Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 14 Recap

Xu Jin brought people to the sky above Mengshan Yixiantian. There was the smell of sulphur and saltpetre, as well as blood-stained stones. There were also cloth corners on Dong Fangli’s clothes. This can only explain one thing. He is here. Fighting with people may be to save Xu Jin. With blood on the clothes corners, Dong Wen was taken into captivity, Xu Jin told the emperor, but the emperor only paid attention to the stolen goods. If Xu Jin could find out first, perhaps Dong Fangli would not die.

Sitting in front of Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong couldn’t figure out why Dong Fangli got into the gold mine, and why he died without knowing it. Liu Ruyi hugged her, Fu Rong was puzzled and Liu Ruyi had a share. What kind of person is Master? Is it really just a businessman as she said to herself? It is impossible. There is a Ruyi pattern unique to Ruyilou in the book case box in Dong’s house, and the death of Dong Fangli is also related to Ruyilou.

Fu Rong and Wang An went fishing, but he didn’t expect him to feel concealed by people close to him. Wang An said there are only two ways to do this, wait or force.

The sun on this day is very hot, and everyone is a little irritable. Fu Xuan and Baozhu were strolling in the street. Wu Baiqi saw her and came forward, asking her to be Feng Laiyi’s accountant. Knowing that Fu Xuan would definitely refuse, Wu Baiqi said the truth. Wu Baiqi has a close relationship with Fu Xuan’s personality. She is not constrained by the love of her children. She was also delighted when the paintings were praised. In time, the famous female accountant in Hengjing must have her. Fu Xuan didn’t like this kind of speculation, and he would leave after two warnings.

As soon as Wang An sent Fu Rong to the front of the house, King Su came. She was given a pattern, which was the Ruyilou Ruyi pattern that appeared in the Qi Ce and Dong Fangli incidents.

Suddenly it got dark and a solar eclipse fell. The people on the street didn’t know, they were frightened to flee. The crowd rushed away from Fu Xuan and the maid hugging the bamboo, and another gangster took advantage of the chaos and snatched her purse. Wu Bai kicked him into the air. Several purses fell in front of him, and Wu Bai picked up the purse and returned it to Fu Xuan. The heroic saving of the United States was fermenting in Wu Baiqi’s heart. After Fu Xuan thanked him, he said that his violent solution to the problem was wrong, and Wu Baiqi was poured cold water. Suddenly behind him, a gangster was knocking on the gong, and Fu Xuan was scared to shrink into Wu Baiqi’s arms. Now Wu Baiqi was beautiful again.

Fu Rong scolded Xu Jin’s pig head in the dark, but the gong hitting them struck the sky, and Fu Rong couldn’t hear Xu Jin loudly. Fu Rong snatched the gongs and drums in a fit of anger, and he slammed the gongs to cover his ears, and the sky was also struck bright. It’s nothing more than to come to Nuwa to live again.

Fu Xuan continued to ask for her purse, Wu Baiqi gave her money, and even bought it as his own.

Fu Rong and Xu Jin went back to the topic again. The Ruyi ornamentation, Qi Ce and Dong Fangli were all used by Ruyi Tower. Xu Jin can wait for that bracelet, and when she is willing to tell him the truth, he believes in Fu Rong.

In the early dynasty, the omen of Tengu eclipse day was about to be discussed, and the report was urgently sent. Due to the collapse of Mount Tai, Jichang City was damaged and the Shili Yuhua Pavilion and the Yamashita Hongfu Temple were damaged. King An came to see the emperor, implying that he should have been wronged at Hongfu Temple in Jichang City, but the emperor didn’t mention it if he wanted to cover it up, he wanted to cover up for Xu Jin. Up to now, the emperor has not forgotten to protect his son.

Fu Rong went to Liu Ruyi again, and asked directly what the ornamentation on the bracelet really meant, why both Qi Ce and Dong Fangli were related to this ornamentation, and what Liu Ruyi could not tell her. Just ask Fu Rong to put the bracelet away, and admit nothing else.

Liu Ruyi visited Shushui Xiaozhu late at night. Last time, Wang An told her that the explosives were only used to blow up the inscriptions. As a result, Mount Tai collapsed, Hongfu Temple suffered, and Shili Long Pavilion was destroyed. Wang An said this was probably a stupid thing done by Jichang Cheng Shang Kaiyang. After this time, Liu Ruyi will never cooperate with Wang An, and Wang will continue to communicate with Shang Kaiyang in the name of Mr. Liu.

In the court hall, the emperor ordered the king to go to the imperial mausoleum, the king Su to investigate in Jichang City, and the king to pray for blessings in the Taimiao.

Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower again, but he hesitated not to enter. Liu Ruyi refused to tell her about the bracelet. What else should she say when she comes back to find her. Suddenly, Liu Ruyi quietly went out carrying the package, set the carriage to the direction of Jichang City, and Fu Rong hurriedly followed. When I was about to leave, I met Wu Baiqi who was patrolling, and asked him to bring news to the home, saying that she and Liu Ruyi were going to Yunluo Temple.

In the palace, Qi Zhu met Wang Huai, and both were polite. The Lord Xihe came out again to say cold words, Qi Zhu was not upset, and he turned three turns, deceiving the Lord Xihe to see King Su in Jichang City.

As soon as Xu Jin arrived in Jichang City, the prefect Shang Kaiyang prepared warm wine and delicacies, but Xu Jin didn’t eat this set, and Shang Kaiyang didn’t flatter him at all. But Mr. Liu said that Xu Jin loves wine and lust. Perhaps Su Wang has seen too many beautiful women, so he is looking for some mortal women, perhaps Su Wang will like it.

Fu Xuan specially ran to Jin Yiwei today. According to Fu Rong’s temper, how could he go to Yunluo Temple’s ascetic practice place, things are strange. Wu Baiqi found a reason, and they went to Yunluo Temple together.

Liu Ruyi sneaked into Shang Kaiyang’s mansion and happened to hear him and his men talking about Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu has been passing news to him, corresponding to the fried inscriptions, Yuhuating and Hongfu Temple. It is Liu Xian’s life that they secretly exchanged Yuhuating stone during the solar eclipse. Wang An indeed moved his hands and feet behind his back.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 13 Recap

The Golden Gun took it, and Captain Zhaowu deserved it. Amidst the crowd applauding, Wu Baiqi seemed to have caught a glimpse of Fu Xuan. When he could get closer, Fu Xuan was missing again, and Wu Baiqi was a little lost.

When Fu Rong was dressing up today, her mother came to deliberate for her and chose a bright hairpin for her. She said that Mrs. Yao’s family would come to a banquet today. Isn’t it necessary to give him a blind date? I immediately figured it out and smiled knowingly.

There was a banquet in the main hall. When Fu Pinyan was in Xuancheng, he was often urged by Mr. Yao. Now Yao Jun, the son of Mr. Yao’s family, has grown up. Instead of asking Fu Xuan, he only called Fu Rong. Fu Rong got tired. During his father’s toasting, he secretly held a small gadget in his hand. There was a sound of farting. Everyone was embarrassed. Fu Rong followed the situation and said that his stomach hurts, so he slipped out of the house to buy dates and eat.

