Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 20

Episode 20 / Episodul 20

Sun Congrui and Sun Fan were to be taken back to Beijing for trial. Ji Heng asked Ji Zheng to take Tian Qi to take a look. Tian Qi watched them scolded by everyone, comforting his parents, and vowed to find out why Chen Wuyong killed his parents.

When Kang Ninger saw Kant, he was very worried that their plan would be discovered by Ji Heng. The Sun family tied Tian Qi now. This is the end. In case they are found, they will be over. However, Kant felt that the incident of the Sun family made Yu Ronghua unimportant. The most important thing now is Ji Heng. Kant gave Kang Ning’er a bottle of medicine. Taking this bottle of medicine will make people think of the person in front of her. As long as Ji Heng eats it, and raw rice cooks mature rice, she must be Mrs. Ji.

Hunchun heard everything, and when they left, they accidentally made a noise and they found out.

Tian Qi heard that Chunhua was beaten up in a firewood room and hurried to find her. When Tian Qi entered the chaifang door, he was closed.

Later, Ji Heng brought people over and mistakenly thought that they were affectionate. He wanted to marry them to fulfill them, and then let them go to.

While Ji Zheng is arranging his new mansion, he is informed of Tian Qi’s marriage to Chunhua. Ji Zheng goes to Ji Heng to ask for explanations about the wedding because his brother had already promised to release Tian Qi. Ji Heng gets angry and threatens Ji Zheng with a sword, Zheng reminds his brother that Tian Qi saved his life and that he can’t ignore his feelings.

That night, Tian Qi tries to enter Ji Heng’s bedroom to persuade him to annul his marriage, but is caught by Sheng Anhuai. After many requests, he allows her to enter Ji Heng. Tian Qi asks Ji Heng what he did wrong to drive him out of Ji’s mansion, why he is not good enough.

Chen Wuyong meets a mysterious man and apologizes for the plan that included the Sun family failed and could not destroy Ji Heng.

Tian Qi wants to tell Chunhua that they can’t get married because she’s a girl too, but instead he ends up telling her that he likes someone else.

Meanwhile, Kang Ninger implements her brother’s plan. He invites Ji Heng to have a drink with her in honor of Tian Qi’s wedding, when the poison begins to take effect she helps him get to his room. Fortunately, he rejects her and leaves.

He reaches Tian Qi’s room and finds her combing her hair, telling her that he has been stabbed and then faints. Ji Zheng arrives in the room just then and tells Tian Qi to bring the drink and snacks.

Sheng Anhuai is looking for the commander all over Ji’s mansion, but he can’t be found. When he reaches Tian Qi, he finds her with Ji Zheng and Ji Heng, all drunk. Ji Zheng tells Sheng Anhuai that his brother doesn’t like drinking.

Ji Heng and Tian Qi are in wedding clothes. Ji Heng confesses how happy she is that she is a girl and kisses her. Then he wakes up from a dream.

Ji Heng asks Sheng Anhuai what happened, the answer was that he drank with his brother and Tian Qi in honor of the latter’s wedding.

Chunhua is packing because he is about to leave the mansion with Tian Qi after the wedding. She tells Tian Qi not to feel pressured because she knows that feelings cannot be forced.