Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 24 – Recap

Fo Ye is in this tunnel. Those sheets are affecting his head. He’s still hot. Random blurry Changsha street scenes flood his mind and vision, and Fo Ye roars in pain, before pushing forward, half blind with a headache. He hits a tripwire that sets off an attack of sharp sheets. One of them slices his arm. Fo Ye keeps stumbling forward, but these visions of this estate torture his brain.

Seems it’s the Zhang Family home because the next few visions show a man taking to the men of the clan, telling them if they feel something is wrong and to go fix it. This isn’t a vision, it’s a flashback to an actual lecture.

Fo Ye tells himself he can’t ignore what he’s feeling wrong, and what he’s feeling wrong is that irritation he felt after the tunnel trip with the old miner and the wigs.

Chen Pi and Hendry are having tea together while discussing their evil plans to take down Fo Ye and Er Ye and any other  that get in their way. Jiu Ye is their next problem, according to Hendry. He says he will send a Tang Dynasty jade Buddha to Chen Pi so that Chen Pi can show it to Jiu Ye. Apparently this Buddha is up for auction at the Xin Yue hotel. Chen Pi doesn’t want to do this, but Hendry tells him to just do it, and Chen Pi agrees because he’s not that independently-minded.

Fo Ye is in the holey room and Ba Ye whimpering in a corner. Ba Ye hugs Fo Ye to find Fo Ye squirming in pain. They get Fo Ye seated at the pedestal of a lion statue where Fo Ye promptly bumps his head and jumps in pain. Ba Ye notes Fo Ye got infected by the Hair Monster again. Fo Ye asks about the diagram Ba Ye made, and Ba Ye proudly announces he’s made an eight character image while they’re right under the mines in a secret room that connects everywhere. Ba Ye explains further. Although the room keeps changing its holes there are always 64 of them forming a Fu Xi hexagram symbolizing eternity. Fo Ye asks if there is any way to get out. Ba Ye says yes. Wait for Er Ye to figure it out because by ancestral osmosis, Ba Ye will know what Uncle Er Ye figured out. Fo Ye is not happy with that response. Fo Ye then flashbacks to Xin Yue claiming him as the real Peng and other instances of her total cuteness. And Fo Ye remembers their adventures and how affectionate Xin Yue is. Ba Ye snaps him out of it to tell him to figure a way out of this mess.

Er Ye going from one holey room to another. He doesn’t meet his friends, though, he meets himself and has an argument about him tomb robbing instead of dying with Ya Tou. Then Er Ye sees Uncle Er Ye’s mark, and knows he had been there too. Anyway, Er Ye gets all determined and decides if Uncle Er Ye left the room, then he can leave too.

Uncle Er Ye and his now insane companions. They’re obsessed they will die there while Uncle Er Ye is looking at the map and thinking hard and looking hot. He is somehow seeing this whole scene with Uncle Er Ye and the two companions all crazy with fear, and Uncle Er Ye telling them, and Er Ye in the present, „no one in our family is afraid of tombs.” Er Ye looks again. He sees Uncle Er Ye, in the past, jump up a couple of levels of holes, and begin drawing the room. Er Ye looks at Uncle, looks at the map, looks at uncle, and then decides of his uncle got out of there, he could too. Er Ye zip the metal balls through the holes and listen where they end up. Er Ye finds the exit.

Ba Ye calculates some bad yellow energy and stresses he doesn’t have a white jade wind chime, and then gets annoyed Fo Ye is having fun meditating while they are stuck there. As Ba Ye is nagging Fo Ye to listen to him talk about 64 holes and 4800 possible routes of which one is the exit, his neck is grazed by something, and he looks up to see Er Ye.

Fo Ye and Er Ye check they’re both all right. No one asks about Ba Ye. Er Ye then says this cave couldn’t trap his Uncle, so it can’t trap him either. He proceeds to show the map to Fo Ye. Then Er Ye gives some explanation that basically involves finding the one and only exit. Ba Ye wonders why the blueprint looks so familiar. At any rate, Ba Ye finally decides they can’t get out of this place, but Er Ye just says follow me, and the other two go sure.

Er Ye shoots his balls, and listens to where they go. Fo Ye and Ba Ye are happy to follow. Then they come out to another shelf. Fo Ye asks Ba Ye if they should go forward or return and Ba Ye says, if I’m with you so let’s go forward.

Er Ye shoots his tiny metal balls. Er Ye goes into his listening trance. One of the balls comes flying back. And they find the safe exit this way, and Fo Ye says he will stay. Fo Ye says he wants to find the vault so that he can take what the Japanese wanted to take. Er Ye saying he has no ties and should go, while Fo Ye says he can’t let Er Ye be in danger. Ba Ye negotiates it all, and Er Ye is the one to go in, while Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait. Er Ye remembers hearing one of the metal balls hitting metal doors, and says to give him 4 hours, after which, you two leave.

Xin Yue going somewhere. She is a bit nervous, which her maid notes, and which Xin Yue puts down immediately. Then she walks into the room, takes a few deep breaths and kneels, crying, „Daddy!” but the person who comes through isn’t Boss Yin, but someone else.

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