When he came out, he found Xu Jin dressed in coarse cloth and linen with a carriage, and Dong Fangli asked him to go to Mengshan. To avoid Fu Fu Jia Ding, Fu Rong licked his face and wanted to go together. Mengshan has a ray of sky, and there are open woods, the sun is good, and the air is fresh. Running out into the wilderness like this, Fu Rong is not afraid of being scolded by his parents? Unexpectedly, when Xu Jin asked, Fu Rong found a good excuse without even thinking about it. It was Xu Jin who came here.

Fu Rong couldn’t wait to hang himself on Xu Jin. When he came to a ray of sky, suddenly the rocks fell from above. Xu Jin hurried to protect Fu Rong and ran to an empty cave with dripping water dripping around the cliff wall.

Xu Jin removed her clothes, and Fu Rong treated her bruises just now. This body was seen in the Jinyiweiying faintly at that time. Now Xu Jin is shirtless, and Fu Rong comforted her to have seen it.

It’s strange to say that there was a loud noise in the chaos of the sky, and now they are all in the valley, and there is no movement. Going forward is a cliff, backward is a rock, a stone between the trance reflects light, bright and dazzling. Unexpectedly, this Mengshan is actually a gold mine, and the gold mine is owned by the country. If anyone pays attention to this gold mine, it is not surprising. But Dong Fangli is definitely not a greedy person, there must be some difficulties in attracting him.

Knowing that Fu Rong was missing, Fu Pinyan almost cried the maid Lan Xiang. Fu Xuan hurriedly took her to the Ruyi Tower to ask. Who knew Liu Ruyi didn’t know where Fu Rong was going. After concealing the information from Fu Mansion, Liu Ru thought for a moment. The friend from Ruyilou heard that Fu Rong got on a carriage set by a son, son, is it Wang An?

The lord of Xihe County came to Suwang’s Mansion, but was unable to find anyone, so he yelled at the door in a hurry, making everyone know that Xu Jin was missing, and the punishment was heard in the dark. Everyone in King Su’s Mansion was troubled by the quarrel with the Lord Xihe. Xu Jia returned and said Xu Jin had left a message. If he couldn’t find him, he would go to the desk and look for it. There was a drawing that was exactly where he went.

Xu Jin thought, he was really a broom star like Fu Rong said. He used to go to Hongfu Temple to pray and overturned the candlestick and caused a big fire; now he is trapped here again with Fu Rong, whoever gets close to him seems to have to Unlucky. Fu Rong disagreed and said a lot of auspicious words. After she was born, her father was promoted, her mother had a younger brother, and she had a master like Liu Ruyi, so she was also a little lucky star. So she caught Xu Jin’s hand and divided her good fortune into Xu Jin’s half.

At night, the two of them slept together with their clothes. They were still Xu Jin’s coat. The bonfire was red, and Fu Rong leaned on Xu Jin’s shoulders and his eyebrows were slightly closed.

Princess Xihe followed a group of people on a ray of sky. As soon as King Su came out, she was very happy, but when she saw Fu Rong behind Xu Jin, her face instantly changed. Liu Ruyi and Fu Xuan also came in a carriage. Hearing that the chief of Xihe County was mean to Fu’s family, Fu Xuan hadn’t spoken to each other. Wu Baiqi was the first to choke and choked the Xihe County host.

On the carriage back home, Fu Xuan asked why Fu Rong was with King Su. Can she say that all this is a coincidence? But that bracelet, and how did Liu Ruyi suddenly find it here, Fu Rong tapped and asked, Liu Ruyi only did not hear the words of comfort.

In the palace, Dong Fangli was taken to Xu Mao with bruises. Because of the Mengshan incident, Xu Jin had entered the first-line sky. As long as he set all the explosives on fire, he didn’t worry about not dying inside. Dong Fangli suddenly turned to stop, but failed to assassinate his men. King Cheng digs a gold mine privately. This event will surely alarm the emperor. It is better to take this opportunity to threaten Dong Wen and force Dong Fangli to take responsibility.

Xu Jin found that Dong Wen was missing, and realized that someone might use Dong Wen to threaten Dong Fangli, and sent Xu Jia to check.

Dong Fangli was playing with Dong Wen. When he was tired of playing, he coaxed him to sleep. When he patted and looked closely, Lao Lei silently rolled in his eyes.

Sure enough, the next morning, when the emperor asked about Mengshan, Dong Fangli decided to take off his official hat, and apologized by hitting the post.

Now that the matter of Mengshan is revealed, Xu Mao handed over the gold mine to Ruyilou. Wang An again accepted the gold mine through Ruyilou, but he didn’t say anything about it, and Dong Fangli’s death, Liu Ruyi also felt strange. If it weren’t for someone to help the troubled water fish, Dong Fangli would not die. Sending away Liu Ruyi, Wen Xing said that all of Ruyi Tower obeyed a token. Liu Ruyi is now in charge of the token. If Wang An can get the token, it would be easy to replace Liu Ruyi with it.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 12 Recap

Looking for the coachman to describe Xu Jin and Fu Rong’s arrival in a cave in the deserted suburbs, there were still sulphur powder and saltpetre chips scattered on the ground. It seems that the sulphur and saltpeter were transported here as expected.

Sitting in the carriage back to the capital, Fu Guan wanted to eat candied haws, Xu Jin got out of the carriage to buy them, just in time for Dong Fangli. Fu Guan originally watched Xu Jin buying candied haws through the window, but he withdrew when he saw Dong Fangli. The uncle who gave him the candies was Dong Fangli.

Dong Wen’s illness got better day by day. Xu Jin went to visit the mansion. When talking about counting the imperial treasury, Dong Fangli’s hand was stuck in the air. After leaving the mansion, Xu Jin ordered someone to release the news that the valley in the wild had been unintentionally discovered, to see who used it behind Dong Fangli.

Xu Jia stared secretly for a few days, and saw Dong Fangli transporting the sulfur and saltpeter from the wild valley to a rice warehouse in Hongcun. Xu Jin ordered the soldiers to stand still and watch their next move.

Wu Baiqi has been more diligent in martial arts practice recently. He keeps his swords and guns all day long, almost crazy. Xu Jin gave him a wooden spear, and he should practice martial arts moderately. Now he is giving him a wooden spear. I hope he can be given a golden spear on the day of selection.

In Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong was studying new patterns. Master Liu Ruyi came in, looked at the shallow scar on her forehead, and painted her with flowers. During the period, Fu Rong asked about Hongcun. Liu Ruyi said that he had never been to the Ruyi Building. About the bracelet, this is something Liu Ruyi made, unique in the world. Finally, he instructed Fu Rong not to get too close to the royal family of King An.

A heavy rain came suddenly, Xu Jin hid under the eaves in front of Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong served her ginger tea, and comforted Xu Jin with a few words. Xu Jin suddenly realized that something about Dong Fangli might Can be put to death and live. In a hurry to leave, Fu Rong gave him the umbrella. This was the umbrella Xu Jin quietly placed in front of the door. Now it has returned to its original owner. Since Xu Jin left the umbrella at the door, so must the cool ointment and food. Xu Jin really has been watching her in obscurity and worrying about her.

In the morning, the king came to Fu Mansion to look for Fu Rong, and saw the flower tin in her forehead, and praised it for its beauty, not to mention the flaws in the jade. Seeing that she was in a good mood, I asked because Xu Jin might have thought of a solution to Dong Fangli’s affairs. Wang An only nodded, and met Fu Pinyan and his wife when he was out of the house. Fu Pinyan showed that Fu Rong and Wang An did not match. I hope An Wang understands.

