Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 15 – Recap

Ya Tou asks what they should do. Jiu Ye tells her they need to give Er Ye a reason to live on. She agrees easily, whatever it is.

In Qi Shan’s manor, Xin Yue is bored out of her mind. Qi Shan is not around. The maid explains that he leaves early and returns late, to which Xin Yue grumbles that he is just avoiding her. She leaves the maid to go look around the manor. She is delighted when she finds his study and decides to hide there in their hide-and-seek game. She plops down on his chair and checks out the books on his table. She spies a similar artifact that she has at home and accidentally activates his secret door.

Meanwhile, Qi Shan is home early. His butler tells him that the madam has been bored senseless. Qi Shan is surprised that she has been asking for him but the butler assures him that she knows nothing except that he has been swamped with work.

The secret door leads Xin Yue to Qi Shan’s treasure room. She is not too impressed. One wrong step and she accidentally falls into a trap. Qi Shan is upstairs looking for Xin Yue when he notices the door to his study is open. He asks him why she is here. Even though he did say she can freely roam the manor, but not this place. He doesn’t help her and just takes off his coat and sits down. She asks if he thinks she is like him, a thief. He teases her about her abnormal curiosity and she tells him to stop it and let her down immediately. He slooowly takes off his gloves. When Xin Yue struggles, he shouts at her not to move around.

He tells her that the treasure room is filled with traps and any movement can possibly trigger one. But she doesn’t believe him and thinks he is trying to humiliate her. She struggles even harder and when the rope snaps, arrows fly in her direction. Qi Shan jumps and hurls her out of harm’s way. She notices his injury from the arrows and fusses over him. He curtly tells her he is fine but then looks at her for quite some time.

Dinner time. She happily declares that she is here to accompany her husband for dinner but the maids tell her the meal can’t start before Qi Shan is here. So she goes up to his room to find him. She is surprised to find him half-naked but braves it anyway. He tells her to leave, a little harshly. She turns around,  but notices the injury from saving her earlier. She balks when he tries to ask her to leave again. But this time he is honest and says he is not trying to drive her away. But Changsha is dangerous and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. She is not touched and tells him she can see through him. But she sits him down anyway and begin to help him wipe his body.

When she moves to help him wipe his back, she is startled at all the whip marks. She complains about Peng San Pian’s brute and tells him off for not mentioning his injuries. The heat from the towel causes Qi Shan’s family tattoo surfaces. Xin Yue marvels at the tattooed creature, calling it scary. Qi Shan explains that it is a mythical beast in the legends, known to be most ferocious and blood-thirsty. She asks him why would he tattoo such a blood-thirsty monster. He tells her that he is cursed with blood-thirsty creatures and he is destined to have a difficult life. But she is not the same. She is born of a wealthy family, she will have a good life ahead. He tells her to leave Changsha, it is too dangerous for her. Xin Yue tells him that he doesn’t need to curse himself to chase her away. She will just leave.

She mulls over his words that night. She thinks about how she fell for him and their adventures in her family’s hotel. On the other side, Qi Shan doesn’t seem to be able to fall asleep either. He gets up to read a book but his thoughts are of Xin Yue.

The next day, Xin Yue visits Ya Tou who is confined to her bed. She complains that there is a home that she cannot return to and she is chased out by the other. Ya Tou sweetly offers to let her stay. In his manor, Qi Shan orders his butler to call Xin Yue for breakfast but he tells him that she has left at dawn. Qi Shan asks where is she headed. When he learns that she has went to Er Ye’s manor, he merely nods. Elsewhere Pi wakes up in a hospital room, the nurse tells him that it is Qi Shan who sent him here. He insists on leaving and struggles. The nurse barely manages to knock him out with a shot, and even as he drifts from consciousness, he begs his mistress to wait for his return.

Ya Tou is unable to sleep, mulling over Jiu Ye’s words. He tells her to write two letters. One is to Qi Shan, to explain that the medicine can only postpone her inevitable death but the side effects are too much for her to bear. She will return the medicine to Qi Shan and he is not to give it to Er Ye. The second letter is for Er Ye, to explain everything.

When Qi Shan reads Ya Tou’s letter, he vetoes the idea. Jiu Ye tells him that if they can’t save Ya Tou, they must at least save Er Ye. Not only can this method preserves Er Ye’s will to live, it can also encourage him to explore the mine. But Qi Shan thinks Er Ye would not forgive him, even after he knows about the truth.

Ya Tou shows up with a bowl of homemade noodles for Xin Yue. Er Ye asks for his portion but Ya Tou teases that he must be bored of it already. Xin Yue’s face falls a little, the noodles is both sour and sweet. She wonders to herself if Ya Tou didn’t realize she put in the wrong seasoning. But she chirps that Er Ye is right. The noodles is delicious and it wouldn’t lose out in even Beijing. It makes Ya Tou very happy and she says that she cooked it according to her tastes. A servant announces the arrival of Qi Shan and Ba Ye, who are here to visit Ya Tou. This alarms Xin Yue but she pretends like she wants nothing to do with them.

Qi Shan pointedly remarks about how well Ya Tou looks. The air is tense between them, though Ba Ye just yaps on about how expensive medicine is worth the money. Er Ye thanks Qi Shan, oblivious as to what his wife has just asked him to do. A bored Xin Yue looks for Ya Tou after. Ya Tou cheers her up, telling her that Er Ye is going take them out boat-riding this afternoon. She also teases Xin Yue that Qi Shan is here for her, but of course there is no way she would let him take her away. When Xin Yue finds out she is joking, she gets truly disappointed.

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