Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 28 (The end)

Episode 28 / Episodul 28

When he got married, Ji Heng was packed and went to a banquet.

Mrs. Ji waited on the road and let him do what he wanted to do. I believe he can solve it, but he must take care of himself.

 Tian Qi was tied up by Zheng Shaofeng, remembering the bits and pieces of Ji Heng before, he found that he couldn’t let go of Ji Heng.

There is red silk satin hanging in Fuhou House, everyone is busy, Zheng Shaofeng’s men and women have assembled.

Did Ji Zheng bring the bride out? Accept the congratulations from everyone. Ji Heng suddenly appeared when he was about to worship. Unexpectedly, the person under the hijab was not Tian Qi at all, and Ji Heng did not tell Ji Zhengduo any more. Suddenly he pulled out his sword to kill Ji Zheng, scaring everyone to flee.

Zheng Shaofeng waited to see their brothers bereft of each other, which led people to take out Tian Qi. If Ji Heng wanted to commit suicide, he would let her go. Zheng Shaofeng also told Tian Qi that, in fact, it was not Ji Heng who killed her parents, but Ji Heng was willing to commit the crime and wanted to know who it was. Zheng Shaofeng said his identity. He was Dong Zichun, and he wanted to seek revenge from Ji Heng.

Ji Jiheng asked Tian Qi if he could forgive himself. Tian Qi did not want him to die and nodded again and again. Ji Heng suddenly cast aside his long sword, and an archer appeared on the roof. An arrow hit Zheng Shaofeng, and Ji Zheng suddenly got up and took the sword to Zheng Shaofeng. Zheng Shaofeng caught off guard and realized that this was a play performed by Ji Heng. Ji Zheng found that Zheng Shaofeng had a problem. He discussed with Ji Heng by marriage and threw his sword as a name to kill Zheng Shaofeng together. Tian Qi knew it was a bureau they had set up, and was very angry that they didn’t tell themselves anything.

Mrs. Ji Ji came to Tian Qi and told her that she did it all by herself. She decided to lose her hair and hope that Tian Qi would not blame Ji Heng and be with him.

After Tian Qi returned unhappy, Aunt Hong looked very worried. Just when Ding Zhi came over, Aunt Hong asked him to send a letter.

Aunt Ji Hong called Ji Heng and told him his plan. Ji Heng came to Wan Hong Lou and wanted to come here as a helper to see Tian Qi every day. Ji Heng does everything here, and he wipes the railings hard every day. Aunt Hong and Uncle Qian also deliberately embarrassed him and asked him to do a lot of rough work.

 Aunt Hong deliberately said in front of Tian Qi that Ji Heng had a large blister in his hand and gave him medicine. Tian Qi looked very distressed but refused to say it.

Putian Qi suddenly saw Wan Honglou’s Yingying Yanyan all around Ji Heng and was very dissatisfied. He pulled Ji Heng out and told everyone that Ji Heng was his own. Two people ran on the street, Ji Heng hugged Tian Qi, and the two finally let go of those things and decided to be together in the future.

Wu Dingzhi sent various things he had collected over the years as an engagement gift, and asked Aunt Hong to marry herself. But Aunt Hong said that the engagement gift was not enough, and asked him to prepare again.

Ji Jiheng took Tian Qi out to see the meteor, and she agreed to see the fireworks every year in the future.

Ji Zheng came to Tian Qi to resign, and he was going to travel again. Ji Zheng gave Tian Qi the painting he painted at the time and told them about their first meeting. He decided to lay down Tian Qi and wish her happiness.

Ji Jiheng and Tian Qi were married. Ji Zheng secretly came to see Li and was happy for them.

After a few months, Tian Qi suddenly loved sour plums, Ji Heng was very strange, but Tian Qi told him that he was going to be a father.

The end