The wife wondered why Fu Pinyan was anxious to reject King An’s kindness, but in fact, compared to the full-brows of the whole mansion, Fu Pinyan hoped that Fu Rong would be safe and happy. If he was involved in the royal family, he would have to fight without fighting, and there would be no peace.

Fu Rong and Fu Xuan chatted in the courtyard. One wants to be a good match for Xiaohouye Wu Baiqi, and one who is not a concubine will become Princess An. The two sisters tease each other and chase them in the entire mansion.

Xu Jin asked Dong Fangli to speak out about the sulphur and saltpetre, but Dong Fangli refused to say who was instructed behind him, and only said that he would deceive the person behind him. No matter what, Xu Jin didn’t have to tolerate it.

Wang An sent a letter to Cheng Wang, and Dong Fangli changed. At the Dong’s Mansion, King An came to visit and held Dong Wen and threatened Dong Fangli. He was pitiful for his great fame until the end he was so compelling to be controlled by others.

After the evaluation of the school lieutenant Jin Yi Wei Zhaowu, only eight people remained after the selection, and the last evaluation began. From mind to martial arts level after level of test, to the final level.

As long as you get the blueprint according to the clues, you will win. But at this time, an old man flew across the road. He was old and thin, and was beaten by a villain. The old man was begging for mercy and was busy protecting himself, but the perpetrator was young, strong and strong, behind him. Several soldiers who participated in the selection took the opportunity to take the lead. Wu Bai hesitated and couldn’t help but beat the brawny man with three punches and two legs.

When others shouted to get the drawing, the firework in the old man’s hand was set off. Xu Jin said that the smoke in the sky means that someone has won, and he has won. To be a soldier at war requires not only a mind and skill, but also a benevolent heart to be worthy of the title of Captain Zhaowu. The red golden gun was officially transferred from Xu Jin to Wu Baiqi’s hands.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 11 Recap

Wu Baiqi swayed in the street and unknowingly came to Ruyi Tower, thinking that he could see Fu Xuan and went in. It happened to be Fu Xuan and his maid Gu Yuan. Speaking of Wu Baiqi, he looked like a bad person without learning and skill. In fact, he was kind and righteous in his heart. If he worked hard and worked hard, he might become a good general.

Xu Jin went to the street to inquire about Dong Fangli’s whereabouts. Fu Rong followed him, calling him the prince, for fear that everyone would not know who he was. Fu Rong took a fancy to a sachet, suffering from no money, Xu Jin bought all the sachets from the vendor. Whenever I met someone, I asked if I had seen Dong Fangli. A coachman had a beard similar to Dong Fangli. Xu Jin asked him to find no results. He sent a sachet to continue inquiring. Fu Rong was holding a large sachet. There is not much left.

When it was time for dinner, the two of them came to a store and ordered the food. The guy asked what he had to avoid. Fu Rong didn’t even want to tell him not to eat ginger and garlic. Xu Jin was surprised. How did she know he didn’t eat ginger and garlic. It’s different to who Xu Jin is looking for. Fu Rong said. If you don’t say it, you don’t want to say. Every time you know about him, Fu Rong is unlucky. It’s better not to know. Xu Jin asked Fu Rong to put away her yin and yang strangeness.

The streets at night are more lively than during the day. There are lanterns everywhere. People pray through lanterns. It is said that the higher the lanterns, the better. Suddenly Xu Jin saw a figure walking by, much like Dong Fangli, she told Fu Rong to rush to catch up. Fu Rong also saw a figure in the distance that looked like Master Liu Ruyi, helplessly crowded, and lost after two steps. The person like Dong Fangli was not Dong Fangli. In desperation, Xu Jin saw the lantern on the small stall and brought two lamps to Fu Rong. Fu Rong took the lantern and Xu Jin jumped up and flew onto the tallest lantern stand. He was afraid that Fu Rong would fall down, so his hand kept tightly around Fu Rong’s waist, and Fu Rong yelled that it was taking advantage of her. Xu Jin pretended to be helpless and let go. Fu Rong lost his balance and quickly grabbed Xu Jin’s arm. It was Xu Jin’s turn to accuse her of taking advantage.

Hanging the lanterns facing each other, the bright moon is shining, you can’t spit, hanging high in the sky, is a sea of ​​lanterns, they exude warm light, float slowly to the sky, standing in such a star point, make people feel the world. All are gentle.

Fu Guan went out to play and lost today. Fortunately, Miao Ling got it back in time. Fu Rong came back and touched his face. It was a bit hot. He criticized Fu Guan without paying attention. He gave him medicine first. Xu Jin didn’t mention Fu Guan, so he gave him two sachets, one of which was the one Fu Rong liked today.

Before going to bed, Fu Rong gave Fu Guan some medicine, and the child drank some naughty coaxing. In order to calm his sister, Fu Guan took out a candy from a small bag and gave it to Fu Rong. Fu Rong teased him for being naive but ate it. Then Fu Guan gave him a sachet which was bought by Xu Jin in the day. That, needless to say, it was given by Xu Jin, and Fu Rong accepted it. He also instructed Fu Guan not to take other people’s things casually. Fu Guan looked at his sugar bag anxiously for a long time.

As soon as Fu Rong came out, Xu Jin knew it was her without even looking. The smell of the sachet was easy to recognize. Fu Rong said that he had lost the sachet, and Xu Jin’s face was unhappy and fleeting. In the small courtyard, the two of them were drinking and chatting, and Fu Rongjing Xu Jinjiu, hoping that he would never have anything wrong. Xu Jin wondered why Fu Rong always felt that something would happen to him and always said he was going to die early.

Speaking, Fu Rong began to fight with Xu Jin for drinking. In the end, Xu Jin was half drunk and half awake. Fu Rong was unconscious of the nonsense. Xu Jin hugged her back to the bed. She was still muttering the silly things she didn’t want to die. And there was the sachet she liked right next to the pillow. Xu Jin took the sachet and looked at it and chuckled openly.

When Xu Jin woke up the next day, he had already left, and Fu Rong’s dizziness had not been relieved. Miao Ling hurried to say that Fu Guan had chickenpox. The doctor looked at it and was helpless. Fu Guan’s chickenpox seemed to be different from ordinary chickenpox, and the onslaught could not be restrained. To make matters worse, Fu Guan just had chickenpox on his front feet, and a chickenpox appeared on Fu Rong’s forehead on his back feet. In order to prevent more people from spreading the infection, Fu Rong sent back all the maids and servants and left alone to take care of Fu Guan.

Xu Jin went to the street to meet with Xu Jia and Mr. Ge. He saw that the coachman, who was still dressed in coarse linen yesterday, entered the restaurant cleanly today. He chased up and asked, it turns out that the coachman took a big business to send jewelry out of the city last night, but since it is jewelry , Why should it be transported to the wilderness.

After asking the coachman, Xu Jin saw that the maid Lanxiang set up a carriage by herself and was going back to Beijing. Only then did he learn that Fu Rong Fu had an accident. I took Mr. Ge Chuan straight to Biezhuang, and got his pulse by Ge Chuan. Fu Guan was not suffering from chickenpox but was infected with the three-day blight. The child was weak and the reaction was obvious, and Fu Rong had milder symptoms. Ge Chuan quickly prescribed the prescription, and within a few days, the crisis could be turned into peace.

