My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 14 – Recap

Senior Sister Miaomiao called William, but William didn’t answer. So Senior Sister Miaomiao came to the playground to look for William, saying that Sang Tian was singled out for him and Shen Qiaodi for abuse.

William must feel that the problem is serious, so he ran to the ice rink to see Sang Tian, ​​just to see Sang Tian being hit by Shen Qiaodi. William therefore decided that he would play against Shen Qiaodi in the next ten minutes. William said that he would not let his brother look down on him. So the two began the game. After a fierce confrontation, William was injured, but his brother eased the relationship with him. He also said that although he is not as strong as him, he has two good brothers.

Sang Tian applied medicine to William, and William said that he had disappointed Sang Tian and had never beaten his brother. What William’s brother told him told Sang Tian. They were all wondering who the other good brother was? At this time, Senior Sister Miaomiao came and told them that another good brother was Wen Bing . Originally, Shen Qiaodi was unwilling to come to the appointment, but Wen Bing went to find Shen Qiaodi for a singles, and he came only after winning Shen Qiaodi. And that little Wen Bing fan who claims to be at the shallow north university also pretended to be Wen Bing. Sang Tian realized that Wen Bing didn’t go to the ice rink to guide them to practice because he went to the shallow North University to investigate their information.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, suggesting that Wen Bing already knew what Wen Bing did for William. The two were fighting, when William opened the door suddenly, the two kissed each other, and William saw the scene.

At this moment, Wen Bing suddenly found that he could see William’s face clearly, but he couldn’t see clearly in the blink of an eye. The three were embarrassed, and William ran out of the dormitory immediately. Wen Bing came to the studio to paint a portrait of William. Wen Bing wondered why he could see William’s face clearly. He suddenly realized that it might be because of kissing Sang Tian.

Sang Tian was lying on the bed, feeling that the matter was serious, so she ran to Xiao Rou to help her out. Xiao Rou asked her to explain to William with Wen Bing tomorrow.

The next day Sang Tian got Wen Bing and William together. Sang Tian asked Wen Bing to explain what happened yesterday to William, but Wen Bing looked at Sang Tian’s face in a daze, and Sang Tian had to explain to William herself. William said that he always felt that they had nothing to do with each other, so Sang Tian was relieved.

Cheng Minjun was waiting for Coach Ma to date her at the gate of the mall. Cheng Minjun just saw Coach Xue being broken up by a scumbag, so he took Coach Xue into his arms to comfort her. This scene happened to be seen by Coach Horse, so Coach Horse misunderstood them and left angrily. Cheng Minjun immediately caught up to explain that Coach Xue wondered when they were together.

Coach Ma came to the locker room to inform Sang Tian that they had entered the second team, including Wen Bing, Sang Tian, ​​William, Huang Haoran, Li He and Xiao Xiao. Coach Ma also told them that there will be an open game to play next week, and let their parents come to watch the game. Coach Ma found Wen Bing alone, asked Wen Bing’s mother if he could watch him play, and told him not to let his uncle come to hold a parent meeting. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to accompany him to remove the triangle scarf.

Sang Tian lay on the grass alone. Senior Sister Miaomiao wanted to thank Sang Tian for helping William, so she took her to dinner. At this time, Meng Qi brought a rose to find Senior Sister Miaomiao to confess, but was rejected. Meng Qi threw the roses into the trash can, sitting alone on the stairs in distress. Meng Na enlightened Meng Qi and felt that her brother’s method of chasing girls was wrong, so she told her brother many ways to chase girls.

Wen Bing secretly took Sang Tian’s little red book in the dormitory, trying to find a way to make Sang Tian kiss her. Sang Tian just came back at this time, and she found Wenbing weird. After going out of the toilet, she found Wenbing fell on the ground. Just when he was about to give him artificial respiration, he realized that Wen Bing wanted to fix her, so he cleverly resolved it.

Wen Bing came to the studio and looked at the portrait of Sang Tian very distressed. When my uncle saw Wen Bing, he felt that Wen Bing liked Sang Tian.

William came to Sang Tian’s room and found that Sang Tian was taking a bath, so he wanted to charge the phone first. When the phone accidentally fell, William knelt down to pick up the phone. At this time, Sang Tian opened the toilet door and found that there was no one in the room, so she wore a bathrobe and draped her hair and came out to take something. William happened to see her. Only then did William discover that Sang Tian was a girl, so he ran out of the room immediately. He recalled that he had sprinkled the sauce on Sang Tian, ​​and that Sang Tian reacted so much before he realized that he had never noticed it. William also wondered why Sang Tian wanted to dress up as a man and come to Liuye Hockey Club?

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 13 – Recap

Sang Zhan asked someone to tell Meng Na to let her wait, but in fact Sang Zhan wanted to fix her. Meng Na stayed where she was waiting for Sang Zhan. When Sang Zhan came back, she found that Meng Na had been waiting for him. Sang Zhan suddenly felt a little intolerable. When he just wanted to wake Meng Na, he suddenly remembered that Meng Na was her sister’s rival in love, so he left.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, saying that Xiao Rou was too clingy, and kept pulling her for candlelight dinner. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian is too straight to understand girls’ hearts. So she taught Sang Tian how to answer the girl’s question. Sang Tian found that Wen Bing was very sultry, so she felt that Wen Bing was very bothersome.

