Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 18 – Recap

On the handle of the eavesdropping community, it is Han Shangyan, followed by his cousin Wu Bai. During an evening training session, Han Shangyan overheard Tong Nian talking about his acquaintance with player 97, and he was about to talk about falling in love. Han Shangyan was shy with a trace of leadership’s majesty, so 97 hurry up to train, otherwise 97 will be ordered to retire next. With the obedient step of 97, Han Shangyan approached Tong Nian, and his hot breath made Tong Nian ready to go to the bathroom to clean up his makeup. When he was about to leave, Tong Nian saw his love rival Zhou Shan, and quickly returned to Han Shangyan, which is sticky. In the process of sticking, Wu Bai eavesdropped on the interesting conversation between the two, and Zhou Shan photographed the intimate back of the two.

After Tong Nian left in a boring manner, Han Shangyan went to find Tong Nian while training. Previously, Tong Nian had always supported the work of Hanshangyan, but now Hanshangyan looked at Tong Nian’s plan, and curiously asked Tong Nian about his profession. Following Tong Nian’s eloquence, Han Shangyan learned that Tong Nian’s professional involvement in criminal investigations and his face recognition system helped the police crack more than a thousand cases. Under Han Shangyan’s surprised eyes, Tong Nian brought a little Tsundere and wanted the male god Shangyan to praise herself. In addition to Han Shangyan’s touch and pet, Tong Nian also hopes that Shangyan will show off its network security technology in front of him.

Han Shangyan took Tong Nian to the place where the boys were training and started a game with the 97 players. After the boys and Tong Nian, with one after another admiration, Han Shangyan won without any effort. At this moment, Tong Nian is proud of the technology of Han Shangyan and proud of being the number one gunman in China’s cyber security industry. When it was time to eat, Tong Nian waited until Han Shangyan came, but he was already hungry.

The individual group stage of the first Sanya training camp has begun. Members of the SP team and the K&K team are drawn to determine their opponents, and the final win rate determines the winner. After some competition, the SP team won, and the K&K team only won by Wu Bai and Shen Zhe.

This record does not affect the hearts of the boys who want to relax and eager to try. When Han Shangyan was chatting with Tong Nian, Shang Yan used a special way to let the boys finish their push-ups before going. This made the SP team Ou Qiang, Mi Shaofei and others saw it, and they all felt that it was an absolute strength and an absolute worship in exchange.

In the quiet night, Han Shangyan still has a lot of work to deal with. Since Tong Nian and Han Shangyan were both reluctant to bear each other, Tong Nian moved the computer to Han Shangyan’s room, and the two accompanied them together, doing their own things. From time to time, Tong Nian raised his curiosity, and Han Shangyan also answered patiently. For example: Han Shangyan is accustomed to wearing headphones because the sound in the earphones can make Han Shangyan calm down and think about problems. When Han Shangyan put the earphones on Tong Nian’s head, after a while, she fell asleep. Tong Nian’s lovely sleeping face caused Han Shangyan to feel a little emotional in his pampering, and he touched Tong Nian’s little face without control. And Han Shangyan, who has not rested, waited until Tong Nian woke up, and Han Shangyan told Tong Nian the time and said that he would not sleep anymore and would take the team members to self-training later. Tong Nian was very distressed about Han Shangyan, so he said that he would go there soon.

A group of people on the bus were so tired that they fell asleep with the person next to them. This feeling of exhaustion and mutual dependence will not be defeated by a momentary win or loss. It’s just that the feeling of being tired makes people want to vent. This independent training is Han Shangyan that wants to relax the boys, but before hearing the word relax, the team member 97 expressed his thoughts amidst other people’s daring to complain. After knowing the boss’s true thoughts, 97 and the rest of the boys shook the bridge crazy when they went to play on the cable bridge.

When the kids were happy, Han Shangyan squinted for a while, and when he opened his eyes again, Tong Nian had already completed the game app in order to win Han Shangyan’s favor. Listening to Tong Nian’s introduction, Han Shangyan’s heartbeat was obvious, so he unconsciously leaned forward and wanted to kiss Tong Nian. As a result, the group of boys sorely wailed at this moment, which made Han Shangyan suddenly stunned, and Tong Nian was happy.

In order to resolve the embarrassment, Tong Nian also brought Han Shangyan to the cable bridge where the boys were playing. It is said that it is a lover’s rope bridge, specially made for lovers. When Tong Nian realized that Han Shangyan was afraid of being high, he mischievously yelled at the mountain on the suspension bridge.

But that day was also the day when Tong Nian was leaving Sanya. When Hanshangyan sent Tong Nian to the car, Tong Nian wanted to be satisfied with just a K&K work license there. But who made Tong Nian’s Han Shangyan a person beyond expectations. Han Shangyan took off his team uniform in front of Tong Nian and handed it to Tong Nian. Knowing that Tong Nian would definitely smell Han Shangyan, he had been waiting by the sea, and he pretended to let Tong Nian wash it.

Back in the university dormitory, my friend Yaya began to care about Tong Nian and asked him if he had lost his life during his trip to Sanya. Tong Nian shyly hesitated, and then boldly told Yaya that he really liked this handsome uncle. Based on her veteran experience, Yaya imagined the scene of Tong Nian and a greasy uncle who had nothing to do with her, feeling good that the cabbage had been dominated by a pig. On the other hand, Zhou Shan wanted to take a substitute as soon as Tong walked away. However, Shangyan felt uncomfortable because she was reluctant to bear Tong Nian, and she did not need Zhou Shan’s care.

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