Today Xu Jin rescued him, and Fu Rong, a great kindness, was unforgettable. In the future, Xu Jin would catch her no matter how much she doubted her. But Xu Jin suspected her with a bracelet alone, it didn’t make sense. Xu Jin told her that the ornamentation on Qi Ce’s letter was the same as the ornamentation on the bracelet. Fu Rong remembered that Hua Dengye seemed to have seen Liu Ruyi, but was not convinced. Fu Rong had long dreamed that Fu Guan would have chickenpox, so she brought a lot of medicinal materials to Hongcun Biezhuang, Miao Ling took Fu Guan to a crowded place and she was so anxious. Of course, I also dreamed that Xu Jin died early, so when she was drunk, Xu Jin would hear her say that she would die early. Fu Rong hurriedly got up and saluted, repaying Xu Jin’s kindness by acting as a cow and a horse in the next life, and praying for him in the Hall of Longevity at Yunluo Temple.

Two days in the past, Fu Rong had chickenpox scabs on her forehead. In the dream, she had scars on her forehead, so she painted Huatian. This time she said nothing to leave scars. After taking care of him for two days, Fu Guan Fu Rong finally couldn’t help but lay down beside the bed. Xu Jin rushed to worry about her, and when she saw her resting, he covered her with a layer of clothing. Who knew that Fu Rong suddenly woke up, the cloth rubbed his forehead, and the scab If it fell, there are still scars left.

Fu Guan’s body finally recovered, but who on earth was Fu Guan, Xu Jin told him to think about what happened when he went out and lost with Miao Ling. Fu Guan said that when he saw a lot of large boxes on the carriage, an uncle gave him a bag of sugar and told him not to speak out. The sugar bag was still there, and it contained the sugar that Fu Guan gave Fu Rong to eat.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 10 Recap

With darkness shrouded in front of her eyes, Fu Rong remembered the strange dreams she had had. He was lying in the coffin and no one cared about it. The bloody hands on the walls were full of bright red marks, and she was so scared that she even threw away the arrows. Xu Jin realized that something was wrong and stepped forward and gently placed the arrow in her hand. Fu Rong seemed to suddenly gain confidence and win the game.

Some onlookers were excited and disappointed. Uncle Hou had arrived, and Mrs. Hou took Fu Rong to the doctor. Uncle Ji told Mrs. Hou that Fu Rong was indeed cold, but he also found out that she was of extremely cold constitution and she would become pregnant in the future. Can only give birth to daughters. Now Mrs. Hou, of course, did not recognize the marriage, and found some unpredictable grounds to humiliate Fu Rong. Fu Xuan listened and listened to the outside, and finally came in to theory, and finally Mrs. Hou ordered someone to fetch Fu Jiageng’s post, Fu Rong. Immediately took out Zhang Yan’s Geng Tie, the two exchanged and returned it, Xinduhou and Fu’s family had no affiliation.

Fu Xuan had already known what Fu Rong’s calculations had been after he left the house of Hou, so he retired his marriage. Xu Jin also came out and returned the bracelet to Fu Rong. Fu Rong put it on. The overlapping ends of the bracelet just reflected the pattern of Ruyi Lou. Xu Jin tightened and pinched Fu Rong to question her, frightening Fu Rong. She was not a prisoner. If you are really suspicious, send someone to arrest and torture you.

Fu Pinyan was so angry that his daughter was so angry that he gave up without asking his parents about marriage issues. He wanted to beat Fu Rong when he was angry. Fu Xuan immediately took responsibility and decided to take Fu Rong to Yunluo Temple for repairs. Collect your heart.

What Dong Fangli did was written as a letter and sent to Xu Jin, and the person who sent the letter was not the same group as Ruyilou. The person behind this must be to pull Xu Jin and Dong Fangli into the water. Xu Jin saw the Ruyi pattern on Fu Rong’s bracelet today, but he didn’t catch it for interrogation or the urge to doubt. The reason was only to ask himself.

At the Dong Fangli Mansion, the doctor sighed and Dong Fangli sighed. The youngest son Dong Wen is really in a bad condition. If he can’t find the green sky sunflower and live Lüchong, he is hopeless.

Soothing Dong Wen and returning to the study, the original poster of Ruyi Lou had been waiting for a long time and asked him to go to the palace in three days. Step by step and wrong step are controlled by others. If the sulfur he releases explodes, if the people are injured, Dong Fangli is a sinner through the ages. He had to go, to become a canine tooth.

Wu Baiqi hugged a raccoon slave and came to the lake to tease Fu Xuan. He put down the raccoon slave and said nothing. He turned around and found that the raccoon slave was missing. So the two of them hadn’t quarreled yet, they only diverted their heads to find them.

When Dong Fangli went to Cheng Wang Xu Mao’s house, he felt a thousand reluctances in his heart, and Cheng Wang was able to cooperate with such a person at ease. The sulphur had been transported out by Dong Fangli’s hands, but it was still not enough saltpeter, sulphur mixed with saltpeter, God knew what Cheng Wang wanted to do, but since he got on the thief ship, there was no innocence at all. Dong Fangli had no choice but to be threatened.

Liu Ruyi looked through the news about Dong Fangli in the secret room and learned that Dong Wen’s illness needed rare medicinal materials, and ordered his men to send the two medicinal materials to the Dong’s mansion.

The walls of Yunluo Temple couldn’t close Fu Rong. She had already been walking around. An Wang’s small attendant suddenly appeared. They watched a shadow puppet show together. They were one person for the rest of their lives. Fu Rong was a wonderful place for love. Moved, I made an appointment with Wang An to watch the shadow puppet show tomorrow.

It was dark, and Fu Xuan was still worried about the little raccoon slave. He carried the lantern and went to the woods to look for it. The candlelight burned so dimly that he couldn’t see, but he happened to run into Wu Baiqi who was also looking for a raccoon slave. He heard that there was a raccoon slave. Called, looking for reputation is just a white little thing.

The next day, Wang An took the playbook he had written and asked the boss to play it today, but Fu Rong did not come when the story started until the end. Wen Xing came up to report that the two girls of the Fu family had left Yunluo Temple early in the morning. Fu Rong didn’t stay in the house for long, so he took his brother Fu Guan to Hongcun Biezhuang

Mr. Shushui is looking for Ruyi Lou for something, and at the moment he is waiting for the host to visit in Xiaozhu. He takes off his mask to show his sincerity. Ruyi Lou asks him to wait for good news. But when he asked about Fu Rong suddenly, the host had obviously changed his expression and still answered that he had never heard of it. How can An Wang be such a fool, Liu Ruyi, the treasurer of Ruyi Yinlou, is the owner of Jianghu Ruyilou.

Knowing that Dong Fangli had been running to Hongcun recently, Xu Jin also chased after him. The big bags in Hongcun Biezhuang were transported. Fu Rong was lying on the couch. Recently, he had nightmares all night long. If you can take a break, let’s take a break. Unexpectedly, his younger brother Fu Guan shouted that he was going to see the geese. Fu Rong had to take him into a group of geese in the forest. The geese looked gentle and lovely, but it was really scary to chase them after their brother and sister. Fu Rong held the little goose cubs in his hand, it would be strange if he didn’t chase them.

Suddenly the sound of two branches stroking, the geese behind him were driven aside, Xu Jin temporarily kept the two siblings safe, released the goose, Fu Guan pulled Xu Jin’s clothes pendulum to be grateful, Xu Jin kindly looked at Fu Official, but when my sister spoke, Xu Jin looked at Fu Rong, his face instantly turned from sunny to cloudy.