Sang Tian and they discussed their opponents this time, especially Shen Qiaodi. Xiao Xiao said that Meng Qi, the senior, and the others had a terrible loss in the match against the Northern University last year. Everyone thinks that this is a bronze against the king, and there is no doubt that they will lose. Everyone is a little anxious. So Sang Tian comforted everyone and said that this time it was the shallow North University who was training them. He also set a small goal for everyone and just scored one goal. Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and wanted Wen Bing to go to the ice rink to guide them in practice, but Wen Bing refused.

Sang Tian found that William’s condition had been wrong, and worked very hard and desperately. William stayed on the ice rink alone and recalled what his brother Shen Qiaodi said to him when he was a child. Shen Qiaodi always looked down on his younger brother William and felt that William was very poor and not worthy of his younger brother. Senior Sister Miaomiao came to enlighten William, hoping that he could look a little bit more. It is not important to lose the game, the important thing is not to lose to himself.

Sang Tian and the others came to the ice rink to play against the Shallow North University, and Wen Bing and Miao Miao also came to the game to watch them play. Shen Qiaodi scored two goals. William had a chance to score the last goal, but his brother put too much pressure on him, causing William to lose the goal.

Senior Sister Miaomiao discovered that Wen Bing knew that Shen Qiaodi was William’s elder brother. Xiao Xiao blamed William for his mistake, which caused them to lose the last goal. William had to tell them that Shen Qiaodi was his brother and he had never beaten him. Everyone was surprised when William said this.

William did not come to class, and Sang Tian lied to the coach that he was on sick leave. Sang Tian went to the dormitory to find William, but William refused to see anyone. The teammates asked Xiao Xiao to apologize to William. Xiao Xiao said that he did speak too much and would apologize to William.

Coach Ma came to the locker room and asked Sang Tian where William had gone, and Sang Tian had to say that William had taken sick leave. Coach Ma found that William had not come to class, so he asked Sang Tian to tell William that he would leave Liuye directly next time he didn’t come. Sang Tian ran to the playground to find William, and wanted to enlighten him. But William said he would be fired if he was to be fired.

Sang Tian asked Xiaorou to confide in her troubles, just to see Shen Qiaodi and Miao Miao senior sister chatting, Sang Tian heard Shen Qiaodi look down on William. So Sang Tian angrily rushed to Shen Qiaodi and told him to bet with her and apologize to William if she wins the singles. Shen Qiaodi proudly said that he had never seen anyone who could beat him, so he agreed to her bet.

After Shen Qiaodi left, Sang Tian felt that she was too impulsive and complained that Xiaorou didn’t stop her. Sang Tian went back to the dormitory to ask Wen Bing to help her. Wen Bing guessed that she was singled out by Shen Qiaodi, so she asked her to think about her own advantages.

Sang Tian came to the agreed place to wait for Shen Qiaodi. She and Shen Qiaodi agreed that as long as Sang Tian scored a goal, she would win. So the two started the match, Sang Tian almost scored, but was intercepted by Shen Qiaodi.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 12 – Recap

Sang Tian picked a grape and asked Wen Bing whether this grape can make wine? Wen Bing said he didn’t want to answer such a stupid question. Sang Tian said that because he didn’t know, if he answered wrongly, he would shout three times that I am a pig. So Wen Bing deliberately told her that she didn’t hear clearly what she was calling, so Sang Tian called twice before I realized that Wen Bing was treating her, so Wen Bing smiled and left, leaving Sang Tian to mention it alone. With fruit basket.

William was thinking about the grouping with Sang Tian just now in the banana farm, and decided that he must be grouped with Sang Tian. At this time, his companion just gave him a bite of bananas. He didn’t know that William was allergic to bananas, so William fainted.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing were walking on the road when they suddenly met snow. So Wen Bing opened the umbrella to protect her from the snow, and Sang Tian found the W on the umbrella, so she asked where the sign of Wen Bing came from. So Wen Bing told Sang Tian that this is a logo designed by a Nordic designer. Sang Tian thought he was not the one who gave her the umbrella that day. Sang Tian wanted to take a closer look at the sign, but she almost fell when she accidentally got her ankle. Wen Bing just helped her, and Wen Bing helped Sang Tian to a nearby bus stop to help Sang Tian massage her ankle.

Sang Tian thanked her for helping her win the last 3v3 match. Wen Bing said that he did not win the match for her. So he told Sang Tian about his family when he was a child and his experience of playing ice hockey. Sang Tian told Wen Bing that she used to play ice hockey for money, but now she plays ice hockey for her mother, and she wants to stay in Liuye. So Wen Bing knows that Sang Tian does not really like to play ice hockey. Wen Bing comforted Sang Tian and said that 90% of the people in the world do not know what she really likes, so he hopes that Sang Tian can become one of the top 10 as soon as possible. % Of people. So the snow stopped, and the two of them left.

Sang Zhan returned to the place of the road sign. He found that the road sign was reversed, so he corrected it. At this time, Meng Na happened to see this scene, so she blamed Sang Zhan for deliberately turning the road signs upside down, so that she could not find the picking garden. The road sign fell down during the two quarrel and accidentally cut Meng Na’s skirt. Meng Na immediately burst into tears, saying that it was because of Sang Zhan that bad things would happen every time they met him. Sang Zhan watched Meng Na cry, so he took off his clothes and gave Meng Na a pair. Sang Zhan returned Meng Na’s wallet to her, so Meng Na said to thank him that she would take a taxi back to the city to pay for it.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian returned to the hotel and found everyone was barbecue. When William and Huang Haoran came back, Huang Haoran told everyone that William had accidentally eaten a banana allergy.

