Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 11 – Recap

A song “Glory Years” expresses the feelings at the moment to the right, allowing Han Shangyan and Xiaomi to release themselves in the car driven by Ou Qiang. All three of them recalled the Solo team ten years ago, singing this song in poverty without giving up their dreams.  What happened ten years ago is like it happened yesterday. After that, Han Shangyan talk brought Ou Qiang and Xiaomi to the place where they walked out of the shadow of Wang Hao and made up their minds to form the K&K team. When Han Shangyan talked about the love between Wang Hao and Ai, he still had hatred and anger. At this time, it was not Wang Hao but Ou Qiang who enlightened Han Shangyan. In his own way, Ou Qiang expressed his anger while being fierce with Han Shangyan. The meaning was roughly the same as Xiaomi’s previous words. He hoped that Han Shangyan would not be stubborn, and he and Ai Qing Wang Hao would settle their suspicions. After all, Wang Hao once again set up a team, although he violated his previous commitment to Han Shangyan, but it is also for China’s cyber security to occupy a place in the world. Ai Qing at the hotel recalled the family environment of Hanshangyan. When she was born, her mother died of bleeding from her own birth. His father died soon afterwards, which led to Hanshangyan’s current character and inability to express emotions. Therefore, Hanshangyan is now passing the sugar that has controlled his emotions over the years to Xiaomi and Ou Qiang. The three joked again, enjoying the friendship between old friends.

The next day, Han Shangyan and others set off to return home. Han Shangyan was interviewed on the bus. Fortunately, Wu Bai was relatively slow to accept interviews at the airport. This was when Tong Nian came to pick up the plane and took him to the car where Han Shangyan was.

At the moment when Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian, he endured the stormy waves in his heart and made a faint comment on Tong Nian. Fortunately, Wu Bai broke the deadlock and let Tong Nian get in the car. After getting on the bus, Han Shangyan was obviously worried about whether it was cold or cold, but because of the way of expression, Tong Nian mistakenly thought that Han Shangyan did not like his dress today. Only then did it claim that Tong Nian will wear what Han Shangyan likes in the future. And this sentence made Han Shangyan’s face blush, so he told Tong Nian not to say this to other men in the future.

In a restaurant in China, Wang Hao and his ex-wife met because of his daughter Xiao Ai. And daughter Xiao Ai needs a hearing aid to hear her parents’ voices, but such Xiao Ai hates her biological mother. In Xiao Ai’s view, her biological mother disliked the former Wang Haoqiong and left her father and herself.

When he arrived at the K&K Club, Tong Nian lamented that everything about Han Shangyan was so handsome, even if he wanted to be a decoration. Tong Nian even took advantage of Hanshangyan to take advantage of Hanshangyan to take pictures of Hanshangyan. When Han Shangyan sent Tong Nian’s WeChat “delete”, Tong Nian didn’t care about these details, only that Han Shangyan knew that this was his WeChat. Then, Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to come in and Tong Nian pretended that she had been deleted. As a result, it happened that the voice sent by my girlfriend Blueberry was exposed. Because Tong Nian sent it to his best friend the first time, and then deleted it. After seeing her, her best friend praised the handsome and good-looking Han Shangyan, which made Tong Nian, a fake girlfriend, couldn’t help but laugh.

To celebrate his success, Han Shangyan finished the video conference with his Norwegian partner and continued to work on his own affairs, so he let the boys come in to accompany Tong Nian for dinner. Within his sight, Han Shangyan had a panoramic view of Tong Nian’s cute behavior. After this conversation, the boys felt that the sister-in-law Tong Nian and Han Shangyan were a perfect match.

After returning home, Tong Nian did not hesitate to stay up all night to build the advanced reaction software that she mentioned to Han Shangyan yesterday.

Because he couldn’t watch Xiao Ai screaming and drinking to his leader Su Cheng, who was also Xiao Ai’s mother. Hanshangyan took the aggressive approach and asked Xiao Ai to accompany Su Cheng to the playground to enjoy the affection between mother and daughter. Xiao Ai, who was not convinced, agreed, but asked Han Shangyan to also go to pay off the debt. Xiao Ai’s father, Wang Hao, was kind to Han Shangyan for his enlightenment.

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