Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 17 – Recap

Xin Yue gets some time alone with Qi Shan, who thanks her for taking care of him. She just wants him to keep her around but stops herself from finishing the sentence. She asks after Er Ye. Qi Shan defends his friend but she scoffs, feeling upset on Ya Tou’s behalf. She finds Er Ye at the night parlour, where he is still drowning in alcohol. Her words fall on deaf ears and he enrages her even further, asking her to call the girls back in after she leaves.

Chen Pi walks around aimlessly, arriving outside a restaurant. He overhears the owner asking his staff if the one knocking at their door yesterday is Er Ye. Chen Pi perks up at the mention of his master and listens how Er Ye carried Ya Tou around, looking for a restaurant. The owner worries that Er Ye would retaliate against them over a bowl of noodles. That night, Chen Pi kills him.

Fu Guan informs Qi Shan that eight people has died, all of them are affiliated with noodle restaurants. But it is not Er Ye and Chen Pi is missing. Qi Shan orders Chen Pi to be captured no matter what. Fu Guan meets Jiu Ye and discuss about Chen Pi. Jiu Ye suggests that they intercept the capturing of Chen Pi and interrogate him themselves. Officer Lu also learns the restaurant serial killing from his assistant and they also plan to do the same.

Fu Guan learns about Chen Pi’s location and they indeed find him. Problem is, Officer Lu and his men are also there. Fu Guan is about to strike, when Officer Lu fires a shot. It catches Fu Guan off guard and Chen Pi takes advantage of the distraction to kick Fu Guan down. He runs off and Fu Guan and Officer Lu face-off.

Qi Shan and Xin Yue watch as Er Ye leads the procession, dressed in red. Er Ye thinks about how Ya Tou wants him to live on with a smile, and he forces a smile as he looks up to the sky. He asks her to wait for her. He doesn’t acknowledge Qi Shan and Xin Yue when he passes them, I don’t think he notices them at all. When they reach Er Ye’s family tomb, he dismisses his servants and spends time alone inside.  As he cleans the coffin, the ground underneath him collapses and he falls into a shallow hole. Shocked, Er Ye realizes that someone has explored the tomb before.

Ba Ye visits Er Ye’s manor and learns all the servants have been dismissed. Apparently Er Ye has been staying there for hours. He goes to look for Qi Shan, who is busy being taken care of by Xin Yue. She goes overboard trying to make sure he gets proper nutrients and even peels an apple for him, which makes him smile. He suddenly wonders why he has not been receiving any guests lately, which makes Xin Yue a little guilty. Apparently Xin Yue has ordered the butler not to let any guests in. But the butler asks permission to allow Ba Ye in, which surprises Qi Shan. He stares at Xin Yue and puts her in her place. He is being unnecessarily mean about it though, telling her now that Ya Tou is dead, she doesn’t have anyone she cares about in Changsha. She can leave now.

Ba Ye is here with surprising news: Er Ye has disappeared and has even dismissed all servants. He also has another news. The Japanese has begun moving near the mine. Even though it is dangerous without Er Ye, they have no choice. They must investigate the mine before the Japanese do. Xin Yue enters and asks Qi Shan when is he leaving. She gets another scolding from Er Ye over the eavesdropping. She retorts that if he really wanted privacy, he should have asked someone to guard the door for him. He tells her to mind her own business.

Meanwhile, Er Ye has dug deep into his family tomb and found an underground chamber. He find dead bodies and a pendant similar to the one Qi Shan found in the tomb before. From his ancestor’s journal, he learns more about how his grand uncle and the Japanese first explored the tomb.

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