William said he was a little hungry, so the lunch Sang Tian gave to Wen Bing was accidentally discovered by everyone. So Wen Bing said that Sang Tian had a girlfriend and made a lunch for him to practice his hands. Sang Tian came to the kitchen to help chop vegetables and found that William was very skilled at knives.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing peeled the onion together, but only one core was left after the onion was peeled. William watched the two of them tearfully and let them go out. Sang Zhan and Meng Na returned to school. Meng Na and Sang Zhan agreed to return the clothes to him at 3 tomorrow afternoon. Meng Na also gave Sang Zhan her scarf. So Sang Zhan suddenly became interested in Meng Na and thought she was quite cute.

Sang Tian saw William cleaning the table alone, so she went to help. After accidentally breaking a bowl, William accidentally grasped Sang Tian’s wrist. William accidentally told her to go back to the room to wait for him, so the two came to the room awkwardly and found Wen Bing waiting for them on the bed.

So Sang Tian decided that the three of them would sleep in a bunk, which was like two people safe. Wenbing gave Sang Tian a sense of security and allowed Sang Tian to sleep well. In the morning, Sang Tian woke up and received a call from Coach Ma, asking them to return to school immediately.

Coach Ma blamed them for taking Wen Bing with them when they went out to play, so Wen Bing told the truth that he took the initiative to follow up.

Coach Ma didn’t blame them. Coach Ma told them that they would compete with Asakusa University. Everyone felt that their strength was very different. Meng Qi went to coach Ma and asked why they were not allowed to play. Coach Ma said that he wanted them to suffer and learn a lesson.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na were chatting in the game, and Sang Zhan discovered that the other party turned out to be Meng Na. And also helped Meng Na dig his sister’s corner together.

Sang Tian brought fruit to find Xiao Rou. Sang Tian said that she hoped that Xiao Rou could be her girlfriend, because now the whole school already knows the relationship between them, so I hope they will always pay attention to their personal settings.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 11- Recap

Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to wash his hair, but Sang Tian had no choice but to agree. Sang Tian helped Wen Bing wash her hair, and the two started fighting with each other. Sang Tian left without helping Wen Bing finish washing her hair.

Sang Tian and Xiao Rou met, and the two went shopping together in the mall. Sang Tian tried on various clothes to buy things. Finally, Xiao Rou was too tired to walk, so she took Sang Tian to the nail salon to do manicures. It took a while.

Wen Bing looked at Sang Tian’s WeChat steps. Thinking about what she did, there would be so many steps, and later saw that the number of WeChat steps had not increased, so she called Sang Tian, ​​but Sang Tian did not answer.

After Sang Tian finished her nails, she went to eat dessert with Xiao Rou. Xiao Rou went to the bathroom, leaving Sang Tian to eat the cake by herself, Sang Tian admiring her manicure. At this time, Wen Bing suddenly appeared.

Wen Bing found the nail polish on her hand, so he asked her why she was applying nail art? Sang Tian anxiously said that she was shopping with her girlfriend to help her try her color. Xiaorou just came back at this time, so Sang Tian said that Xiaorou was her girlfriend, and then left with the excuse that she would continue shopping.

Coach Ma informed the students that it is best not to go out this long vacation, and if they want to go out, do not bring Wenbing. William said that he had booked a homestay, so he asked Sang Tian to lie to Wen Bing that they would go to the training camp this time and leave Wen Bing alone in the dormitory. Wen Bing believed it and stayed in the dormitory.

Sang Tian and the others came to the destination and found that the scenery and environment near the homestay were very good. Wen Bing was painting at the painting agency, and his uncle told him Sang Tian that they had gone out to play, only then did Wen Bing realize that he was cheated.

William told Sang Tian that the single room was full and they could only sleep in the whole bunk. At this time, Sang Tian just realized that her menstrual period was coming, so she called Xiaorou, but Xiaorou said she was busy and had no time. So he sent a message to Sang Zhan and asked him to bring a pack of sanitary napkins.

So Sang Zhan took a taxi on the side of the road, and happened to meet Meng Na who was carpooling with him, so the two took a taxi to the hotel together.

Sang Tian and the others just wanted to go to the picking garden next to them to pick the fruit, but it happened that the ice just came, so they pretended to train. Wen Bing said that he would supervise everyone next to him, so Wen Bing asked everyone to train in the open space, and he would eat and drink by himself.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na had a dispute in the car. Meng Na also found out that Sang Zhan had brought a pack of sanitary napkins, so she said that Sang Zhan was abnormal. The driver gave Sang Zhan the wallet and said that Meng Na left it in the car.

Sang Tian just wanted to go to a showdown with Wenbing, and just received news from Sang Zhan that he had arrived at the homestay, so Sang Tian rushed over and got the sanitary napkins with Sang Zhan.

Because Sang Tian escaped, they asked William to have a showdown with Wenbing. William knocked on the side and finally compromised and said to continue training.

Sang Tian just came back at this time, and they wanted Sang Tian to go to the showdown. Wen Bing walked over and said that he heard that there was a picking garden nearby, so he decided to let everyone go to the picking garden to pick fruits.

They came to the picking garden, so they decided who picked the most in the group competition. They decided to group by rotating the bottles. Finally, Wenbing and Sang Tian formed a group.