Because he was afraid of being chased by the goose, Fu Rong made up a suspicious accusation that Xu Jin sent her back to Bezhuang. When it arrived, Xu Jin took the initiative to suspect Fu Rong again. In case she confided to the enemy, Fu Rong followed him all the time. This plan was exactly what Xu Jin wanted.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 9 Recap

After boarding the Qi Mansion, which was once again covered with red silk, Qi Zhu saw that Fu Rong was no longer close. She didn’t even understand why Fu Rong would come.

At this time, the Lord Xihe came, it turned out that she had invited Qi Zhu’s Jinlan sisters on behalf of Qi Zhu. And Fu Rong saw that the Xihe County lord was the same person as the imposing princess in the dream. He did not know where he picked a headdress. After putting it on her hairpin, he also told Qizhu Mountain Chicken. Being able to be a phoenix, Fu Rong threw back the headdress that Princess Xihe gave her.

Fu Rong wandered around the Qi mansion boringly, and met her little attendant. The minister behind him respectfully called him His Royal Highness An Wang. This time Fu Rong knew that her little attendant was not only Mr. Shushui or An Wang. This is too much of a face. After sending An Wang away, she came under a jujube tree. Before, Qi Zhu liked jujube the most. He often played dates with her. If he got a headache, Fu Rong would call more for her. Vent.

So she jumped up and wanted to pick some and give it to Qi Zhu, but the tree was too high, and she didn’t even notice her ear beads if she accidentally dropped it. Xu Jin just came to the courtyard and saw Fu Rong jumping under the jujube tree. He picked up the stone and flew out to the jujube tree and landed on the ground.

Fu Rong happily held the dates, but heard not far away that Mrs. Qi Jia was criticizing Qi Zhu again, forcing him to marry, and squeezing out the last trace of Qi Zhu’s value. Fu Rong hurriedly went up and quarreled away the lady, and gave Qi Zhu a bunch of green dates. Who knew that Qi Zhu knocked down and left. Sad and helpless, Fu Rong stepped on the round dates, dislocating his feet.

Qi Zhu ran away in a hurry and accidentally ran into Wang Huai. The Lord Xihe saw the exit and was ridiculing. Qi Zhu really didn’t pick Pan Gaozhi. Wang Huai explained in a polite manner that it was he who pretended to be Qi Zhu abruptly. It was not that Qi Zhu was rude, and then let the lord of Xihe County go to Su Wang Xu Jin. She only had Xu Jin in her eyes.

Seeing Fu Rong’s feet, Xu Jin appeared from the corner and hugged her horizontally, gently placed it on the side of the corridor, took off her shoes to fix her bones, Xihe County Lord rushed to see this scene, and then left in anger.

Wang An also came under the jujube tree, picked up the ear beads, immediately recognized that it was Fu Rong’s thing, and smiled faintly.

In the evening, Fu Rong received two things, one of which was a Chinese boiled wine, which should have been prepared by Xu Jin; the other was her ear beads, with a note attached, which naturally belonged to Wang An and asked her to go fishing with her.

The bracelet was finally repaired by Liu Ruyi. Fu Rong took it to go fishing with the little escort. After talking about love, Wang An noticed that the pattern on Fu Rong’s bracelet was exactly the same as the pattern on the letter paper of Ruyi Lou. When asked, Fu Rong said that this was the effort of her master Liu Ruyi, and Wang An was silent for a moment.

Wu Bai went to Yunluo Temple to pray for his deceased mother. He saw Fu Xuan walking by with a bucket and followed all the way to the lake. Fu Xuan turned around and saw Wu Baiqi’s figure frightened. Wu Baiqi hurriedly supported him. However, the stone was slippery and could not stand firmly. The two threw one by one into the lake. Wu Baiqi offended her and picked her up. Set it firmly on the shore.

Wu Baiqi pretended to be as generous as if he had been in a tens of thousands of flowers. In fact, he was nervous to death. Fu Xuan said that this was only an accident, and he would never mention it again. The emperor in a hurry fled, and even immediately left Yunluo Temple, leaving Wu Baiqi to apologize to the monk’s house for a long time, and say something that could be responsible for her.

The Shouyan feast of Xindu Hou was just around the corner. Zhang Yan Shizi sent an invitation to Fu Rong, hoping that he would do well and try to get Xindu Houfu to recognize their marriage. When Fu Rong had a clever move, ghost ideas came to mind. Before going to the Du Hou Mansion, I asked Xiao Qi Xiao Ba to find a highly prestigious doctor.

On this day, guests from the Xindu Hou’s Mansion were in an endless stream. King Su Wang Xu Jin also came to celebrate his birthday, but Cheng Wang unexpectedly did not come. Xu Jin asked about the Xindu Hou Qice. The Xindu Hou was so careless to arrange the reasons for him and Qi Ceze. Clean. Two sisters Fu Xuan and Fu Rong also came to visit. Fu Rong kept coughing. Mrs. Du Hou was not satisfied with the letter she was reading, and ordered someone to invite the doctor’s Jiu Shu for treatment.

The birthday banquet was just around the corner, and the guests gathered in the main hall. Wu Baiqi suddenly came out to disturb the interest. He let go of his side of swinger brother. Xinduhou said, no matter what his bastard is, Xinduhou’s The doors are open for him. Now that he saw that he only had to scroll, making fun of him for relying on Feng Laiyi to make ends meet, Wu Baiqi only felt that he didn’t want to stay in this dirty place for a moment. When he turned around and saw Fu Xuan was there, Wu Baiqi couldn’t help being taken aback, and then he went out.

When Wu Baiqi rushed out and was hit by the steward, Wu Baiqi didn’t say anything about etiquette when he saw him, and asked him to bow his head in salute. Fu Xuan hurriedly helped the old butler, Wu Baiqi anxiously wanted to explain, Fu Xuan didn’t care, he was talking about the Yunluo Temple lake again, Fu Xuan put one hand on the back porch, and locked Wu Baiqi with her. In the middle of the pillar, warned him that he should not mention it again, otherwise he would want him to look good. Wu Bai raised his brows and turned around, pressing her in his arms. Fu Xuan blushed and heartbeat came out of his arms, even if she was married, she would not marry a dude like him.

At the banquet, the host of Xihe County stared at Fu Rong’s bracelet and dialed her bracelet together with her own lottery for the pot throwing competition. The courtyard shot pot game started, and there was a circle of people around. It was not difficult to see that Xihe County Lord and Fu Rong were inseparable, so she asked to cast blindfolded. Even if she didn’t look at Xihe County Lord, every team was hit. Fu Rong immediately Also covered with cloth strips.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 8 Recap

Relying on Fu Rong to find flowers must be lost and hard to find. Mr. Shushui led him all the way down the river. A field of flowers appeared in front of her. She was overjoyed. There was a snake on the tree, and she was about to pounce. Mr. Shushui hurriedly stopped and was unconscious.

Mr. Shushui has been in a state of chaos. He dreamed that his concubine was forced to separate from him. He said that he could see his concubine again by breaking the chess game. But after breaking open, news of the death of the concubine came as if he was with him. A big joke. After waking up from the dream, the panic was undecided, and Mr. Shu Shui turned the crisis into peace, and then Fu Rong left with confidence.

