Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 21 – Recap

Chief Lu and his men are at Chen Pi’s, talking about claws and bullets. Who is better, Chen Pi with his claws and metal bullets à la Er Ye or the military guys with their guns. Chen Pi blasts Chief Lu’s subordinate’s hat off his head  and smiles smugly, but Lu pulls his gun on him. Chief Lu boasts that he can control Chen Pi, who is just a local gangster.

Fo Ye thinks there must be a clue with so many coffins. Fo Ye hotly brushes some dirty away from the lid of the coffin nearest to him and has some weird vision. There a house and some memorial tablets. He doesn’t even flinch – actually, he doesn’t even acknowledge it. They find no clues, but Fo Ye says these coffins „do not belong here”. He thinks the Japanese dug them up somewhere and stored them in this room. There are a lot of cave-ins, which means someone came in here and triggered the traps. Ba Ye thinks it’s scary. He orders his people to dug a way out of the cave. Lt. Zhang demanding a shovel. The Fo Ye’s consult the map and discuss the red crosses, which they now think mean „extra danger”.

Lady Huo hears about Chen Pi’s latest deed and gathers that he is working with Chief Lu too, which she finds troublesome. All of this is her way of getting herself out of trouble. If she had not suggested Si Ye as a possible victim, it would have been her.

In the tomb, they encounter a ghost. But Fo Ye isn’t easily fooled by cheap tricks. Er Ye orders everyone to put down their lamps and then, they hang themselves down from the ceiling. There’s a shadow and the lamps go out. Once they’re all out, the shadow comes back. Fo Ye switches on his torch, shines some light on his friends, then he turns it to the left and there’s a thing hanging from the ceiling next to him. Fo Ye knocks it down and starts beating on it. That thing isn’t a thing but a human being, a man.  Er Ye sees that the man drops some bells and he drops from the ceiling to stop Fo Ye. Er Ye thinks the man can’t hear and he can also not see, cause someone did something horrible to his eyes. He has hair growing down to his ankles. They run after him, but he is much faster than them.

They do find him again, sitting against a well, singing a Hong family song. From the man’s weird behavior, Fo Ye guesses the man has never been outside. Ba Ye suggests Er Ye should sing the Hong-song that seems to important to the old miner and indeed, when Er Ye does, the old man jumps up and leads them further into the mines. He leads them to his sleeping place, another cave that seems to have served as underground barracks for the workers. Now, Fo Ye no longer thinks the man is confused, but just badly traumatized. Luckily, they have Er Ye who can sing the old man’s favorite opera song and tries to talk to the old man. Fo Ye says to settle down for the night and Lt. Zhang starts the electric generator. Fo Ye decides the old miner should get their best provisions. Fo Ye does not know, but he does know that the Japanese did things they did not want anyone to know about. When he wants to go to sleep. Er Ye discovers another Hong-tag.

That night, there is the sounds of bells that wakes everyone up. Fearless Fo Ye says he will go out and investigate, but the blind miner says don’t. They are safe here but not out there. Things from the mine cannot enter here. It seems the old man can hear after all. He guesses that Er Ye is a Hong and asks why he has only come now.

And then, the old man tells his tale: At only 15, he was already working in the mines, alongside  Uncle and his two men. Uncle – who taught him the opera song – helped the boy not to get beaten and convinced the foreman to use explosives cause things are going so slowly. A path to the tomb, says the miner.

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