Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 3 – Recap

Uncle Three and Pan Zi successfully chisel their way through the entrance of a room that houses a stone coffin and an altar that contains a headless mummy. When Xiao Ge spots the coffin, he starts making these weird noises at it. Black smoke billows out of it, everyone suddenly kneels and bows, and Xiao Ge keeps on croaking. Xiao Ge instructing everyone not to touch anything, especially that coffin.

The crew continues their flashlight expedition and finds a hole in the wall. Through it, they enter another room of the tomb with seven coffins in there. On the wall, there’s also a story written about a lord from the Warring States period that had the ability to borrow spirits of the dead as soldiers. His body was kept in this tomb after he committed suicide to deal with some drama, and in hopes that he will reawaken someday. The guys examine the coffins for further clues. Pan Zi finds a handgun just chilling on the floor and one of the coffins left slightly ajar. To literally nobody’s surprise, in it lies the corpse of a foreigner with a half disintegrated face. He’s not alone though because it’s lying on top of the original mummified corpse of the coffin. Before they can even begin to process what’s going on here, they spot an intruder following them. Pan Zi immediately whips out the gun and shoots, but misses.

Xiao Ge chases after the intruder while the rest of the group continues exploring like nothing happened. Wu Xie wanders off to a little corner by himself and finds a backpack filled with notes and drawings about the tomb. He remembers seeing something similar in his grandfather’s tomb-raiding diaries. But when he calls out to Uncle Three and Pan Zi about his discovery, they’re nowhere to be found. As he’s relaying what happened to High Shao and Cheng Cheng via his headset, all the coffins already him suddenly descend into the ground.

The coffin with the two corpses suddenly pops open, and they sit upright and stare straight at Wu Xie. When he escapes to another room, the connection to High Shao and Cheng Cheng is restored. He tells them that he’s figured out that of those seven coffins, only one of those houses the “real” corpse, and the others are just tricks.

Wu Xie comes across another hole in the wall, and immediately goes into it. When he finally emerges from the other side of the tunnel, he finds himself back at the entrance of the tomb that he was at earlier.  He takes out the notes that he found in the backpack and discovers that one of them is actually a map of the tomb that shows a secret passage in the walls. Trying his luck with the random stones poking out of the wall, he finds the right one and opens the entrance to the secret passage.

Wu Xie comes across yet another dead foreigner guy that is slowly being devoured by the corpse eating beetles we first saw in the Cave of Horrors. Pan Zi suddenly appears outta nowhere and starts shooting at the bugs at Wu Xie’s feet and yells to follow him. Turns out that he and Uncle Three weren’t mysteriously abducted, but just got lost and separated in this maze of a tomb. Wu Xie and Pan Zi suddenly see the previous intruder lurking around them. They shine their flashlights and see that it’s the guy who assisted Wu Xie and High Shao in their Mongolian desert chase.

Before Pang Zi can even properly explain what his deal is, there’s suddenly a disgusting amount of corpse beetles attacking him. There’s so many of them that the guys can’t fight them off fast enough with their torches. When it looked like they were going to be overcome by the bugs, Pan Zi grabs the other two torches and tells Wu Xie and Pang Zi to get out. Watching Pan Zi slowly disappear into the sea of beetles, Pang Zi contemplates firing the gun at them before Xiao Ge jumps down from a ledge with his hand bloodied to scare off all the creepy crawlers. Xiao Ge tells them all to leave now because he’s coming.  The four of them bolt from the slow-moving zombie, only to get trapped in another tunnel. Xiao Ge turns on his spidey senses and can feel someone or something else coming around the corner.

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