Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 21

Episode 21 / Episodul 21

Dean Fang and the others were summoned by the Queen, and they went to the Queen.

Feng Wu wanted to go to the library to read a book. He carried things into the library and wanted to find Wu Youdao. But when he walked in, he found Dean Ning lying on the ground with blood on his chest, Feng Wu shouted, wanting someone to come over. The patrollers heard Feng Wu’s voice and went to the library.

They saw that Dean Ning was dead. They suspected that Feng Wu had come, and they were taken away. They interrogated Feng Wu, saying that someone saw Feng Wu haunting the library an hour ago. Feng Wu said that it was slander, so she confronted her. The person said that Feng Wu appeared near the library, and Galway let her go down. Gaowei said that after everything is clear, it will be handed over to the college for investigation.

Zuo Qingluan told the Empress that when she arrived at the library, Dean Ning was already dead. Originally, she just wanted to follow up and take a look, but she didn’t expect that someone had already started. Feng Wu went to the library now, and now she can’t argue with her. The Queen asked Zuo Qingluan to accompany Jun Linyuan and stare at Jun Linyuan so as not to let him ruin her good deeds. Zuo Qingluan told Jun Linyuan about Fengwu, but Jun Linyuan didn’t believe it at all.

But Zuo Qingluan said that when Feng Wu competed with her before, she also exerted tremendous spiritual power, so it is not certain that Feng Wu has a conspiracy behind it. Jun Linyuan wanted to see Feng Wu, but Gao Wei stopped him, saying that the queen would not allow him to leave.

Feng Xun did not believe that Feng Wu killed Dean Ning, and Yu Mingye heard outside the door where Feng Wu was locked up.

Yu Mingye stunned the guards, rescued Feng Wu, and wanted her to leave the place. Feng Wu said that she was even more confused when she left here. She asked Yu Mingye to find Jun Linyuan, and only the two of them could find a way to save her.

Yu Mingye went to Junwu Temple to find Jun Linyuan, and Gaowei wanted to take Yu Mingye. At this time, Shengjun woke up and said to Jun Linyuan that Yu Mingye was a friend. Shengjun said that there is nothing serious about his body, so let Jun Linyuan rest assured.

Jun Linyuan asked him what plans he had, and Yu Mingye said that he needed the cooperation of Jun Linyuan.

A guard sent a message to the people in the academy saying that Dean Ning had been rescued and he was recovering from his injuries. They asked them not to disturb Dean Ning. The murderer now wore a black cloak and walked into the room, and then stabbed the person on the bed with a knife, but he did not expect that there was no one inside.

Jun Lin and Yu Ming Ye also came out, they surrounded the man in black, Yu Ming Ye discovered that it was the trick of the dark night Youting, this person used many sects. They broke the cloak of the man in black and discovered that it was Wu Youdao. Gao Wei came over, but was kidnapped by Wu Youdao. Wu Youdao also admitted that he was the one who killed Dean Ning. Wu Youdao asked Feng Wu to see him, and he had something to say to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu entered the library, and King’s Landing also entered with Feng Wu. Feng Wu asked Wu Youdao what was going on. Wu Youdao said that it was Dean Ning who had killed him because Sima Yunniang died in Junwu Academy. Wu Youdao said that Feng Wu was the heir of Jiuzhou, and Feng Wu knew that Wu Youdao had known it a long time ago. Wu Youdao said that they would not hurt the two of them and trap them. Wu Youdao walked out alone, saying that he would destroy Junwu Academy.

Gaowei let his subordinates go, but he was not his opponent.  Feng Wu and the others wanted to find an exit, and King’s Landing asked her if she was really Mu Jiuzhou’s apprentice. All she did was to awaken Mu Jiuzhou. Feng Wu said that she had thought about telling Jun Linyuan, but she was afraid that she could not explain clearly. Jun Linyuan said that now is the only way to wake up Mu Jiuzhou, and he will definitely help Feng Wu wake up Mu Jiuzhou. Feng Wu finally found the mechanism.