Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 18

Episode 18 / Episodul 18

The Yaotian thatched house is cultivated every day. The deprecated Shen Zhaoer works here every day. The master Ding Zhi was also degraded here because he said two pleading words.

The weather was getting hotter every day, Shen Zhaoer suffered a coma due to heat stroke, and things soon passed to Jifu.

Unknown to the danger, Shen Zhao’er suddenly discussed with the master to do business. The water flying method was taught by Shen Qingyun. The mud made with stone gall could have the effect of cleaning and moisturizing the skin.

Everyone has his own plans, including the Dong family’s sins hidden in the dark. Somewhere in the room, Master Dong’s master stood up and called a master to the man in black. When this man in black took off his shirt and hat, it was actually Chen Wuyong next to Mrs. Ji. This man is actually the Dong family’s sin that has been lurking around Mrs. Ji for many years. He has been dormant in Jifu for so many years. Right now, Ji Heng completely offended Sun Congrui is the best time for revenge. The two of them discussed that Ji Heng tore his face for Shen Zhaoer and Sun Congrui, and they could throw the olive branch to Sun Congrui on their own initiative.

 Without Shen Zhaoer around, Ji Heng returned to normal, day and night can not be stunned, even in the day, she is absent-minded and listless. Late at night, Ji Heng had the same dream again, dreaming that the girl she had been longing for turned back, and she turned into Shen Zhao’er who was a man dressed as a woman. Sleep woke up, the mouth called to Shen Zhao children’s pseudonym, pseudo-ginseng , but found wait on their side is Corning child . Ji Heng scolded her and drove it out of the door. Because of this, Kang Ning’er hated Shen Zhao’er even more, and even negotiated with her brother Kant, while Shen Zhao’er was deposed by the derogatory field.

However, if you want to cooperate with Sun Congrui, you naturally want the other party to feel their sincerity, and this sincerity is Shen Zhaoer’s life. Shen Zhaoer humiliated Sun Pan in public, and everything started because of her. Shen Zhaoer’s life must satisfy Sun Congrui. Now I do n’t know why Ji Heng demoted Shen Zhaoer to Yaotian, but for them, this is the best time to start!

While developing Yurong Cream, Shen Zhaoer sewed a medicinal pillow that could help sleep, dragging Sheng Anhuai to Ji Heng.

Sheng Anhuai also took the opportunity to intercede for Shen Zhao’er, and described her situation as pitiful, and finally caused Ji Heng’s uneasiness to visit in person.

 This is a coincidence that Ji Heng saw that Shen Zhaoer was happy to sell Yurong cream. Yurong cream sold out, when the teacher and apprentice split the money, they chatted. Shen Zhaoer spoke angrily about being deprecated, and should not have delusions about being friends with Ji Heng. Naturally, Ji Heng, who was hiding aside, listened to him and left.

On this day, Ding Zhi deliberately took Yu Ronghua to return to Ji’s Mansion to please Kang Ning’er and Kant. His daughter’s family loves beauty, and Ding Zhi speaks nicely, so the two are naturally willing to say two good things in front of Mrs. Ji for him . However, Ding Zhi mentioned Shen Zhaoer again. The brothers and sisters who were still thinking about how to deal with Shen Zhaoer before, naturally had other plans in this regard.

At the same time, Ji Zheng also found Shen Zhao’er and wanted to persuade her to simply leave. However, Shen Zhaoer’s heart was determined. Not only did the revenge for her father make her unwilling to leave Jifu, but perhaps for Ji Heng, she would no longer be willing to leave. Shen Zhaoer was still thinking, An An was divided to accept punishment, maybe one day, Ji Heng would let her go back. As for Ji Zheng’s intentions, Shen Zhaoer naturally could not fail.