She went back to the Ruyi Tower again and drove her bows to the left and right. The gold that had just melted burned her hands. Someone outside the door sent a refreshing cream. The rain was pouring and she couldn’t get out, so she put an umbrella next to the door. Someone is always paying attention to her and worrying about her.

Concubine Shu’s Guangyang Palace was visited by many people today. Xu Jin arrived and Dong Fangli also came.

 Finally, Fu Rong took the new system to greet Concubine Shu. It is swaying and moving, like the grace of March in Yangchun, named Qingguanghao, and it seems to have a faint fragrance, which Shu Fei likes very much. Concubine Shu wants a reward, and Fu Rong tells her true feelings, and hopes Concubine Shu to forgive Master Liu Ruyi. Who thinks that Concubine Shu didn’t know about this. It was the maid Zhihui who was around her that she was afraid to make her unhappy, and she privately rebuked the set of peony jewelry. It turned out that this was all a misunderstanding. The elder brother Dong Fangli let people go. Not only Fu Rong, but Xu Jin who was hiding behind the curtain also smiled.

Wen Xing bought the stone with the words “Farmer” and placed it in front of King An. The “nong” of the so-called “pumping water farmer” is also thick. He is willing to hold Fu Rong in his palm and take care of it carefully.

After receiving Liu Ruyi from Huangku, Fu Rong and Fu Xuan happily waited outside the door, helping her break the brazier to get rid of bad luck. He just saw Wu Baiqi in the corner.

This time Liu Ruyi’s imprisonment has nothing to do with Wu Baiqi, Fu Xuanliu Come down and apologize to him. Chasing all the way to the street, Fu Xuan apologized sincerely, and Wu Baiqi also prepared an apologize. Last time he misunderstood Fu Xuan’s plagiarism, he specially found the best four treasures of the study to give to Fu Xuan. Rubbing this extraordinary pen, ink, paper and inkstone, Fu Xuan planned to set off to Yunluo Mountain for repairs.

King An used Huang Ze’s two Shudi twelve fans to exchange secrets with Ruyilou. He wanted to find out the truth behind the Hongfu Temple fire. What the Ruyilou said in the letter is not clear, but it is enough to infer that the emperor must have known that Xu Jin set fire to him before he went to the border. The next thing to do is to find the insider of the year, and the pattern of Ruyi Lou appeared after the letter paper was soaked in water.

King An played chess with the emperor. During the chat, he talked about Concubine Wen. Wang Gonggong remembered that there was a period of time when Concubine Wang was not in the palace. It is said that he was going to prepare for Concubine Wen’s funeral. The emperor has been taking care of his younger brother. plus. Unexpectedly, the emperor left after only a few words, not knowing if he was ashamed.

Fu Rong received Qi Zhu’s canonized invitation, made new jewelry for her, and brought her favorite jujube. Fu Rong designed a day’s artwork and prepared a gift for Qi Zhu.

At the Dong Fang Li Mansion, Liu Ruyi disguised himself in black, with a black veil on his face, and placed three Shu Di twelve fans for Dong Fangli. This fan drifted up and down and finally passed into the hands of Ruyi Building, and the things behind the fan could not be separated from Dong Fangli. . The original poster of Ruyi Lou naturally asked him for help when he visited, and Dong Fangli took care of the fans and the things behind them after the incident. If it is revealed, not only will he be famous for his entire life, but also his youngest son, Dong Wen, who is already weak and can handle himself.

Xindu Hou negotiated with Cheng Wang Xu Mao and asked Ruyi House to do things. Even Dong Fangli, who had always been upright, could get the printed ticket for them. It was really a good Ruyi House. Ruyilou worked carefully, and all the customers who came to the door had to send letters to them according to their rules, being cautious and careful. Adhering to the principle of equivalent exchange, Xu Mao has to follow the letter sent by Ruyilou if he wants to continue to cooperate.

The letter said to elaborate on the Huxiao Camp and half of the gold mine. Establishing contacts with Ruyilou, and then slowly infiltrating and managing, where is not the way to make money, Xu Mao agreed. With Dong Fangli’s souvenir, a large amount of sulfur was transported out of nowhere.

Under the leadership of Xu Jin, Jin Yiwei has a whole new look. In order to prevent him from being absent, a school lieutenant Zhaowu must be selected to temporarily lead Jin Yiwei. Wu Baiqi’s hearing is about to move, but the next moment he is flooded with cold water, and his attendance is not qualified. , It is clear that Xu Jin is making things difficult for him.

After An Ran fell asleep, he had a strange dream. In the dream, she was serving tea to a princess. She was too cold when it was hot, and she accidentally splashed Fu Rong’s hand when it was hot. Xu Jin rushed over and the princess complained to him in a charming manner and warned Fu Rong that the pheasant could not be a phoenix.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 7 Recap

Mr. Shu Shui’s mask was taken off, and a face that was years old appeared in front of Fu Rong’s eyes, calling Fu Rong Nongnong. Isn’t this the little attendant who used to float and plant jujube trees with her when she was young? I never thought that the famous Mr. Shushui was Fu Rong’s little attendant.

After returning to Fu Mansion, Gu Yuan, the maidservant of Ruyi Tower, ran anxiously, telling Fu Rong that Liu Ruyi, the treasurer, had been taken into Huangkuxuan.

Huangku said that Ruyilou was disrespectful. The jewelry made for the concubine Shu was actually made of peony flowers. She did not know that the peony that Shu concubine disliked most was the peony, and the jewelry that she wanted in the palace before was customized by Feng Laiyi. If you find Ruyilou, things must be strange.

Fu Xuan asked Wu Baiqi to ask that Concubine Duan was Xiaohouye’s aunt. If Feng Laiyi under her hand had plagiarized the painting last time, it would make sense for Ruyi Lou Zhanzi to join forces, but Wu Baiqi was right about this Things don’t seem to be very clear, and being suspicious for no reason is depressed.

Shizi Zhang Yan also interceded with his mother for Fu Rong, hoping that Concubine Duan could persuade Dong Fangli to make a difference. But Concubine Duan is the younger sister of Xindu Houxian, not the sister of Mrs. Hou Ye, let alone offended Concubine Shu, Dong Fangli is his elder brother, how could she sell her face.

Wu Baiqi went to Duan Concubine’s palace, Duan Concubine also pretended that she didn’t know anything, and the relationship with Shu Concubine was sparse, and she could not help.

Chen Sishi of the Shangfu Bureau went out to the imperial court to see Yushi Dong Fangli. He overtly and secretly suggested that Mr. Dong go to torture to extract a confession from Liu Ruyi, but Mrs. Dong was honest and unwilling.

Turning around, Chen Sishi knelt in front of Concubine Duan to apologize. Dong Fangli didn’t know how to lift up. A whole set of peony headdresses were not enough for Dong Fangli to torture Liu Ruyi. Ruyilou has been robbing Feng Laiyi for business, if Liu Ruyi dies, the three princes will play the book, and the concubine Shu and Su will be implicated, and the concubine will kill two birds with one stone.

Zhang Yan Shizi had no choice but to come back and persuade Fu Rong. Liu Ruyi is just the shopkeeper of the Yinlou, and it is better to stay as far away as possible. But how could Fu Rong buy it? How could he understand that Zhang Yan was really good for her.

