously today, but soon returned with a sad look. Liao Shuyi did not see the person she wanted to see. She had already guessed that this was the bait thrown by Ji Heng.

 Eventually, Liao Shuyi committed suicide in the room and wanted to follow her. Those behind the scenes were strangled.Ji Heng also took the opportunity to test Shen Zhao’er. Although she knew that she was hiding something, she could confirm that she was not related to the death of the county master. This alone is enough to give Ji Heng a reason not to kill her, and Shen Zhaoer finally does not have to worry about his life forever.