Sang Zhan just entered the picking garden. He wanted to find Meng Na to return her wallet, but he accidentally reversed the sign of the picking garden. But Meng Na just happened to look at the sign, but she wanted to go to the picking garden but went to the guest house.

Sang Tian was photographed secretly by Wenbing, and Sang Tian was very unhappy. Wen Bing said that Sang Tian was so unwilling to be grouped with him, and Sang Tian complained that they have four hands, but they only have three hands. Wen Bing said that this hand was injured because of her, so Sang Tian confessed to Wen Bing that she should not lie to him. Wen Bing said that he was not angry because they went out to play, but because they lied to him, and he was stupid enough to be discovered by him. So Sang Tian said that he would not find out next time.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 10 – Recap

Coach Ma told the seniors that the speed skating department had added a friendly match, and their 3v3 match was moved to eleven o’clock in the morning. It is now nine o’clock, so let them notify everyone as soon as possible.

The senior cannot understand the three of Wenbing, Sang Tian and William, so he deliberately didn’t notify them. One senior said they were too much? The senior said that he didn’t like the three of them very much, so he wanted to teach them a lesson. What they said happened to be heard by William, so they wanted to tell Coach Horse. William sent the news to Wen Bing. At this moment, William was locked into the toilet by the two seniors. They told William that it was Sunday, so there was no one in the school building.

Wen Bing received the notice from William and thought it was a prank, so she called Sang Tian, ​​but Sang Tian didn’t hear her because she was changing clothes. So Wen Bing ran into the dormitory looking for Sang Tian, ​​but no one was found. He asked his classmates in other dormitories whether the time of the game was changed, and the classmates told him it was. Wen Bing ran to the door of the milk tea shop and found that Sang Tian and Xiao Rou had gone to the road show, so Wen Bing rushed to the road show and found Sang Tian dancing in women’s clothing.

Sang Tian also found that Wen Bing had seen her at this time, so she ran away immediately. Wen Bing deliberately pretended not to recognize her, so he told her to let her help inform that the game time was changed to 11 o’clock in the morning.

So Sang Tian immediately returned to the dressing room to change back to her clothes. At this moment, she happened to meet Wen Bing riding a battery car. Sang Tian and Wen Bing went to the ice rink in the battery car together.

Cheng Minjun came to the ice rink to find the horse coach with a gift, and Cheng Minjun hurriedly stuffed the gift to the horse coach.

Meng Na came to the locker room to look for Wen Bing, but was very worried when she found that Wen Bing had not been there. Because the cleaner let him out, William rushed to the locker room in time and told Meng Na that the senior had robbed his mobile phone and locked him in the toilet, deliberately not informing the three of them. Coach Ma was very angry that Wen Bing and Sang Tian were late.

At this time, Wen Bing and Sang Tian arrived in time and did not miss the game. So their group played with the senior group. The senior said that if the score is tied, they will win the freshman group. In the first game, the senior group won a point, and later they recovered the score, but Wen Bing was also injured.

Sang Tian wanted to suspend the game and take Wen Bing to see a doctor, but Wen Bing refused. In the end, they tied with 2:2 and won the game.

So Coach Ma let Wen Bing be the squad leader, and Sang Tian was relegated to deputy squad leader, letting them cooperate well. Sang Tian was very happy to stay in Liuye, when Wen Bing suddenly fainted.

Wen Bing woke up in the school infirmary, and his uncle came in and told them that it was only a slight dislocation. Meng Na said she wanted to take care of Wen Bing, but her uncle refused. She told Sang Tian to take more care of Wen Bing these days, and her uncle asked Meng Na to talk to his brother. Meng Na realized that it was her brother who injured Wen Bing, so she immediately went to her brother to settle the account.

Cheng Minjun discovered that Coach Xue already had a boyfriend, and then Coach Ma returned the gift from him.

Meng Na found her brother Meng Qi and blamed him for hurting Wen Bing, saying that if something happened to Wen Bing, she would definitely not forgive him. So Meng Qi was criticized by Miao Miao and Coach Ma.

Meng Qi felt very angry, so he punished the team members who did this, and the team members said they would never do this kind of thing again.

Sang Tian sent Wen Bing to the dormitory downstairs. Sang Tian received news from Xiao Rou. She just wanted to leave, but was stopped by Wen Bing.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 9 – Recap

Wen Bing left the ice rink after teaching Sang Tian’s shooting posture and called his uncle, but his uncle did not answer. I met Meng Na at this time. Meng Na said that she had two musical tickets and wanted to watch it with him. Wen Bing refused to say that they could not go to a 3v3 match next week and would like to train. Meng Na also said that she wanted to watch them train and give them some food and drink. Wen Bing refused, saying that Coach Ma would be unhappy when he saw it.

Cheng Minjun came to Coach Horse’s office and asked Coach Horse to pay for the last meal. He also brought a small gift to Coach Ma, thanking her for helping him pick up his bag last time. Cheng Minjun wanted to know more about Coach Ma, but Coach Ma said that she was not free, so he drove Cheng Minjun away.

Coach Ma was eating in the cafeteria and met Coach Xue. Coach Ma saw that Coach Xue ate very little. Coach Xue said that they should pay attention to their figure in figure skating, unlike their ice hockey club. Coach Xue also said that Cheng Minjun had given her a set of skin care products, and Coach Xue found that the skin care products also had a gift hand cream. Coach Ma realized that Cheng Minjun had given her the gift hand cream. So Coach Xue said she was cheated by Cheng Minjun, and Coach Ma left angrily.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian are training on the ice rink. Sang Zhan pretends to be a takeaway and wants to test whether Wen Bing is face blind.

Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop. Sang Zhan suspected that Blindness was pretending to be blind, but Xiaorou said that she could distinguish a person by height, weight, and shoe size. So Sang Zhan remembered looking for Sang Tian in the surveillance room that day. He felt that smelling of Bing was really a face blindness. Otherwise, how could he find Sang Tian in so many people at a glance? Sang Zhan said that if Wenbing is really face blind, then he should have a lot of trouble on the court. So Xiao Rou said that unless a mark was made, such as Shaobing seven-point sugar, this suddenly inspired Sang Tian.

Sang Tian, ​​Wen Bing and William were training together on the ice rink. Suddenly, seniors came and wanted to let them leave the ice rink. Wen Bing said that Liuye has an unwritten rule, which is to compete for the field by strength. So they decided to win with one goal and hit the PET bottle on the door frame. The senior didn’t hit, but Wen Bing hit. The senior pretended that he didn’t make it clear and wanted to compare it again.

Later, Meng Na came, and felt that the senior was shameless after playing awe-inspiring, so she drove them away. Meng Na was watching them training on the ice rink, Meng Na wiped Wen Bing’s sweat. Sang Tian was a little unhappy watching this scene, Wen Bing and Meng Na went outside to buy drinks.

William taught Sang Tian how to shoot, and suddenly felt his heart beat faster. Sang Tian felt that something was wrong, so she immediately said she was going to buy water.

Sang Tian saw Wen Bing and Meng Na buying drinks in the supermarket, so they hid them secretly. But it was still discovered. Meng Na asked Sang Tian to help her take a photo with Wen Bingzhao. After finishing the photo, Sang Tian said to go back to training and left.

William met Senior Sister Miao Miao at the stadium and asked Senior Sister Miao Miao if he was close to a person, why would his heart beat so quickly? So Senior Sister Miaomiao told him that if it was a girl, it meant that he was moved by that girl. If it is a boy, it means that the person is very good and makes him feel pressured. So he left after speaking.

Sang Tian came to the ice rink to train and found Wenbing was also in the ice rink. Wen Bing said that if Sang Tian hit the single room six times, she would give her a gift. In the end, Sang Tian succeeded. So Wen Bing gave her a picture of the two of them in the afternoon. Wen Bing taught Sang Tian’s sense of belief in shooting and made her treat the door frame as the person she likes.

Meng Na was chatting with Sang Zhan in the Internet cafe. Meng Na told Sang Zhan that she used Sang Zhan’s method and successfully obtained the first photo of her and the person she liked. Sang Zhan asked to see her picture, but Meng Na refused to say that only a familiar stranger can share the secret, so the two happily played a game.

Coach Ma told them that a 3v3 match would be held tomorrow afternoon, saying that the team that won the match could agree to any of their conditions. So William said that in order to match the tacit understanding of the three of them, he wanted to give up the single room and move to their dormitory. But Wen Bing and Sang Tian refused.

Wen Bing took Sang Tian to train, and Sang Tian made rapid progress. Sang Tian asked Wen Bing to get up in the morning and said that the game was going to happen in the afternoon, and she wanted to train again in the morning. Wen Bing said that he should take a good rest in the morning, otherwise the training will affect the game. Wen Bing said he has his own way of relaxing. Sang Tian received a call from Xiao Rou and told her to accompany her to the road show. Sang Tian felt that there was nothing wrong in the morning, so she agreed.

Wen Bing came to the studio to paint, but he was impatient, so he painted and tore, tore and painted. Uncle came to the studio and felt that Wen Bing was worried that they would lose and Sang Tian would leave him. Wen Bing said that their group would definitely win, so he left.

Sang Tian came to the dressing room to see Xiao Rou, Xiao Rou dressed up as a disco, so she made Sang Tian also dressed up as a disco to perform with her, and this scene happened to be seen by Wen Bing.

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My unicorn girl episode 8 – Recap

Sang Tian sat alone in the playground, regretting the angry words she said at the time. She said she had to say goodbye to Wen Bing, but in the end it became like this. Seeing Sang Tian’s distressed look, Senior Sister Miao Miao asked her to write to him to say goodbye, so that she could sincerely express what she couldn’t say.

Coach Xue and Wen Bing’s uncle ate together. During the ordering process, Coach Ma met Coach Ma. Coach Ma sat at a table next to them. Coach Xue ordered a lot of cauliflower for 1888. When he was about to check out, his uncle’s card was frozen and unable to be used, so his uncle asked Coach Ma to lend him some money.

Coach Ma did not agree at first, but later I saw that both Coach Xue and Uncle had no money to pay the bill, so they took the initiative to hand over her card. Coach Ma sent a message to Coach Xue to tell her not to be deceived anymore in the future. So Coach Xue thought that her uncle was deliberately deceiving her not to pay, so he said that there was something going on at school and left. Uncle immediately chased him up, but forgot the briefcase containing Wenbing’s case, and Coach Ma took the briefcase back.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and found that Wen Bing had left her a post-it note, saying that she had given her the shirt so that she could embroider whatever she wanted in the future. I hope she won’t get angry. Sang Tian felt that writing a letter was indeed a good way, so she wrote a letter to Wen Bing. Wen Bing called his uncle and asked when his case was given to him.

