Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 23

Episode 23 / Episodul 23

Tian Qi is a Taiyi, a Taiyi is a daughter who is a felony, and Mrs. Ji wants Ji Heng to tell the emperor to deal with Tian Qi. Neither Ji Heng nor Ji Zheng agreed. Madam Ji was so angry that she would report to the court, and they had better protect her at all times.

Mrs. Ji came back to Chen Wuyong, and Chen Wuyong advised her not to be anxious. At that time, Ji Heng ’s father was to spoil his wife and almost harm her and Ji Heng. Chen Wuyong said he would do things well.

Putian Qi told Ji Zheng that he and Ji Heng did show their heart. Ji Zheng admitted that he was worse than Ji Heng and blessed them both. Tian Qi wants to return Yu Pei to him, and Ji Zheng keeps it with her. This is given to her as a friend. Ji Zheng came to Ji Heng, hoping that he could treat Tian Qi well, or even if he was his enemy, he would take Tian Qi away.

Ji Jiheng was uneasy about Tian Qi, letting people stay outside the door, these days let her not go out first. Chen Wuyong was going to kill Tian Qi at night. Tian Qi saw the bite marks on the masked man’s hand and determined that he was Chen Wu Yong. Tian Qi sprinkled powder on him, Ji Zheng rushed over, and fought with Chen Wuyong. Ji Zheng was not Chen Wuyong’s opponent, Ji Heng also rushed over, but still did not stop Chen Wuyong.

Putian Qi told them Chen Wuyong’s identity, and said that his powder could burn his face. Tian Qi told them that the bite marks on Chen Wuyong’s hands were bitten by her own. It was Chen Wuyong who killed her parents. Ji Heng let Sheng Anhuai arrange to keep an eye on the pharmacy and must catch him. Chen Wuyong came to the masked man, and the masked man asked him to do the shadow of burning the Ji family.

Xi Jizheng came to Zheng Shaofeng to drink and talked about his own affairs. Zheng Shaofeng felt that this man was fancy with Ji Heng’s power. Ji Zheng and Ji Heng had only lost a position before. As long as he could become Jiedushi, he would naturally get this woman. One child sent a letter to Ji Zheng, and Ji Zheng was shocked to see it.

Wu Jizheng approached Mrs. Ji and asked if she had killed her mother. Mrs. Ji did not expect that he would know such a thing, speechless. Mrs. Ji forced his mother to death by default, but this was all forced, because otherwise she and Ji Heng would not be able to live. For so many years, she has always regarded Ji Zheng as her son. Mrs. Ji was willing to live a life, but Ji Zheng could not.

Xun Shenganhuai came back to find Chen Wuyong’s trace, Ji Heng came to arrest him and asked him why he wanted to kill Tian Qi. Chen Wuyong told him, however, that Tian Qi was Shen Qing’s daughter, Shen Qingyun, and she was killed for Mrs. Ji.