Fu Rong stopped Dong Fangli’s carriage on the street and made a petition for Master Liu Ruyi. Now that there is no basis for Dong Fangli’s judgment or release, Fu Rong knelt at the door of Dong’s mansion, kneeling from black to white, and fainted. It was not until Xu Jin approached Dong’s mansion that Fu Rong was temporarily placed in Dong’s mansion.

Persuaded to return to Fu Rong, Xu Jin personally went to Xu Jin to explain that he had brought a wood squirrel for Dong Fangli’s child, Dong Wen, with a lifelike appearance. Dong Wen’s body is weak, and Xu Jin has been searching for two rare medicinal materials for him at the border, but has been to no avail.

Then again, why Concubine Shu hates peony that makes Liu Ruyi commit a taboo. Concubine Shu liked Peony very much earlier, but the queen came one day a day ago and satirized him for being irresponsible and took the young Xu Jin away. As a mother, she was unable to protect her. Since then, Concubine Shu hates her most It’s peony. Liu Ruyi evoked the past and poked at Concubine Shu’s heart, and of course he would be convicted. But Xu Jin thinks that the matter is over, it is better for Xu Ruyilou to make up for it. Wouldn’t everyone be happy. As he was talking, Wu Baiqi also came to see Dong Fangli, and all came, Xu Jin sent him to bring a sentence, to tell Girl Fu that he could find a way to make up for the merits and make a jewelry to give to Concubine Shu. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at Fu’s Mansion, Wu Baiqi said that she was looking for Girl Fu, but she found Fu Chang, Fu Xuan, which was embarrassing.

Fu Rongri thought about it and thought about it all night, every day he revises and revises various books and pictures, and never has a moment.

Mr. Shu Shui came to Ruyi Tower with a bunch of flowers, took off his mask and looked like An Wang, thinking that Fu Rongding couldn’t think of any thoughts, so he brought a bouquet to find inspiration for her. It’s just that Fu Rong drew a pattern and placed the candlestick very close. Wang An reminded her that she also joked that she was not Su Wang Xu Jin.

Xu Jin once told Fu Rong that when he was a child, he was sent to Hongfu Temple, but he accidentally overturned the candlestick and burned the whole temple, so he was sent to the border by the evil star. But what she didn’t know was that King An’s mother, Concubine Wen Taifei, died in the fire at Hongfu Temple. In this way, the emperor actually sent him to the border to protect King Su. Now, after King Su’s return, the emperor gave him the same Important task.

When Wang An left, the mask was about to be worn, and the maid Gu Yuan happened to hit him, and saw Mr. Shushui’s true face, and quickly apologized. Mr. Shushui just said to keep the secret for him. When he went out, he was again Mr. Shushui whom thousands of young girls adored.

Today is the anniversary of the death of Concubine Wen, King Shushui Xiaozhuli’an is sad, and the paper money is soaked in heavy rain. It is not very busy. He remembers that some people in the court and the field said that his mother and concubine were born with different pupils, a disaster star, a witch, and the witch is immortal. Restless, the emperor told him that Hongfu Temple was in disrepair for a long time, and a fire led to the death of Princess Wen, but today Fu Rong accidentally blurted out the truth because Xu Jin accidentally overturned the candlestick.

Fu Rong pondered the many flowers, and with a clever move, the golden silk thickened around a small white flower, with a clever flocculation, like a vivid and bright step. But it is always fake flowers. If it can be soaked in the fragrance of flowering branches, it is considered perfect. Fu Xuan is very knowledgeable and remembers that there are strange flowers in the Yushan field on the outskirts of Beijing, so Fu Rong left the letter paper and went to search for flowers.

Mr. Shushui heard that Fu Rong was looking for flowers alone, and hurriedly rode his horse and followed.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 6 Recap

In the prison cell, Xinduhou sent someone to send a note. The emperor expressed his gratitude to Qi Zhu for praying for his mother, and proclaiming him as the head of Qingping County and accepting him as a concubine. But everyone knows that this is just a choice given to Qi Ce by Xinduhou, whether or not to protect his sister’s prosperity is all within Qi Ce’s thoughts. Qi Ce had no choice but to swallow the note and shouted to confess his guilt, looking like crazy.

When Xu Jin received Qi Ce’s confession, Qi Ce had already hit his head to death. The confession was all profiting from his own personal interests, and he did not bite anyone else. But it doesn’t make sense at all, there are many doubts, and Qi Zhu happened to be the county owner, Qi Ce is to protect his sister Qi Zhu from death.

The clue was broken here. Hengjing water was deep. Xu Jin remembered his words from the Peking University General Dou Yan in Shifu Town before leaving from the frontier. It was embarrassed on all sides, but what about it? He wanted to seek justice for the soldiers of Dayu State. Foot fear. Qi Zhu now has no father, no mother, no brothers and no friends, and is lonely in the world. Even if there is no use for glory and wealth, she walks towards the center of the lake step by step, feeling the lake drowning her, and finally comes to death. Xu Jin was looking for her. Seeing this scene, he immediately grabbed water and rescued Qi Zhu.

At this time, Fu Rong came and advised her not to attach to Concubine Duan, but Qi Zhu felt that she was afraid Concubine Duan would threaten her. The concubine is also the aunt of Zhang Yan Shizi, and is in the same spirit as the Xindu Houfu. Since then, it is better for them not to meet each other.

Punishment became useless in Xiaozhuli. Lan Xiang watched him speak to the goldfish in the lake. She was muttering, but was suddenly threatened by Punishment. No one was allowed to know about this. Later, it was discovered that the literary punishment would be embroidered, and the technique was not bad. Literary punishment is said to be forced by his small life. After picking up a hundred pieces of cloth and sew it to keep out the cold, life will not be easier until Mr. Shushui picks it up back to the mansion.

There was a talkative guest from King Su’s Mansion, Xihe County lord Cui Wan, who is said to be Xu Jin’s childhood sweetheart, but in fact Xu Jin left Hengjing to go to the border at a very young age. She is not a childhood sweetheart with her, but the princess is Like his tightness, after looking for Xu Jin several times, he either said he was ill or went out. This time the princess still couldn’t meet.

After seeing Qi Zhu, Fu Rong was playing with rocks in a gloomy way, and he floated on Xiaozhu’s lake. Mr. Shushui stepped forward to ask for advice and beat one, which happened to kill the goldfish he liked. The fish was dead, and Fu Rong decided that he should not waste it, so when Lan Xiang saw the punishment, what he handed her was the bone of the little fat goldfish.

Wu Bai got up and went to the gate of Feng Laiyi, where guests gathered. It seems that treasurer Ji has made no less today. He ordered shopkeeper Ji to send some silver coins to Aunt Gongzhong and his house, and then went back leisurely. Feng Laiyi’s new product was launched and four paintings were drawn to promote sales. Wu Baiqi saw that this painting is better than those jewelry. Shopkeeper Ji winked, and Biyu stepped forward to read a copy. I heard that Ruyi Lou also launched new products. Moreover, the painting is very similar to Feng Laiyi. Didn’t they look for Fu Xuan to paint? A good lady even plagiarized it.

Wu Baiqi brought Ji’s shopkeeper Biyu to the Ruyi Lou. Fu Xuan was naturally angry when he was falsely accused of plagiarism. It is better to face the comparison directly. Both parties talked about the meaning of their paintings and saw who copied who. The painter invited by Feng Laiyi hastily commented, and Fu Xuan explained in detail one by one. From the young girl to the old girl to the love of beauty, the implication is profound, not to mention the draft testimony. The painting is clearly by Fu Xuan.

