Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 6 – Recap

After the speech, when Tong Nian was about to pick up the car, the honest senior Zheng Hui wanted to confess to Tong Nian, but Zheng Hui couldn’t tell. This made my friend Yaya anxious, waiting for Tong Nian to let Yaya and Zheng Hui spend the New Year together, and gave Zheng Hui a kick. Later, when Tong Nian and Yaya went to drink milk tea, Yaya learned that Tong Nian had fallen in love, and she sighed at the speed of Tong Nian being dumped like a god. After Tong Nian made it clear, Yaya learned that Tong Nian, who was still single a few days ago, only went from unrequited love to broken love.

At the entrance of the K&K club, Tong Nian looked around for a while, nostalgic for a while, and took a few photos. As we left, Tong Nian, who was riding a bicycle, and Han Shangyan who was on the phone, didn’t notice anyone and passed by. Afterwards, Han Shangyan went to the room where the boys gathered and gave the boys New Year red envelopes one by one.

On the first day of this year’s holiday, the boys were reluctant to leave, or Han Shangyan told them to leave. As for the club’s people, the boys first posted Spring Festival couplets and blessings to the K&K club, and then One’s mother was the club’s helper, so Han Shangyan sent a red envelope to the aunt. This was all seen by one.

After Hanshangyan knew that the old man had returned to China and had to stay in the country for half a year, he also learned that the player demo did not want to go home for the New Year because of his parents’ divorce. As the boss of the business, he took the demo and cousin Wu Bai home happily. After arriving home, Han Shangyan arranged tasks for the demo to cook, clean up the room, and make the old man happy. This is obviously not to let the demo live here for nothing, but in fact, Hanshangyan wants to exercise the self-reliance ability of the demo. After the demo made some good dishes, they called the boss and Xiaobai. After the demo gave the boss a chicken leg, Han Shangyan put down his chopsticks, and suddenly lost his appetite, and went upstairs to his room.

In the room, Han Shangyan began to recall that ten years ago, Wang Hao arranged for the first meeting between Han Shangyan and a newcomer. That newcomer is Ai Qing, and Shang Yan felt that Ai Qing was a little boy at first glance. This made Ai Qing a little angry, but Wang Hao suppressed her anger. With Ai Qing expressing that she would PK with Han Shang for a while, the battle ended. The three of them went to a courtyard house in Beijing. Ou Qiang and Xiaomi were still catching chickens and preparing to cook dinner. After going there, the first thing that Han Shangyan, called the gun god, is to have a KO with Ai Qing. So the two went to the training room, one using a computer, Xiaomi holding a chicken, and Ou Qiang holding a cat, all watching the battle. A few minutes later, with Ai Qing’s superb deciphering technology, Han Shangyan became a defeated opponent. Ai Qinglue arrogantly told Han Shangyan that it is not important to admit defeat, but to admit punishment. Han Shangyan smiled bitterly, just underestimate the enemy and promised to do housework forever. That night, Wang Hao rewarded Ai Qing and Han Shangyan with chicken legs.

In one game, Team Solo and Team Bafu lost their PK because the players didn’t have enough food and didn’t sleep well, but the audience didn’t buy it, and there were fake fans who went to make matters worse. Afterwards, Wang Hao went to ask the boss who had signed a contract with Solo, but the other party didn’t want to give money, but also wanted to take back the house for Solo. Therefore, Han Shangyan intends to give out his education fund to Wang Hao so that everyone can continue to play. After that, a group of struggling cyber security people moved to Shanghai and started again.

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