The uncle found out that the briefcase was missing. Later, he called the restaurant and the clerk told him that the briefcase had been taken by the horse coach. So my uncle rushed to school immediately, wanting to retrieve the briefcase.

At this moment, she just saw Sang Tian, ​​so she asked Sang Tian to help him steal the bag. It is said that this package contains Wen Bing’s secret. If it is discovered by Coach Ma, Wen Bing will no longer be able to stay in Liuye. When Sang Tian heard that it was serious, she promised to help him steal the bag.

Sang Tian came to Coach Ma’s office and just wanted to go out after finding the briefcase. Unexpectedly, a senior came in, so she had to hide under the desk. After Sang Tian waited for the seniors and them to leave, they immediately ran out of the office. Suddenly someone accidentally ran into Sang Tian, ​​so the information in the briefcase was spilled. Sang Tian glanced at the information and found that Wen Bing had face blindness, so she handed the bag back to Wen Bing’s uncle. Sang Tian thought about this in the playground alone, recalling why Wenbing chose her when they were playing ice hockey, because he could only see her clearly. Sang Tian was very worried that if she left, Wen Bing would not be able to see it clearly. This would affect his assessment results.

Wen Bing returned to the dormitory and secretly put the materials in the drawer. The uncle told him that the doctor’s diagnosis was that he could only have more contact with Sang Tian and try to find a new breakthrough. Wen Bing found the letter to him on the table. Sang Tian apologized to Wen Bing sincerely in the letter, and recalled what happened between them. Sang Tian said she was leaving but she said she would always support Wen Bing. , And left him a secret book for being a monitor.

Wen Bing gave the cheat sheet to Coach Ma and said that Sang Tian is not only a good ice hockey player, but also a very responsible squad leader, so I hope she can keep Sang Tian. But coach Ma was determined, so he asked Wen Bing to go back to training. Sang Tian flipped through her mobile phone and took a group photo with her classmates, thinking she hadn’t taken a photo with Wen Bing alone. Coach Ma looked at Sang Tian sad and disappointed. He recalled how she was looked down upon when she was playing ice hockey. He thought that Sang Tian might love ice hockey as much as she did. So Coach Ma called Principal Hong and asked him when the school could open a women’s ice hockey department. Principal Hong said that he would talk about it later.

The classmates and Coach Ma were waiting for Sang Tian. After Sang Tian came, she asked Coach Ma that she was not allowed to train. Coach Ma said that she just won’t let her play, but she still needs training. Even if she wants to rest, she must rest in the waiting area. Coach Ma informed them that if any team wins this 3v3 match, they can agree to any of their team’s conditions. She also said that she forgot to comment on Sang Tian last time, so this time she added that she hoped to see her shooting skills improved in the next game. Sang Tian was very happy and said she would work hard, so Sang Tian and William Wenbing formed a group of three.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing returned to the dormitory. Sang Tian thought that Wen Bing had not seen the letter, so she hurriedly hid the letter. In order to let Sang Tian speak, Wen Bing stamped her with her.

Sang Tian wants Wen Bing to teach her shooting skills. So Wen Bing asked her to walk the dog.

When Sang Tian was practicing on the ice rink alone, she found that her shooting skills had improved. Only then realized that Wen Bing asked her to walk the dog to train her lack of wrist strength.

Wen Bing came to the ice rink and taught Sang Tian to shoot. Sang Tian looked at Wen Bing’s face and felt very shy.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 7 – Recap

Coach Ma asked Wen Bing why Sang Tian must be punished, but Wen Bing said he didn’t know. Coach Ma said that Wen Bing was still pretending, so he took out the surveillance video and showed it to everyone. Only then found out that Wen Bing and Sang Tian were clever and lazy, so Coach Ma punished them for running ten laps around the school.

So the two of them ran ten laps at school, and William gave Sang Tian and Wen Bing a husky doll, saying that the three of them were good brothers from then on.

Meng Na called Wen Bing, but Wen Bing didn’t answer her, and she left first when she said something happened, and asked Sang Tian to help him bring the bag back to the dormitory. Sang Tian went back to the dormitory, thinking Wen Bing was going on a date. When Wen Bing came back, he was going to get oden, so the two of them ate oden together.

Sang Tian received a message from Coach Ma and asked her to go to the office. So Sang Tian and Coach Ma and Coach Xue met, and Coach Ma knew that Sang Tian was a girl.

Coach Ma was very angry, thinking that Sang Tian had been cheating on her, so she asked her to conceal her identity from everyone before the punishment result came out.

Coach Ma informed the students that they are about to usher in a 3v3 match and let them divide into groups. The coach analyzed each person’s strengths and weaknesses separately.

But only did not comment on Sang Tian, ​​everyone thought Sang Tian is very powerful. Wen Bing saw that Sang Tian’s state was not right, so he wanted to ask her. But Sang Tian fooled her and did not answer his question. Sang Tian told Xiao Rou that her identity had been discovered by the teacher, so Xiao Rou persuaded her to say goodbye to Wen Bing as soon as possible.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, Shen William took the gift he sent to Sang Tian’s dormitory, hoping to be in the same group with her. Sang Tian said she had something to do and left.

Sang Tian changed into ice hockey outfits alone and came to the ice rink to skate and play while thinking of the days he spent with Wenbing. Coach Ma looked thoughtful at Sang Tian playing outside the ice rink.

Coach Ma asked Coach Xue for his opinion. Coach Xue felt that Sang Tian was very pitiful and hoped that Coach Ma could keep her as if she didn’t know. But Coach Ma felt that it was wrong to deceive people.

