Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 19

Episode 19 / Episodul 19

Ji Kangde and Kang Ninger came to Mrs. Ji and talked about Tian Rongyu’s jade paste, and praised it. Mrs. Ji felt that Tian Qi was very careful and stayed. When Kang Ninger returned, he asked Kant how effective the medicine was. Kant promised that he would not die, at most it was a rash.

Putian Qi was making ointment. Suddenly Kant brought a group of people in and said that the jade paste she made was poisonous and she was to be taken back. Tian Qi refused to accept, and Kant made Tian Qi tied up and asked her to blame her. Fortunately, Ji Zheng brought someone to rescue her.

Ji Kangninger cried with Ji Heng, asking him to punish Tian Qi. Sheng Anhuai told Ji Heng that there was an allergenic substance in the plaster.

Ji Zheng brought the man back and told him that Kant intended to use lynching. Ji Heng was very angry and warned them that if lynching was used again, he would be punished severely.

Ji Jiheng asked them to go out first and let Tian Qi stay. Ji Heng said that she can no longer sell Yurong cream, and she will investigate clearly and write to the court to let the court decide. Tian Qi was very sad and asked Ji Heng if she had never thought of believing her. Although she was greedy for money, she never hurt others, but Ji Heng said she only believed in evidence.

Chen Wuyong came to Sun Congrui, saying that Ji Heng now trusts Tian Qi, and he is getting less and less attention. He hopes to come to Sun Congrui, and is willing to give Tian Qi’s life to him as a voter.

Ji Zheng asked Ji Heng why he wanted to write to the court. Ji Heng felt that he could protect Tian Qi in this way, because he did not know if the person who harmed her had a second hand. Ji Zheng felt that it was done by Brother and Sister Kant. They were jealous of Tian Qi’s favor, but Ji Heng did not believe it. Ji Zheng felt that transferring Tian Qi was a slander to her conduct, and Ji Heng promised to suspend.

Xun Jizheng told Ji Heng that Sun Fan went to the disaster to lie and claimed that the disaster situation was under control. He actually killed some people in the disaster area and stole the silver. Ji Heng was very angry and asked him to find evidence and he must be severely punished.

Hunchun came to Tian Qi and told her that she had heard the conversation between Brother and Sister Kant. It is very likely that they did the Yurong cream, but she had no evidence. Several men in black broke in, Tian Qi let Chunhua hide, and was taken away by stun.

Hunchun quickly ran back to Ji Zheng for help, Ji Heng had nightmares until Tian Qi passed out, and when he woke up, he heard Ji Zheng’s report, and quickly took someone to rescue Tian Qi.

Tian Qi was tied up by Sun Fan. Sun Fan kept beating Tian Qi and told her that Ji Heng had given her to herself, and said she would let her deal with it.

Putian Qi was seriously injured and felt that he was about to die. He was sad that he could not see Ji Heng again. Sun Fan took Tian Qi out, and threw her little golden sister to burn her with a soldering iron. Ji Heng suddenly rushed in and saw Tian Qi’s injuries. He was so angry that he beat Sun Fan. Tian Qixin was thinking of Xiao Jinzhen, Ji Heng went to find him, but he did not expect that Tian Qi valued what he sent so much.

The grandson Sun Congrui was tied up and scolded Ji Heng with anger, but Ji Zheng told him that he had rescued the victims and let him think about how to explain to the emperor.

Ji Heng came to see Tian Qi in a coma. Ji Zheng invited Aunt Hong. Ji Heng dropped Xiao Jinzhang out and asked them not to tell Tian Qi that he had been there.

Putian Qi woke up and saw Ji Zheng taking care of him. Ji Zheng said that he sent her back, and said that Ji Heng agreed to let her leave with him. Tian Qi saw Xiao Jinzhang on one side and knew that Ji Heng had come.