Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 8 – Recap

The mountain is ablaze with fire after the group has reached the town. It seems that the tomb has been destroyed because the mountain has collapsed. Wu Xie has the only thing they got from the tomb: the silk manuscript. Wu Xie is still suspicious about A Ning’s group and doesn’t understand why they came all this way with no clear motive. Chen Cheng Cheng , Wu Xie , and High Shang also discuss Poker Face and how mysterious he is. Wu Xie believes that he will see Poke Face again.

Uncle Three calls Wu Xie all of a sudden and tells him to quickly come over and not tell Chen Cheng Cheng and High Shang about it. Uncle Three tells Wu Xie that the manuscript is fake.Uncle Three suspects Poker Face. Wu Xie tells Uncle Three that he found an ancient box in the tomb.

Wu Xie remembers the number he saw in the tomb and uses the number to unlock the box. It is calles snake eyed copper fish.

Chen Cheng Cheng manages to convince  High Shang to talk to Wu Xie about the fish. Wu Xie admits that it is odd that uncle doesn’t know about it. The three of them all sneak into Three uncle’s house and cook him dinner to coax the truth out of him.

Uncle Three is suspicious and asks what they want. He finally agrees to tell them about the fish. He first begins by talking about the nine families that were known to be tomb explorers . Wu Xie and Chen Cheng Cheng’s family was a part of the nine families. He talks about the history of the nine families. The nine families at one point decided to pull the largest tomb raiding in history.

Uncle Three talks about Wu Xie’s grandfather and how he left for 3 years. Uncle Three doesn’t know what happened , but he knows that when the grandfather came back he was a different person. Wu Xie is now more curious then ever about  what happened to his grandfather and the the connection with the fish. He tells uncle 3 he wants to go to Beijing to look for answers. Uncle Three says that if Wu Xie goes he will cut ties with him.

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