Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 9 – Recap

In the SP team, Ai Qing went to Wang Hao angrily. The reason is that Wang Hao flinched by himself, afraid of seeing Han Shangyan, but he was still “a brother for one day, a brother for a lifetime”. And such Wang Hao, knowing that the K&K team is led by Han Shangyan, he also asked Ai Qing to take Xiaomi and Ou Qiang to Norway to participate in the game. Ai Qing hopes that Wang Hao and Han Shangyan can settle their suspicions, not only Ai Qing and others shook hands with Han Shangyan. However, the Han Shangyan ten years ago could not forgive Wang Hao, that Wang Hao who quit cowardly, that Wang Hao who gave up his relationship with Ai for many years, and that Wang Hao who ignored the team for personal reasons.

However, Hanshangyan at this time didn’t care too much about going to Norway to play the game, and would encounter embarrassment with old friends, but let the team member Lingshan help him register NetEase Cloud Music. At that time, Tong Nian was chatting with his best friend Blueberry while using his NetEase cloud to send news. Moreover, Tong Nian’s dynamic is eleven years old, comparing himself with the Korean business language who won the championship at that time. Although no surname was named, many netizens left comments on who is “someone” because of Tong Nian’s squid’s reputation.

 At this time, Han Shangyan was not familiar with NetEase Cloud for the first time, so he left a message under Tong Nian’s dynamics, leaving his own contact information. This has caused intense jealousy and ridicule from the squid fans.

When Tong Nian saw the news, it was instantly sweet. The two also paid attention to each other. Later, Tong Nian hid in the bathroom and called Han Shangyan. I heard the warm breathing over there, and the magnetic voice of Han Shangyan. That’s right, Han Shangyan answered Tong Nian’s call when he was sleepy, and told him in a daze that he would return to Norway tomorrow and the flight time for his return. The excited Tong Nian reluctantly hung up the phone after there was no voice. After that, Tong Nian’s love bubble ran into his best friend, and Blueberry was also excited to think that this is the meaning of Shangyan who likes Tong Nian so much that he wants Tong Nian to pick him up.

On the plane to Norway, the two teams that will compete are in business class purchased by Han Shangyan. Han Shangyan and Ai Qing are sitting side by side, which makes Ai Qing very embarrassed. Ai Qing couldn’t help but remember that one day ten years ago, Han Shangyan and Ai Qing braved the heavy rain to buy food for the players of Team Solo. After returning, Wang Hao took his girlfriend Ai Qing to the bathroom forcibly, used a hair dryer to help Ai Qing dry her hair, and gave Ai Qing a cup of cold spirit, leaving her envious Korean business words, “lonely and lonely”.

Later, Han Shangyan recalled Was up, one day ten years ago, Team Soro was on the roof of the rental room, and everyone talked freely about their dreams in turn, dreaming of winning the world championship in the future, and preparing to work hard in that direction.

After arriving in Norway, Hanshangyan took the two teams to his club in Norway. Ou Qiang and Xiaomi are feeling that Hanshangyan must have suffered a lot over the years. After that, Ai Qing and Ye met each other by themselves. Han Shangyan introduced that the man named Nanwei was the husband of the team leader Su Cheng, who was the current Wang Hao’s ex-wife who had been married for many years. However, Nanwei is very casual and open, so that Ai Qing should not be embarrassed, who has never fallen in love. So, after some formal exchanges, the group went to the training room and started preparing for the invitational match between the two teams.

After the two teams returned to the hotel, Han Shangyan found flowers in his room. Then she received a call from her aunt Han Jiajia, asking herself to purchase a chain from Norway. At this time, Tong Nian had already begun to prepare for Han Shangyan pick-up. When thinking that it was Valentine’s Day, Tong Nian started thinking about gifts again. And that day was actually Han Shangyan’s birthday, but when Tong Nian called, Han Shangyan was answering his aunt’s call, and the line was busy.

After Han Shangyan, just after 12 o’clock, Ai Qing took him to the coffee shop, wanting to celebrate the birthday of an old friend. But when Ai Qing talked about Han Shangyan ten years ago and became Ai Qing and Wang Hao’s little tail on Valentine’s Day. From the beginning of misunderstanding and making trouble to the end when he learned that it was the birthday, I felt that Han business dialect was a romantic and friendly person. It’s just that this made Han Shangyan a hit, because that time also made Shang Yan feel that Wang Haoai values ​​love more than friendship.

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