Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 19 – Recap

Tong Nian’s friend, Yaya, has been anxious about Tong Nian’s lifelong happiness every day since he knew that Tong Nian was working with an Internet cafe uncle. After chatting, Tong Nian learned that Yaya was crazy infatuated with the Solo team back then, and then he confessed that the gun god Han Shangyan was his boyfriend.

That night, Tong Nian drew on Yaya to have a blackmail with Shen Zhe, 97, and the demo. As a result, Han Shangyan saw that the team members were actually connected to his wife with his wife. The jealousy made the boys quickly shut the wheat off. And Yaya originally thought that Tong Nian had met a greasy uncle who pretended to be Korean, until he discovered that Tong Nian’s target of hacking was the K&K club players, and then I felt that Tong Nian had entered Yaya’s dreams by accident. The circle that everyone wants to enter-cyber security game.

In that black scene, with the emergence Han Shangyan, the boys held back. Han Shangyan and Tong Nian were left alone, and Tong Nian used only daggers to practice funny operations. This couple in love felt happy just looking at the computer screen. And Yaya sincerely feels happy when he sees such a young Tong Nian.

After opening the black, Yaya couldn’t restrain her desire, and asked Tong Nian about Mi Shaofei in the Solo team. Only then did Tong Nian know that Mi Shaofei is an idol male god who has been thinking about it for many years.

The next day, Han Shangyan, who was as far away as Norway, allowed Zhou Shan to enter despite his illness. When Tong Nian sent a message about Yaya, Han Shangyan went to Mi Shaofei to help meet the female fans for his wife. This is the power of love! But there is still a couple that is not going well because of the lack of love. That is, Wang Hao and Su Cheng, former lovers and husbands and wives, but because one of them handled their relationship improperly, their common daughter Xiao Ai only hopes to stay with his father and refuses all the intersection with his mother.

When Xiao Ai rejected his father Wang Hao and wanted to take herself to dinner with his mother Su Cheng, the SP operations director put pressure on Wang Hao based on Xiaomi’s technology regression.

Han Shangyan told Tong Nian that he would be back one day late, and then suddenly appeared at Tong Nian’s fan signing party to surprise his girlfriend, and finally I saw that Xiang Zong was chasing Tong Nian. Use your breathtaking charm to kill the enemy invisible.

Then, on April Fool’s Day, Tong Nian took Han Shangyan, Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang to give Yaya a big surprise. When Yaya was so excited that she was incoherent, she saw her idol, Xiaomi, whom she had admired for many years. And when Mi Shaofei saw Yaya at first glance, he also had a keen interest in Yaya. Xiaomi is still in the study room of the university, sitting behind Yaya, like the last male classmate who started talking to Yaya. Later, when Ou Qiang saw Yaya and wanted to hug after shaking his hands, Mi Shaofei pushed his brother away.

After a while, a group of people came to Han Shangyan’s home. Yaya has been floating, feeling so unreal. Until there was a force in his body that drove Yaya to ask Mi Shaofei a question. That is, when the Solo team was disbanded, where Mi Shaofei went, this was Yaya’s heart for a long time.

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