Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 14 – Recap

Qi Shan gives up, simply telling Xin Yue that he understands. She asks if he still wants to kick her off the train but Ya Tou helpfully adds that the train is already moving. Qi Shan asks for his bangle back but she calls him shameless for wanting a present back. She decides that since they are already together, she will tell him her real name. Her given name is Ying Han but she is nicknamed after her family’s hotel.

Chen Pi is getting tortured by Officer Lu’s men. We know where Qi Shan is but Officer Lu only knows he is at home, refusing all guests. He wants to know what Qi Shan is up to. Chen Pi answers that he doesn’t know. Officer Lu taunts him about Ya Tou’s illness and promises to let him go if he tells. If he doesn’t, then it’s to the gallows for the crime of conspiring with the country’s enemies. Officer Lu sows a seed of doubt in him, asking him to think about why Qi Shan would arrest him.

Night falls, Qi Shan and Er Ye are alarmed by the noises of footsteps above the train. It is Peng San Pian and his men hunting our main characters. Qi Shan goes out to take a look while Er Ye keeps vigil.Xin Yue is in the washroom, and when she leaves, she runs straight into Peng San Pian. Unable to run, she chooses to fight but he easily deflects her moves. Her little tricks are useless and he mocks her for trying to murder her husband. He tells her not to worry, he’ll sleep with her tonight.

At long last, all the men falls and the road is clear for Qi Shan to save Xin Yue. He flings a sword through the glass door and Peng San Pian barely manages to avoid from being pierced completely. He crashes onto the floor. Qi Shan runs to check on Xin Yue, noticing the tear on her shoulder. She stares at him for a moment, and then clearly touched, assures him she is fine. Peng San Pian opens his eyes and sends his whip flying at them.

The fight continues and Qi Shan deflects many of the whipping with his hand. Qi Shan says he should have shown mercy because he did stole Peng San Pian’s invitation but it is too late for that now. With a decisive move, he cracks Peng San Pian’s skull. When Peng San Pian falls, his back lands on the knife that Qi Shan flung earlier. This time, he stays dead. Qi Shan sweetly picks up her coat, dusts it off and puts it on her.

Back in their compartment, Qi Shan explains that it is the Japanese’s work. Er Ye reveals that the two compartments beside them are also Japanese assassins but he implies that he has already killed them. Worried about the girls, Qi Shan lies, clarifying that he means that the Japanese would not be so dumb as to attack them again. Wingman Ba Ye tells them to go sleep, pushing the girls towards their husbands. Xin Yue happily leans onto Qi Shan’s shoulder and thanks him for saving her. He doesn’t acknowledge it but does not seem to mind her holding on to his arm.

When they arrive at Changsha station, Fu Guan is there to meet them. Qi Shan orders his men to send Er Ye and his wife home. Xin Yue stares expectantly at Qi Shan, who ignores her. He gets into his car and Xin Yue follows. Qi Shan is still determinedly unpleasant to Xin Yue, which irritates her. But she does find out why he is called Fuo Ye though, there is a giant statue of Buddha (Fuo)’s head outside his manor. Inside Fu Guan updates Qi Shan that all is safe in Changsha and the Japanese are also quiet. However, oddly Officer Lu has taken Chen Pi away to secretly question him. Fu Guan has not yet found his exact location. Qi Shan looks worried and tells him to look harder.

Xin Yue crashes the party, calling him by his full name. Qi Shan looks annoyed and asks for his butler to prepare a guest room for her. Everyone’s eyes widen at her candidness. She asks if there is anything wrong with her staying with her fiance. Qi Shan actually turns to look at his butler and Fu Guan for help but they all look away. He grumpily orders them away. He tries to explain again that he is sorry for ruining her matchmaking and he will make amends. But Xin Yue wants to hear none of it. Everyone in Beijing knows he is her fiance now.

He tells her that he gives her three days before kicking her back to Beijing. She cries foul and asks to be brought to her room. When the maid calls her young miss, she orders her to call her madam instead. Qi Shan’s eyes widen again. The maid smartly learns to obey the madam of the house. With the most satisfied expression, Xin Yue leaves. Qi Shan actually chuckles a moment later, apparently amused.

Qi Shan finally learns about Chen Pi’s location and he takes him away. Chen Pi looks terrible. Officer Lu tries to stop him but Qi Shan clears Chen Pi off any wrongdoings except for some illegal trading business at the harbour. After they leave, Officer Lu wonders about Qi Shan and Er Ye’s relationship with Chen Pi.

When Er Ye goes to check on Ya Tou, he is shocked to find her slumping over the table. But she is only asleep. She assures him that the medicine they fought so hard to get is working well for her. She feels better everyday. He looks relieved to hear that.

Jiu Ye is asked to check on how Ya Tou is taking the medicine. Er Ye is not with them because someone from the opera house is looking for him. When Jiu Ye asks if Ya Tou is experiencing various body discomfort, she tells him that she has been feeling well since trying the new medicine. He nods and tells her that she seems well. But it is only a show for the benefit of the maid. He sends her away on an errand and Ya Tou immediately coughs. It is so bad that she coughs up blood. The medicine is not working at all. She gets down on her knees and begs him that no, the medicine is working. She will get better soon. She knows what Er Ye and Qi Shan has done to get the medicine to save her and she does not want to see Er Ye disappointed. Jiu Ye tells her that they will find another way and they should tell Er Ye. But she knows her health. If even such priceless medicine is unable to save her, there is really no cure for her. She wants to live her life quietly with Er Ye. She begs Jiu Ye not to tell but he reasons that at least Qi Shan must know. Ya Tou disagrees. With his brotherhood with Er Ye, Qi Shan would definitely tell. Jiu Ye asks if she knows why Qi Shan is trying so hard to help her. It is not due to the mine, it is to save Er Ye’s life. He asks if she really understands Er Ye. He loves her too much to live on after she dies. The thought horrifies Ya Tou.

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