Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 16 – Recap

Xin Yue asks if Ya Tou has ever fought with Er Ye, but she says no. Er Ye takes care of her very well and never lets her worry. But she knows she doesn’t match someone like Er Ye. He is someone high up on a pedestal, while she is only an ordinary noodles-selling girl. Later, Xin Yue helps Ya Tou choose her outfit for their outdoor excursion. She decides on red for Ya Tou and lo and behold, Er Ye too shows up in red. But their sweet moment is interrupted when Ya Tou begins coughing up blood. Jiu Ye has left home since this morning and is nowhere to be found. The medicine is missing. Ya Tou says that she doesn’t want the medicine anymore and has returned them to Qi Shan. He wants to find Qi Shan but she makes him stay with her.

Jiu Ye is with Qi Shan at his manor. When Qi Shan learns that Er Ye is almost reaching their door, he reluctantly orders for the door to be closed.

He takes a look at Ya Tou and he grows desperate as he bangs at the door, begging Qi Shan to open it and save his wife. He repeatedly calls for Qi Shan. He even kneels down. When Qi Shan finally shows up, Er Ye looks hopeful but Qi Shan crushes that hope. He thinks about Ya Tou’s request for him to lie to Er Ye before. He told her he wasn’t willing to betray Er Ye but she had tearfully begged him to keep Er Ye alive. The only one who can do that is him.

Hopeless now, Er Ye turns to embrace his wife. He tells her he is sorry for not being able to get the medicine. She simply smiles and tells him she wants to go home. They do finally return. Back in the manor, Qi Shan is angrier than we have ever seen him. He asks Jiu Ye if it is worth it but Jiu Ye has no answer for him.

In Er Ye’s manor, Ya Tou is forcing herself to wash clothes, even though the pain must have been unbearable. She nearly falls over but Er Ye is there to help her. She tells him that she has no energy to wash the rest of the clothes. She asks if he can take her to eat a bowl of noodles. At this hour, none of the restaurants are open and Er Ye grows increasingly desperate. Ya Tou gently tells him that she doesn’t feel like it anymore and they agree to eat them tomorrow.

They sit in the middle of a pavilion, staring at the night sky. She reminiscences about their wedding day and asks if he remembers. Even Ya Tou is aware that the noodles she cooked lately has been terrible. But Er Ye is ever sweet and constantly tells her they are great. But she knows and tells him they have both worked hard. She tells him she is sorry. Er Ye tells her that if he had not met her, he would have probably been a bachelor or a playboy. He would have lived without meaning. Ya Tou tells him to take care of himself when she is gone.

Next morning, Er Ye shows up at Qi Shan’s manor, dragging a sword behind him. He asks why Qi Shan won’t give him the medicine. Knowing Ya Tou must have died, Qi Shan gives him his condolences.  He flings his sword but Qi Shan looks unperturbed. The sword stops at his shoulder. Hearing the commotion, Xin Yue and the maids come running out. Xin Yue knocks the sword of Er Ye’s hand, asking if he lost his mind. Qi Shan tells Er Ye that if he explores the mine with him, investigate the Japanese’s scheme and save the Changsha people, his life is his. After Er Ye leaves, only does Qi Shan betrays his injury where the blade has cut into his shoulder. Xin Yue asks him why did he stupidly gets himself injured but he assures her he is fine. She fusses over him and Qi Shan allows it.

Er Ye is lying lifelessly against the coffin. Jiu Ye offers his condolences and hands him the letter Ya Tou entrusted him with. Inside there is a photo of Er Ye and Ya Tou.  Jiu Ye reveals the truth. The medicine from Beijing do work but Ya Tou’s illness is too great and the side effects from the medicine puts her in a lot of pain. He also explains about Qi Shan’s involvement. Qi Shan had simply been unable to say no to Ya Tou, considering her great love for Er Ye.

In the hospital, Chen Pi finally wakes up. He asks the nurse until when they intend to keep him but she laughingly tells him that this is a hospital, not a prison. He sneers when the nurse says that she is under Qi Shan’s orders to make sure he recovers, and walks out. Out in the streets, he overhears people discussing about Ya Tou’s death. Panicked, he runs over to Er Ye’s manor and he finds the funeral. Another servant discovers him and tells him that Ya Tou has passed on, confirming his worst fears.

In a seedy night parlour, Er Ye fools around with the ladies who drown him in alcohol. Ba Ye storms in and yells at him for doing this when Ya Tou has not even been buried. But Er Ye is completely drunk and Ba Ye leaves, disappointed.

He complains to Qi Shan at his manor. They are both worried about their friend. Xin Yue walks in, interrupting them. She asks why is Ba Ye here again. She stares at Ba Ye until he promises to come less often, no, he will try not to come ever. She immediately dismisses him. The men stare at each other but they obey.

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