Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 7 – Recap

After going through some documents, Er Ye seems to have found something. He writes Qi Shan a confidential letter. He later asks Chen Pi to send the letter anonymously. It’s the perfect opportunity for Chen Pi and he makes a second copy.

Chen Pi meets Ryoko and asks to see her superior. She says she’s good enough but he doesn’t buy it. But the information is there and she gives in. She brings him to the USA Chamber of Commerce and tells him to wait. It’s Ryoko’s men and he defeats them easily. When he wants to attack Ryoko, Mr Qiu comes in clapping. He flatters him and brings him aside for a private talk. Mr Qiu wants the information but Chen Pi wants to discuss about his medicine first. Mr Qiu assures him that he has the best medicines and doctors at disposal.

Qi Shan finds the letter Chen Pi secretly left. Ba Ye points out that it’s Er Ye who wrote the letter. The letter indicates that their escape this time is pure luck. Ba Ye thinks Er Ye knows something they don’t. Qi Shan says they’ll go to the mine again and orders Er Ye to go stake out the place nearby beforehand.

Fu Guan enters, explaining that a telegram has arrived, saying that an officer would be here to help with their work. It’s Officer Lu Xian Jun. Clearly it’s not someone easy to handle, as Qi Shan goes and meet the officer himself. The man is pleasant and friendly with Qi Shan but there’s an underlying sense of malice. Alone, Officer Lu reveals his true identity as a Bad Guy and notes that Qi Shan seems really comfortable being a general. He’s clearly envious but his servant placates him.

Chen Pi brings Mr Qiu, dressed as a doctor, to see Ya Tou. He promises his medicine will cure her completely. She takes the medicine shot and assures Chen Pi that she no longer feels any pain. Mr Qiu says Ya Tou will need the medicine often and passes Chen Pi two months’ worth of medicine. Ya Tou sincerely thanks Chen Pi for helping her. Chen Pi tells her that he’ll never want to leave her and Er Ye and promises to protect them forever.

In his fortune-teller garb, Ba Ye sets out on Qi Shan’s instructions to check out the villages near the mine. He overhears two villagers talking about a mad man living up the mountain. Up the mountain, the madman Ba Ye heard about is ripping his hair out, crying at unseen monsters not to eat him. He cries about hair that engulfs him. But Ba Ye puts on his best Tao priest act and convinces the madman that now that he has shaved off his hair, he’s free from the monster. Coming back to the village, Ba Ye notices a barber and looks thoughtful at the sight of hair. But he merely tells the barber to shave the madman’s hair when he comes by and even pays for him. The barber also tells him about the Japanese men who has been roaming around the mine and village lately.

Officer Lu’s servant informs him of Old Nine Gates’ great influence over Changsha. Not only is Qi Shan the Commanding Officer, he’s also the leader of the Old Nine Gates. But the families have no real allegiances to him and Officer Lu thinks they’re only listening to Qi Shan because of his army. He wants to take over Qi Shan’s position as both General and Old Nine Gates leader. Not much is known about the Old Nine Gates. The 2nd is Er Ye the opera singer, the 3rd is handicapped, the 4th is a warrior, and the only thing they know about the 5th is that he rears vicious dogs.

Ryoko informs Mr Qiu about Officer Lu’s visits to Old Nine Gates families. She wonders if they need to stop him. Mr Qiu simply says despite Officer Lu’s recklessness, he might be of use and asks her to keep an eye on him.

Officer Lu visits Jiu Ye with an expensive gift of high quality chess. After some small talk, he reveals his motive. He wants Jiu Ye to gather and unite the Old Nine Gate families for him, in place of Qi Shan.

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