Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 10 – Recap

When Han Shangyan walked out of the coffee shop in a desperate manner, Ai Qing chased him out, and Xiaomi followed suit. However, after Ai Qing lost Han Shangyan, he was taken advantage of by a few strong men who had drunk in a foreign country to accompany him. Fearful, Ai Qing yelled Han Shangyan and yelled for help. Hearing the strange Han Shangyan, he rushed out of the darkness and pushed down one of the strong men and took out his weapon. At this time, Ai Qing, who was afraid of causing trouble, violently attacked Han Shangyan. Just like protecting Wang Hao back then, let Han Shangyan not only use violence to solve problems. Watching Xiaomi come over to support Ai Qing and leave directly regardless.

After returning to the hotel, Xiaomi calmed Ai Qing and took the cakes that Ai Qing had ordered in advance, as well as the coffee just now, including the abrasion medicine bought for Han Shang Yan, and brought them to Han Shang Yan.

As soon as Han Shangyan came back, he threw his clothes off and sat down on the sofa, puffed up. When Xiaomi knocked on the door, Han Shangyan also went to open the door with boredom. But after that, Xiaomi said something, which made Han Shangyan talk a little shaken. Xiaomi first pointed out that he did not choose the Hanshangyan team, but chose Wang Hao’s team, explaining the reason. Wang Hao has the same existence for Xiaomi and Hanshangyan. Without Wang Hao, there would be no Xiaomi and Hanshangyan who pursued their dreams. Then I told Han Shangyan not to deny Wang Hao’s other things to everyone because of that incident. Moreover, it is very sad that Wang Hao and Ai Qing have been guilty of Han Shangyan for many years. Finally, on behalf of the individual, Wang Hao and Ai Qing, I wish my brother Han Shangyan a happy birthday.

Later, Han Shangyan also saw the voice sent by Tong Nian. Because the old man had introduced  Shangyan to Tong’s mother at the table before, Tong Nian remembered the birthday of Korean Shangyan. Therefore, Tong Nian made Han Shangyan a happy Valentine’s Day and a happy birthday. After hearing this sweet blessing, Han Shangyan was content to light and blow candles by himself. Afterwards, Han Shangyan thought about his wish, and went to Xiaomi to accompany him on his birthday. So Xiaomi and Han Shangyan went to a Norwegian bar and celebrated with a drink like a man.

When it’s time for the game, the SP team and the K&K team represent the Chinese team and compete against foreign players. It is a country-to-country contest. When the game commentator announced a random match opponent, the players and team leaders below took a deep breath, and they met each other. Wang Hao and others who are not in Norway are also watching live games, watching the team’s win-loss ratio in real time.

At present, the SP team, Ou Qiang wins one game, Xiaomi loses one game. The person who is expected to win the championship is Wu Bai, the cousin of Hanshangyan, who is not only outstanding in appearance and good character, but also has the demeanor of Hanshangyan back then. But winning the world championship was Wu Bai’s goal when he liked Ai Qing in high school. Because Ai Qing, who was shining on the stage back then, is so charming that Wu Bai just wants to become famous in front of Ai Qing.

When the world’s number one Wu Bai competed with the world’s second place Naya, Wu Bai completely brought Naya to his own rhythm at the last moment when everyone thought he would lose, winning gorgeously. While cheering for China at the scene, Tong Nian here on live broadcast and couldn’t help but call to congratulate Han Shangyan. And Han Shangyan also happily raised the phone, let Tong Nian listen to the cheers. After hanging up the phone, Tong Nian was moved to tears by watching Han Shangyan below the award ceremony in the video.

After the interview, while congratulating Han Shangyan, Nanwei asked about Xiaomi’s status as a friend. Because just in the arena, except for Xiaomi, the other Chinese players are all top players. Therefore, Hanshangyan suspected that Xiaomi was playing abnormally, and now it must be uncomfortable, so he went to Ou Qiang and Xiaomi, and the three of them went crazy together.

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