Sang Tian and his teammates came to the ice rink to train. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to practice passing with him, so the two cooperated very tacitly. The teammates were dumbfounded. After seeing this scene, Coach Ma told Sang Tian to stop training, and let all the others train with Wen Bing for passing. Everyone gathered around Wen Bing, and Coach Ma called the players’ names to let Wen Bing pass them on. But because Wen Bing was blind and couldn’t see people clearly, he passed the ball very slowly, and finally made a wrong pass. Sang Tian looked at this scene and felt very worried. Coach Ma was very angry and asked them to go home to train.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing were chatting in the locker room. Wen Bing thought that Sang Tian was really going to leave, so she held her and said that Sang Tian was his person from now on and could not leave without his permission.  Sang Tian was so irritated by these words that she immediately returned to the dormitory. Sang Tian saw that Wenbing’s bed was messy, so she helped him organize his clothes. Sang Tian found the black sweater in the closet and recalled the misunderstanding that occurred because of this sweater.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na play games in the game hall, and the two add friends to each other in the game. Meng Na asked Sang Zhan about feelings, so Sang Zhan gave Meng Na an idea.

Sang Tian decided to tell him that she was leaving when she saw Wen Bing, and asked him to team up with others, so as not to affect his assessment results. Wen Bing returned to the dormitory, Sang Tian immediately hid his clothes, but Wen Bing still found him. Wen Bing pretended to accuse her of having trouble with his clothes, and even changed his clothes indiscriminately.

After hearing this, Sang Tian suddenly became angry and said that she hated him, and asked him to team up with others, and left the dormitory.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 6 – Recap

Sang Tian accidentally fell into Wen Bing’s arms, this scene was seen by classmates.

Shen William and the others told Wen Bing and Sang Tian that Wen Bing helped them ask for the problem set until the results were invalidated. They were very sorry, so they wanted to help them clean the ice rink. They also told them that their average score was even with the figure skating club, so to celebrate, they went to dinner together.

Shen William accidentally got the barbecue sauce on Sang Tian, ​​so Wen Bing took off the clothes and handed it to Sang Tian to change it. Wen Bing came back after changing clothes and found Wen Bing was not there. William said he answered the phone and went out. They all thought Wen Bing went out to fall in love.

Wen Bing came to the Oden-cooked stall and wanted to buy Oden-cooked, but found that Meng Namai had left the last one. So Meng Na cooked her oden to Wen Bing to make a plea. This scene happened to be seen by Sang Tian, ​​so Sang Tian was very angry and left and returned to the dormitory. 

Wen Bing sent Meng Na downstairs to the dormitory. Meng Na accidentally slipped while walking on the steps. Wen Bing pulled Meng Na up, and this scene happened to be seen by classmates.

So the classmates immediately went back to the dormitory and called the classmates to tell them about it. Everyone said that Meng Na and Wen Bing were already together. Sang Tian slapped the stool with Wen Bing’s portrait and accidentally cut Wen Bing’s clothes. So Sang Tian took out the sewing box and sewed the clothes. Sang Tian sewed on Wen Bing’s clothes. Pig head.

At this time Wen Bing came back, and Sang Tian felt unhappy because of this incident. Wen Bing thought it was Sang Tian that hadn’t eaten oden and was angry.

In the morning, Sang Tian left the dormitory and met Meng Na who came to find Wen Bing. Meng Na accidentally fell down again, so Sang Tian hugged her smoothly. Sang Tian saw that Meng Na’s heel was bleeding, so she took out the band-aids she had used before to help her stick it carefully, and gave her the rest of the bag, making Meng Na mistakenly think that Sang Tian liked her.

Coach Ma came to the ice rink and asked Sang Tian to find someone to explore their outdoor training route and make a sign. So Sang Tian asked Xiao Xiao to go with him.

After Wen Bing came out of the ice rink, she found Meng Na came to him. Meng Na told him that she had discovered a secret about Sang Tian. Wen Bing thought she had discovered that Sang Tian was a girl, so she let her eat and chat, only to find out that Meng Na mistakenly thought that Sang Tian liked her. So she pretended to say a lot of bad things about Sang Tian, ​​and Meng Na thought that Wen Bing deliberately said so many bad things about Sang Tian because she was jealous.

Sang Tian received news of Wenbing. After seeing Sang Tian’s reply to Wen Bing’s news within ten seconds, Xiao Rou felt that Sang Tian liked Wen Bing. So in order to test Sang Tian, ​​I asked three questions and found that Sang Tian was lying, so I was more convinced that Sang Tian liked Wen Bing.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met, and Wen Bing told Sang Tian that Xiao Xiao had been poisoned by eating hot pot in the hospital, so he could only help her plant the flag. So the two planted flags on the side of the road together. At this moment Meng Na suddenly came and said she would come to observe Sang Tian.

Meng Na hinted that Wen Bing had cold hands and wanted him to give her the gloves, but Wen Bing deliberately pretended not to understand. Sang Tian couldn’t stand it, so she took off her gloves and gave them to Meng Na. Meng Na felt that Sang Tian liked her more and more. Wen Bing said that Meng Na had skipped class and asked her to go back quickly. At this time, Meng Na also received the news from Coach Xue, so Meng Na had to rush back to training in figure skating. Meng Na took away Sang Tian’s gloves. Sang Tian felt her hands cold, so Wen Bing put her gloves on Sang Tian’s hands.