Cheng Wang Xu Mao has been like an ant on a hot pot in the past two days. The army’s financial route has been cut off. Now he found a gold mine, but he couldn’t deliver explosives, and he couldn’t contact Ruyi Lou. They came and went without a trace. They were very mysterious. Suddenly a silver hairpin tied a note and nailed it to Cheng Wang’s tea case.

Wu Baiqi had never been so embarrassed in his life, and after apologizing, he went back to clean up his family. When I came to Suwangfu again, Wu Baiqi wanted to turn the pieces of paper into a plume of smoke when he sorted out the letters. Wu Baiqi got excited when talking about Feng Laiyi, and when Xu Jin heard the sound, he rushed to see the pattern blurring under the paper.

Mr. Shushui was secretly hurt when facing the chess board. His mother said that she could meet her after breaking the chess game, but her mother finally missed the appointment. While in a trance, Mrs. Wen was sitting across the board. Mr. Shu Shui removed his mask, tears bursting into his eyes. It turned out that he was the son of Mrs. Wen, the emperor’s brother, and Wang Xu Ping.

Fu Rong waited outside Mr. Shushui’s door, and finally waited for him, knowing that he was in a bad mood these past few days, and brought Mr. Shushui to the lake with a lantern. After writing down his wishes and putting the lamp on Yuhe, he would surely think of things. to make. She wrote a pen for Mr. Shushui and wrote down her wish to see his mother as soon as possible. She wrote very big, but her wish was too vulgar, so she wrote very little. When the lamp was set off, the lamp was stuck by a stone, and he stepped into the river and broke the stone. How could Mr. Shushui’s wish be stuck.

At last the book boy’s life for a month ended, Mr. Shu Shui gave her a gift and asked her to take off his mask.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 5 Recap

On that day, Qin Qing stuck the hairpin on the window, Xu Jin’s men who had been guarding for a long time acted immediately, sealed off the pavilion, and Wu Baiqi smashed the restaurant.

Qin Qing knelt down at the mansion of Xinduhou, and Qi Ce also knelt down the steps. The reason was obvious. The two people who had been killed in the old lair hadn’t noticed beforehand. Xinduhou kicked Qi Ce and restricted him for the last five days. If the assassination of King Su hasn’t been resolved, not only him, but even his sister Qi Zhu will not escape.

Five days were too short, and Qin Qing suggested not to take Qi Zhu away first, because he was implicated in the face, and he was not afraid that there would be no firewood. He made an appointment with Qin Qing for the round outside the city. The chariot sent away his mother and Qi Zhu. Qi Ce murmured to Fu Xuan while holding a bottle of medicine. He had to take her along. He happened to see a letter with the design of Drunken Spring Pavilion on the stone lamp with a silver hairpin and A piece of paper saying that he should come to Zuichun Pavilion as soon as possible.

Fu Rong came to apologize to Fu Xuan again, but because there was no evidence, she said that Qi Ce would not believe Fu Xuan. It happened that Xiaoqi Xiaoba came to the door and said that Qi Ce was in Zuichun Pavilion at the moment. It was a good opportunity. She took Fu Xuan to see it quickly, and if he caught it, he would catch it.

Qin Qing was packing her things in Zuichun Pavilion, and Qi Ce suddenly ran in. Both of them were strange, so they immediately reacted to the plan.

Outside Fu Rong pulled Fu Xuan all the way to the door, a white blade flashed out of the door, and he was about to hit Fu Rong. Xu Jin immediately took her into his arms, and the idea was turned into a helplessly arrested current.

Look, call her Rong’er. Fu Rong didn’t care about these inexplicable things either. He stepped forward and slapped Qi Ce, a double-faced thing, for a moment. His first reaction was not to be angry, but to explain to Fu Xuan that Fu Xuan saw someone hiding a dagger behind King Su, and he shouldn’t stay here for long. Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong as he walked, sighing at the beauty and misunderstanding, pretending to be a prostitute, without making Qi Ce suspicious.

At this time, Fu Xuan finally believed that Qi Ce was not an upright gentleman, and since then he has made a clean break and has never been involved. There are doubts about what happened today. How did King Su and the two sisters of the Fu family come back? They were really just here to catch King Su and they had a plan. Suddenly the vendor downstairs disappeared.

At this moment, it was found out that he was driving to the East Street Market. Anxious, Qi Ce instructed Qin Qing to gather the people and leave the city tonight. As for the bottle of medicine, Fu Xuan, let it go for the time being, there will always be a chance in the future.

In the evening, Qin Qing and Qi Ce ran away in the dark, and they were surrounded by groups as soon as they left the gate of Zuichun Pavilion. Xu Jin waited for a long time, and immediately took Qi Ce to jail. Xu Jin returned to the emperor overnight, and there was such a big disturbance behind a police officer in the Qice district, and it was even implicated in the Guanyan town military payment case. The emperor only told him that no matter what, he must be stolen and reaped. Later, he was sent to see Concubine Shu, his biological mother. It is a pity that Xu Jin was said to be a lone star of the gods since the death of the queen. He had lived in the border since childhood and was not intimate with the concubine. The fifth prince Xu Hao, a compatriot of a mother, did not like him at all when he saw that he was not considerate of his mother and concubine’s painstaking efforts.

Xu Mao discussed with Xinduhou, Qi Ce went to jail, and Qin Qing committed suicide. At this time, it was too late to kill and kill people, but it caused suspicion.

Qi Zhu was in the bamboo hut with his mother who was lingering on the bed. He suddenly heard the sad news of Qi Ce being imprisoned, and hurried back.

Qi Ce had an accident, and the Fu family had a close relationship with him in the past. Fu Xuan asked to go to Yunluo Temple for repairs, which is also considered as avoiding the public. After Fu Rong settled Qi Zhu, she left.

After that, Fu Xuan wanted to send the picture scroll Liu Ruyi wanted earlier. On the way, the maid accidentally collided with someone while holding a bamboo. The picture scroll fell, and the other party also took the picture scroll. It wasn’t until it was delivered to Liu Ruyi that the little servant arrived. It was Feng Laiyi’s jasper. He found that the color of the scroll was wrong, so he immediately returned to Zhao.

Qi Zhu’s dowry in the Qi mansion was cleansed by the lady. Qi Zhu kept kowtow and begged the lady to return two pieces to her. She wanted to go to prison to take care of Qi Ce. The eldest lady was stingy, and Fu Rong couldn’t stand it, so she tried to find a way to meet Qi Ce.

Qi Ce was completely unrecognizable in the prison. The clothes on his body were stained red with blood, and he was retired. His mother was seriously ill. If Fu Rong hadn’t helped her, Qi Zhu couldn’t even come in and meet her brother. Qi Ce laughed when he heard this. If it were not for Fu Rong Fu Xuan, how could he have fallen so bad today? In vain, Qi Zhu still couldn’t distinguish between good and bad. Every bite is a Ronger. Everything in the Qi family is both of them. Sister killed.

After leaving the prison, Qi Zhu deliberately alienated Fu Rong, and his mother died because of worrying about his elder brother. All of this was caused by the Fu family, and now he is still here to help her fake and diligently, Qi Zhu didn’t even want to see Fu Rong at the moment.