Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 26

Episode 26 / Episodul 26

Ji Zheng took Tianqi to the yard where she lived as a child. He had already bought it and repaired it carefully. Ji Zheng also told her that there were still a bunch of gardenia flowers at that time, and they would be planted back later. Tian Qi remembered the little brother he met when he was a kid, he was very kind to her and taught her to write.

Tian Qi asked Ji Zheng if he was that little brother. Ji Zheng admitted that he wanted to have a new start with her.

Aunt Ji Hong came to Tian Qi and talked about Ji Zheng’s thoughts on her.

Tian Qi said that he was the younger brother he knew when he was a child, and he was just brother and sister. Aunt Hong advised her to start a new life, so that was the best way to let go of the past.

Brother Kant returned to the house and wanted to take care of Ji Heng. Mrs. Ji also liked Corning very much before, and agreed to let her stay, warning them not to regenerate.

Kang Ninger came to take care of Ji Heng, and Ji Heng asked her to go back. She did not need her to take care of herself.

Putian Qihe Jizheng was in the yard. When he saw everything telling him the past, Jizheng felt very sad when listening, because these were not memories of himself. Ji Zheng took Tian Qi out, and Ji Zheng asked Tian Qi Ji if he didn’t remember to marry his little brother and wanted to be with her.

Putian Qi has not answered yet, and suddenly a group of people rushed over and ran away from them. The two were surprised. Ji Heng suddenly came out and pulled Tian Qi and ran. Ji Zheng was about to chase, and Sheng Anhuai stopped him suddenly, making him very helpless.

Bian Jiheng brought Tian Qi to the bridge to fly her a kite. Speaking of the past, every time Zhao’s got angry, he would fly a kite to coax her. Tian Qi knew that Ji Heng was a former little brother and was even more unacceptable. Obviously his parents were so good to him, but he still ordered to kill them. For Tian Qi, his memories with his elder brother are the warmest, and now they are destroyed by him again.

Wu Jiheng asked to see the fireworks with her again. Tian Qi refused. This sword was to break away from him. He would not be touched by him, but would hate him even more. Tian Qi left without returning, Ji Heng’s injuries worsened, and Sheng Anhuai was back. After hearing that Mrs. Ji was going to find Tian Qi, Ji Heng pleaded and asked her not to go to Tian Qi, otherwise she would arrest and treat herself, and Mrs. Ji could only agree.

Xun Jizheng came to deliver food to Tian Qi. Tian Qi asked his little brother about it and did not want to see him. Xu Jinlai told Ji Zheng that Ji Heng’s injuries had deteriorated, and now he was very dangerous and was about to die. Tian Qi was going to rescue him. The knife was stabbed by her. Now she was going to die. Ji Zheng stopped her and let Xu Jin look at her. She did not eat every time Tian Jizhen delivered meals to Tian Qi, and she died together with Ji Heng. Ji Zheng was very puzzled. Ji Heng was obviously his father to kill the enemy. But for Tian Qi, he cannot live together because of family hatred. If he dies, he must be together anyway. Ji Zheng knew he was useless, and Fang Tianqi left.

Putian Qi came to Aunt Hong and asked her to rescue Ji Heng. She didn’t regret stabbing that knife, that was what Shen Zhaoer had to do, but now she hurts every day.

Aunt Hong came to Jifu and Tian Qi asked Madam Ji to let her go. If there were any problems with Ji Heng, she would take Madam Ji’s disposal.