Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 24

Episode 24 / Episodul 24

After hearing this, Ji Heng was very surprised and came back to question Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji learned that Tian Qi was Shen Zhaoer, and she felt that this person could no longer stay. After questioning Ji Heng, I learned that it was Mrs. Ji who forced Ji Zheng’s biological mother to death, and also killed the Shen Qingyun couple. It was very heartbreaking.

Putian Qi accused Ji Heng of knowing the truth without telling her, asking him if he would help himself to get revenge. Ji Heng stated that he would not arrest that person. Tian Qi suddenly took out a stab at Ji Heng and left without looking back. Ji Heng shouted and woke up only to discover that it was a nightmare.

Ji Jiheng came to Tian Qi and held her in her arms as soon as they met. He decided that even if Tian Qi really stabbed him, he would not blame her, but he would compensate her. Ji Heng showed Tian Qi a painting. It turned out that he had painted the last time two people were flying a kite together. Ji Heng did not dare to recognize Tian Qi with his little brother’s identity, because he was afraid that everything would be even more uncontrollable.

Bian Jizheng drank alone, Zheng Shaofeng came to see him and learned that he was still working for Tian Qi, and he needed to give him pointers. Only by changing all these things can he have the right to choose. Ji Zheng listened, looking thoughtful.

Qi Sheng Anhuai withdrew the guard at Tian Qi’s gate. Tian Qi wanted to go out and asked Ji Heng about arresting Chen Wuyong, but Sheng Anhuai told her that Chen Wuyong had escaped from the city and Ji Heng was hunting him. Tian Qi was very strange, but said nothing. In fact, Ji Heng didn’t go out. He didn’t know how to face Tian Qi, so he could only hide. Sheng Anhuai asked him about the last time he planned to prepare for the wedding, and Ji Heng let him do it first.

Wu Jizheng came to Tian Qi and talked about Chen Wuyong. Ji Zheng asked about her identity. Now that she has reached this stage, her identity is not impossible. Tian Qi said that she was Shen Zhao’er. Ji Zheng was very shocked.

He questioned Ji Heng and found that he was going to lie to Tian Qi when he was in the government. It was very angry that Ji Heng had withdrawn the guards in the city. Ji Zheng felt that Ji Heng was not thinking about Tian Qi. If he didn’t love her, then he wouldn’t have to give up Tian Qi to him, even if he was against his brother, he would grab Tian Qi back.

 Dong Zichun was informed that Chen Wuyong had been caught by Ji Heng as planned, and he was asked to send a letter to Tian Qi to tell her about Chen Wuyong’s dungeon in Jifu. Tian Qi was very surprised and decided to check it out.

Wu Jiheng came to the tomb of the couple Shen Qingyun and remembered the scene where he and Shen Zhaoer met for the first time. It was the Fireworks Festival. Shen Zhaoer and his parents were lost and met Ji Heng. After the Shen Qingyun couple came over, Shen Zhaoer saw that he was only one person and invited him to his home to eat dumplings. Ji Heng assured them that he would take good care of Tian Qi in the future.

Putian Qi called Uncle Qian, and the old peasant dressed as a medicinal herb entered Jifu and went to the dungeon together. Tian Qi lowered the two guards with his eyes. Just before the door was opened, the guards woke up and attacked Tian Qi. Fortunately, Xiao Hou always followed them, knocked down the guards, and entered the dungeon with them.

Putian Qi saw Chen Wuyong and asked who he directed. Chen Wuyong told him that Ji Heng was ordered to kill her parents. At that time, Ji Heng destroyed Dong’s Villa and saved the old Jiedushi, and made great achievements. However, he was disappointed by the old Jiedushi and he wanted to abolish Ji Heng and transfer to Ji Zheng. Ji Heng was reconciled and wanted to poison the old Jiedushi, but Shen Qingyun didn’t cooperate and he killed them.

Chen Wuyong told Tian Qi that in his capacity, not everyone can move. Ji Zheng also confirmed that only the old Jiedushi, Mrs. Ji and Ji Heng could move. Although Tian Qi was unwilling to believe, she had to believe it. Chen Wuyong suddenly vomited blood, saying that Ji Heng wanted to kill him and destroy his mouth, and poisoned him.

Wu Jizheng told Tian Qi that Ji Heng was in the house these days and never went out. Tian Qi was very sad, but he did not expect Ji Heng to lie to him. Ji Heng learned that Chen Wuyong had died and came over to check, and found that he was taking the poison himself, which is very similar to Mrs. Shu’s death. She asked Sheng Anhuai to check if they were a poison. Sheng Anhuai told him that the guard saw Tian Qi before he fainted.