My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 21 – Recap

Sang Tian told Wen Bing that he wanted to introduce her sister to him, but Wen Bing said that no matter how many siblings she had, he only liked her. Sang Tian felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, so she said she was sleepy, and then went back to bed to sleep.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing clean up at the ice rink. Sang Tian wants to tell Wen Bing that she is a girl. When Sang Tiangang wanted to speak, Wen Bing suddenly kissed her on the mouth, and this scene was also seen by Wen Bing’s mother. Wen Bing’s mother said that she just came back to see Wen Bing when she had something to do, and she brought gifts to Sang Tian and they asked Wen Bing to send gifts to her classmates. Mom said that she had seen the scene where they were kissing just now, and she had seen all the photos of kissing with them during the previous game. It turned out that the intimate moments between them were all seen by the senior and photographed. Mom returned after receiving the photo. Sang Tian wanted to explain that her mother said that she used to play well with a senior sister when she was in college, and it was easy to change from dependence to attachment. So I hope Sang Tian can keep her distance from Wen Bing, and leave after giving Sang Tian a gift.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, thinking about it all the time. Sang Tian suddenly changed her mind, saying that she had known Wen Bing liked her a long time ago, but she didn’t mean that to him, and hoped that they could continue to be friends in the future.

Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop to find Xiao Rou. Sang Tian worried that Wen Bing’s mother might not be able to stay in Liuye after she knew she was a girl, and she might never see Wen Bing again. I think it’s better not to say so, so that I can stay with Wen Bing all the time. Xiao Rou asked Sang Tian to tell Wen Bing well, maybe Wen Bing would understand her.

Wen Bing said that his mother was going to have dinner with him tonight, and wanted Sang Tian to go with him, but Sang Tian said that she had something to do with Xiao Rou, but it was Wen Bing’s mother about Sang Tian to meet.

Sang Tian came to Wen Bing’s mother’s house. Her mother investigated Sang Tian’s identity and found out that Sang Tian was a girl. Sang Tian wanted to explain, but her mother said that she did not want Wen Bing to live with a liar. She also asked Sang Tian to move out of the dormitory as soon as possible, otherwise she would be held responsible for the result.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met. Sang Tian told her that she knew Wen Bing was blind, and she could only see her clearly. He said that Wen Bing liked her just to use her to heal his eyes. Wen Bing admitted that there was this reason for approaching her before, but he was serious about liking her. Sang Tian pretended not to believe and told them not to be friends anymore. Wen Bing took Sang Tian to the studio, and showed Sang Tian the portrait of Sang Tian he had painted. Sang Tian looked at these portraits and listened to Wen Bing’s confession, feeling very uncomfortable, but in order to avoid the exposure of herself as a girl, she had no choice but to refuse Wen Bing, had a big fight with Wen Bing, and left the necklace in the studio. And tore the portrait.

Wen Bing looked sadly at the torn portraits and picked them up one by one.

The secretary told Wen Bing’s mother that Sang Tian and Wen Bing had a big quarrel, and that Wen Bing stayed in the studio alone, not eating or drinking. The secretary felt that her mother was too cruel, but her mother felt that she should take Wen Bing away directly. Let the secretary go to Liuye instead of her tomorrow.

Sang Tian came to the bus station, sitting on the platform alone, thinking and smelling bit by bit. Wen Bing was also alone in the studio, trying to tear off the portrait. Sang Tian looked at the corner of the portrait lying on the bench, and Wen Bing decided to act with the encouragement of her uncle.

The next day Sang Tian saw the secretary in the office and heard that Wen Bing was about to transfer. So I went to Wen Bing’s mother and told Wen Bing’s mother that Wen Bing could only see her alone, and decided to help Wen Bing cure his face blindness. My mother agreed, but asked Sang Tian to find a girlfriend within three days and make it public, so Wen Bing gave up completely before agreeing.

Sang Tian agreed, and Sang Tian went to the milk tea shop to find Xiao Rou, but Xiao Rou went to the company to build a team and cannot come back temporarily. Sang Tian was very distressed, and accidentally ran into Senior Sister Miao Miao, who said she would let Sang Tian be her boyfriend.

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