Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 19 – Recap

Officer Lu goes looking for Qi Shan but is told he is out, which catches his attention. Meanwhile Chen Pi is breaking in to Qi Shan’s manor, trying to kill him no doubt. He finds Xin Yue playing music in her room. Xin Yue tells him if he wants to see Qi Shan, then please step in from the main doors like a proper guest. She lectures him like a wayward child instead of a killer. Chen Pi thinks that killing Xin Yue, who obviously has a special relationship with Qi Shan, would suffice as a greeting gift.

Officer Lu has also broken in, watching the scene unfold. Xin Yue steps into her martial art stance, which Chen Pi recognises and also adopts his stance. Xin Yue maintains her bravado by turning her back against him, but throws makeup powder on him to distract him. She tries to run away, which is when Officer Lu steps in.

Officer Lu checks on Xin Yue, all pleasant but Xin Yue tells him to cut the crap. She demands to know who is he. But Xin Yue is a smart girl, she knows to be suspicious of Officer Lu.

They enter a more dangerous, cobwebbed part, and half their men are gone. They make it to a cave full of ancient buildings. Qi Shan senses something is amiss though, and fires a few shots. It breaks the glass, and the illusion is gone.

Ba Ye falls through a hole. When Er Ye climbs down, he accidentally steps on Ba Ye’s leg, who has fallen in a heap. Qi Shan does the same, but on Ba Ye’s other leg. When he comes to, Ba Ye wonders why he hurts all over. Er Ye and Qi Shan sheepishly explain why, Ba Ye looks so betrayed.

Chen Pi meets Mr Qiu, who proposes they join forces with Officer Lu. Being the kind villain he is, he gives Chen Pi a pendant that allows him to enter the commerce building as he pleases. He can also force Officer Lu to work with him. Chen Pi  tells Mr Qiu to forget about Ba Ye or Jiu Ye, they are all Qi Shan’s men. Instead, look for Madam Huo of the nine families. Apparently the mine that Qi Shan and co are raiding belongs to Madam Huo San Niang.

Later, he successfully makes Officer Lu his ally, who will break the nine families on his behalf.

Officer Lu meets Madam Huo, who is not too interested in him. Only when he brings up Qi Shan entering Huo family’s tomb, she finally shows interest in their conversation.

He suddenly reaches for her hair and she gets up and unties her bun, revealing her long hair. She twirls, and it looks like her hair accessories might cut into Officer Lu.

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