Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 22

Episode 22 / Episodul 22

Feng Wu and the others opened the mechanism and walked out of the secret road.

Wu Youdao took Ling Pill, which could greatly increase his skill, but he would die after the effect of the medicine. After Wu Youdao took the medicine, he injured Dean Fang and the others. Dean Fang wanted to persuade Wu Youdao, but Wu Youdao choked his neck. Xuan Yi arrived and rescued Dean Fang.

Xuan Yi struggled with Wu Youdao. Jun Linyuan and the others were still in the secret road. They walked to a woman who lived here. They guessed that this was Sima Yunniang’s room. Feng Wu knew that Sima Yunniang left Wu Youdao’s letter.

The people in Junwu Academy were fighting with Wu Youdao, but Wu Youdao ate the spirit pill. They were not opponents, and they were all injured.

Yu Mingye also shot, but he was not an opponent either, and Wu Youdao was choking his neck. Feng Wu arrived and told him to stop, saying that she had brought Sima Yunniang’s letter, Wu Youdao was unconscious, Feng Wu and the others risked sending Sima Yunniang’s letter to Wu Youdao.

Wu Youdao didn’t continue to go crazy, he vomited blood and fell to the ground, reading Sima Yunniang’s letter. Wu Youdao was dying. He said he knew where Feng Wu was looking for, and he quietly told Feng Wu. Wu Youdao died after speaking. Feng Wu was very sad and said that she would definitely save him. Old man Bar came and said that Wu Youdao was out of help.

This was Wu Youdao’s wish. Let him go safely. Feng Wu said that she had something to say to Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu said I’m sorry, she was not the real Feng Wu, she did not belong here, she appeared here inexplicably. Jun Linyuan said that he also felt that Feng Wu was different from before, but he was very happy for Feng Wu to tell him this and could face it with her. Jun Linyuan said that the person he likes is the phoenix dance in the frozen forest, the phoenix dance that turns them around.

The old man ate the pill for the sage and said that he would get better if he took a good rest. The Queen asked Old Man Ba ​​to teach students at Junwu College, but Old Man Ba ​​refused, saying that he was going to go back after a meeting with his little friends. Shengjun asked who Old Man Bar was, and Old Man Bar said it was the little girl Feng Wu. The old man bid farewell to the sage, and the queen asked the sage to rest early.

Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan followed Old Man Ba ​​to pay homage to Wu Youdao and the others, and Dean Fang also came. Dean Fang asked Old Man Ba ​​Shengjun how was he, and Old Man Ba ​​persuaded that the pill was no problem. The old man asked someone about the rumor that someone had murdered the holy monarch. He didn’t know if it was true or not. Dean Fang said there was no conclusion. Old man Bar said that he should return to the border early so that Feng Wu had time to go back and see him.

Zuo Qingluan told the Empress what she had overheard, and Feng Wu had become the biggest variable when she said that. And Feng Wu knew that Zuo Qingluan had robbed her of her Phoenix blood, so she had to get rid of Feng Wu as soon as possible. Zuo Qingluan said that Feng Wu is protected by Jun Linyuan, and her spiritual power is growing day by day, it is not easy to kill her. The Holy Queen said that she wanted more powerful power, so that Phoenix’s true blood could blend with her, and she could defeat Feng Wu.

Demon Venerable appeared beside them, and the Saint Queen said that Zuo Qingluan could ask Demon Venerable to give her what he wanted, but it was up to her to accept it. According to Wu Youdao’s statement, Feng Wu went to find the star fragments, and they were only one piece of star fragments to awaken Mu Jiuzhou.

Zuo Qingluan was accepting the power that Demon Venerable gave her, and Demon Venerable came in and said that the person would let her pass.

Huang Li was waiting for Feng Wu and told Feng Wu that she was imprisoned because of her testimony. She was sorry. Feng Wu said that she might have read it wrong. Huang Li said that she really didn’t read it wrong, and called her name at the time, and Feng Wu responded to her. Feng Wu thought this matter was a bit strange.