Meng Na rushed back to school and collided with Sang Zhan on the way. Meng Na accidentally scratched Sang Zhan’s clothes, almost fell Sang Zhan and held Meng Na again. Seeing that his clothes were broken, Sang Zhan asked Meng Na to pay him. Meng Na said that Sang Zhan wears fake goods, and Sang Zhan retorted that Meng Na also wears fake goods. Meng Na was very angry, but she left because she didn’t care about him in a hurry.

The next day Meng Na came to Sang Tian and told her she didn’t like her. Only then did Sang Tian realize that Meng Na had misunderstood, so she pretended that she already had someone she liked.

Sang Tian and her classmates came to the outdoor training ground to run together. Sang Tian wanted to be lazy because of too much intensity, so she quietly took the shortcut by herself, but it happened that Wen Bing found out about her, so they both stole it. lazy.

William accidentally broke his leg because of a takeaway on the road, and Sang Tian was worried, so William turned back. Wen Bing followed Sang Tian to William’s side, and Sang Tian ran to the front and called his teammate back.

So their party returned to the finish line with William. Coach Ma blamed Sang Tian for leading the classmates to rebel, but because Sang Tian led everyone to advance and retreat in an emergency, she felt that Sang Tian did a good job, but she still had to punish Sang Tian.

My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 5 – Recap

Sang Tian ran away immediately after the kiss, Sang Zhan told Xiao Rou about the story of finding Sang Tian, ​​when Sang Tian suddenly appeared.

Sang Tian told Sang Zhan that she was kissed by Wen Bing again. So Sang Zhan immediately asked Sang Tian to order the card for him and found it was an orange card. Sang Zhan said that the orange card is a very rare card. At the same time, Sang Tian also received a call from the housing agency, saying that she can live in a new house. So Sang Tian found out that she might have been transferred.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and told Wen Bing that she was about to move out. On the surface, Wen Bing said that she wanted her to go, but in fact she was very reluctant.

After Wen Bing woke up in the morning, she found that Sang Tian had gone, and saw the snowman Sang Tian had built for him outside the window sill. Wen Bing thought Sang Tian would not come back again.

Later he returned to the dormitory and found that Sang Tian had moved back. It turned out that Sang Tian was cheated by a black intermediary. So she had to move back to the dormitory.

Coach Ma approached Sang Tian and Wen Bing and asked Sang Tian why she didn’t tell the teacher and coach about her trapped in the equipment room. I hope she will pay more attention next time. If this happens again, she must notify them in time.

Coach Ma met Coach Xue at school. Coach Xue asked how Coach Ma’s last blind date was. Coach Ma said she doesn’t think about anything other than work. She also said that the recent competition results of the figure skating team were not satisfactory, and I hope she will spend more time on the figure skating team. But Coach Xue said that the cultural examination is about to come, and hopes that the cultural examination of the ice hockey department can pass.

Coach Ma was very dissatisfied with the ice hockey department’s cultural examination results, so he threatened the ice hockey team members to say that if the average score of the cultural class this time does not exceed the figure skating department, let them go back and forth. Everyone was worried that they would be expelled from school, so they wanted Wen Bing to go to the figure skating club to help them get an exam exercise. Wen Bing agreed, so she went to Mengna.

Mengna tried every means to help Wen Bing find exercises, but she was still rejected by the senior sister.

The team members were waiting for Wen Bing very impatiently, so they asked Sang Tian to urge Wen Bing.

When Sang Tian went to find Wen Bing, she found Senior Sister Miao Miao who was practicing figure skating. So she has been watching her dance figure skating, and Sang Tian also made some suggestions to Senior Sister Miaomiao. Senior Sister Miaomiao thought that Sang Tian was a very good person, so she gave her a book of titles from their figure skating club.

Sang Tian took the information back and copied it to everyone, and everyone went to Sang Tian’s dormitory to review.

Wen Bing got the book of questions from his uncle and looked at it for a long time. Wen Bing returned to the dormitory and found that everyone was reviewing in their dormitory, so he let them go away first, saying that it was late and let them go back to rest quickly. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian why she didn’t wait for his collection of questions. Sang Tian said that she would be expelled after waiting for his collection of questions.

When the exam began, Meng Na came to Wen Bing. Sang Tian found out that Wen Bing hadn’t got the title set. Sang Tian thought that Wenbing was going to hand in a blank paper, so she handed him the note. It was discovered by Coach Ma who called Wen Bing to the office.

Wen Bing told Coach Horse that this matter had nothing to do with others, and Coach Horse found that the handwriting was different. At this time Sang Tian also came to the office and told Coach Ma that she did it. Coach Ma said that Sang Tian was miserable to Wen Bing, otherwise he would be the first in the class this time. Sang Tian found out that Wenbing was a schoolmaster, so in order to punish them, Coach Ma remembered a small pass for them and asked them to clean the ice rink this semester. Sang Tian apologized to Wen Bing, and Wen Bing said that she would forgive her if she asked him to eat.

Wen Bing’s uncle came to the office to look for Coach Horse and said that the cheating was that their parents were not well educated. Coach Xue saw that the other party was Wen Bing’s uncle and said that this problem was the fault of their teacher and that education would be strengthened in the future, so the two of them added WeChat.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian came to the ice rink to clean the ice rink. Wen Bing took Sang Tian and sat in the car to clean the ice rink. Sang Tian accidentally fell into Wen Bing’s arms.