Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 24

Episode 24 / Episodul 24

Zuo Qingluan asked Chao Ge to think about it, don’t be fooled by Feng Wu. Chao Ge told Zuo Qingluan that she saw Feng Wu talking to herself against the ring on her chest, and Chao Ge asked her if she could prove whether Feng Wu was true. Zuo Qingluan said there was a way, but Chaoge needed to cooperate with her.

When Feng Wu came back, Chao Ge prepared her clothes and let Feng Wu take a bath. Feng Wu took a bath in the room, and Chao Ge secretly took out her ring.

Zuo Qingluan took away Fengwu’s ring and told Chaoge not to say anything. According to Zuo Qingluan’s intention, Chaoge went to find the fairy aunt Baidingshan, and the surroundings were very gloomy.

Feng Wu was inquiring about Chaoge’s whereabouts, Feng Xun also asked her what was going on, Feng Wu asked Feng Xun to tell Jun Linyuan .

Chao Ge was stunned by the demon of Baiding Mountain, and the demon reached out to her. Chao Ge was not killed by the demon, she was locked in the demon’s room. Chao Ge was very scared when the monster appeared in front of her.

Feng Wu was looking for Chaoge in Baiding Mountain, and met the demon. Feng Wu found that the demon had Chaoge’s clothes under him, so she chased it all the way.  After chasing the monster’s cave, Feng Wu wanted to deal with it, Chao Ge appeared, and Feng Wu stopped.

Jun Linyuan and the others searched the academy but didn’t find Chaoge.

 They were going to Baiding Mountain. Chaoge bandaged the wound of girl wolf, it turned out that girl wolf did not harm her. Chao Ge said that the wound on Girl Wolf’s arm was left by the academy, and she had no way to treat it. Feng Wu said she would come. Chao Ge returned the ring to Feng Wu.

The wolf girl was a little scared when she saw the ring. She realized that the ring belonged to Mu Jiuzhou. Feng Wu said that Mu Jiuzhou was her master, and she would not harm the wolf girl. Chao Ge knew that Feng Wu was speaking to her master and blamed herself very much. Feng Wu asked the wolf girl why she was trapped here by Mu Jiuzhou. The wolf girl said that she had indeed done detrimental things, but the cause was not what they thought.

She practiced as an adult, went to a house, and fell in love with someone. She told that person her true identity, but the man did not give up on her. Later she was pregnant, but their affairs were discovered and they did not want them to be together. His family separated them. She waited for a long time, but there was no news. She wanted to see him for the last time, but she didn’t expect the man to commit suicide. The wolf girl was heartbroken, she turned into a monster, and then she killed their family.

Feng Wu went outside to gather herbs, and Jun Linyuan and the others came to Baiding Mountain.

Yu Mingye and the others are blocking the phoenix dance, and Jun Linyuan is ready to go out and drag Yu Mingye and them.

Demon Lord turned into a phoenix dance, fainted the wolf girl and Chao Ge.

Feng Wu came back and found that they were dizzy, and the wolf girl’s child was also killed by the devil.

However, the wolf girl thought it was Feng Wu who killed her child and wanted to do something to Feng Wu, but was stopped by Xuan Yi and Feng Xun, and they hurriedly left here.

Saint Queen came to Shengjun and said that her relationship with Shengjun was over. She originally wanted to use medicine to make Shengjun lose his spiritual power, but she didn’t expect Wu Youdao to appear in the middle, so she could only act in advance. The Holy Queen said that the Holy King did not have a living for the people who governed the entire Qianyuan Continent. Is there no trace of guilt? The queen began to force the palace against the king.

The king knew that his poisoning was originally the queen’s idea. The king asked the king to catch the queen, but no one listened to him. The Queen said that he neglected to govern all the year round, and now he has become a veritable widow. Gaowei makes people catch the holy monarch, and the holy monarch repulses them, and the devil appears at this time to restrain the holy monarch.