Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 22

Episode 22 / Episodul 22

Ji Zheng found that some forces were in chaos outside, and it was very likely that they were from Dong’s Villa. They were going to investigate. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi if he felt that Ji Zheng was better. Tian Qi quickly denied it, but Ji Heng didn’t believe it. Tian Qi dreamed until Ji Heng left, scared to wake up.

Putian Qi went out and saw the red petals falling from the sky. Ji Heng fell from the sky and told her that she already knew that she was a daughter. Ji Heng prepared women’s clothing for Tian Qi to change into, and she was very excited to see her look. In fact, Ji Heng already liked Ueda Seven, but she didn’t know her identity and couldn’t admit it.

In order to prevent Tian Qi ’s identity from being discovered, Ji Heng gave leave to everyone in the government today, and there are only two of them in the government. Tian Qi was so touched that he never thought he was so considerate. The two played in the house for a day, and Ji Heng told her that she would not be a high-ranking heroine from now on, but just liked her. Ji Heng stated that she would trust her unconditionally until she was willing to tell him her secret.

Wu Jiheng took Tian Qi to see the shooting star, but it was actually the fireworks he had prepared. The two kissed under the fire, but were seen by Ruyi who came back suddenly.

Chen Wuyong grabbed the owner of the bead and found out that Tian Qi was the girl that Aunt Hong brought back to Wan Honglou, her original name was Zhaoer. Chen Wuyong realized that she was Shen Qingyun’s daughter and killed the man.

Wu Ruyi told Mrs. Ji what happened last night. Mrs. Ji was so angry that she had to call Sheng Anhuai. Sheng Anhuai heard rumors about Ji Heng and Tian Qi in the house, went to Ji Heng, but saw Ji Heng and Tian Qi holding together. Ji Heng called out Sheng Anhuai, told him the identity of Tian Qi’s woman, and asked him to protect Tian Qi.

Mrs. Ji Ji called Sheng Anhuai, and Sheng Anhuai tried to make it clear that the two were not related, but Mrs. Ji did not believe it and wanted to see it for herself. Ji Heng sent Tian Qi back. Tian Qi felt that it was too close and settled accounts with him. Previously, he was not good at himself, hit her board, and made her kneel.

Mrs. Ji Ji went to Tian Qi’s room, but saw Ji Heng kissing Tian Qi, so angry that she had to deal with her. Ji Zheng also hurried back and told her that Tian Qi was a woman, but Mrs. Ji did not lose her breath, and felt that Tian Qijin was uneasy and kind.