My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 16 – Recap

Wen Bing sat alone at the bus stop, recalling what his mother said to him when he was a child, which made him stick to his dream of playing ice hockey. Sang Tian came to the bus station and saw Wen Bing look distressed. So she bought milk tea to enlighten him, and she told Wen she was envious that Wen Bing could get her mother’s approval and support. Because Liuye has become the only contact between her mother and her mother since her mother’s death, she envied Wen Bing’s chance to change her mother’s mind. Sang Tian comforted Wen Bing and said that everything would pass, and also said that Wen Bing could not leave the hockey club without her permission. Wen Bing told Sang Tian that he would continue his dream of playing ice hockey.

Cheng Minjun came to the company to find his sister, hoping that her sister could agree to Wen Bing and let him continue to play ice hockey. But my sister didn’t listen to him, and finally Cheng Minjun couldn’t help it, so he mustered up the courage to reprimand his sister. Cheng Minjun felt lingering after leaving, but was still very happy to say what he wanted to say.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian returned to the ice hockey rink. Wen Bing apologized to everyone and said that he had a bad attitude today. Sang Tian saw that everyone was embarrassed and did not respond. So she took the initiative to say that she forgave Wen Bing, and then everyone said to forgive him, and finally they hugged together and said they were a team.

Wen Bing kept revising the route of playing ice hockey, and everyone worked together to prepare for the Open. Wen Bing and William explain to everyone their route and strategy for playing the Open, and finally cheer up with everyone!

Sang Zhan and Meng Na were chatting in the game. Meng Na said that she had messed up his idea and left a bad impression. She also said that the relationship between Wen Bing and his mother had been very fragile recently. As soon as Sang Zhan heard that it was a good time to let her help ease the relationship between Wen Bing and his mother, so that she would make a great contribution. When Meng Na heard that this method was very good, she hoped that Sang Zhan would help her. Meng Na told Sang Zhan that it was Wen Bing’s mother’s birthday in the past few days. She wanted to give her a gift, but she didn’t know what to give. Sang Zhan asked her to give her a cross stitch, and said that Wen Bing embroidery asked her to help it.

So Meng Na embroidered a cross stitch and gave it to Wen Bing’s mother at the company’s door. Wen Bing’s mother knew who she was, and mistakenly thought that Meng Na came to intercede for her father, hoping to help their company tide over the difficulties. So she rejected Meng Na, and Meng Na felt very sad. Meng Na sits alone on the stairway to drink at night, drinking and crying. Sang Zhan just happened to pass by at this moment. He wanted to comfort her, but suddenly realized that she was her sister’s rival, so he put on a hat and prepared to leave secretly. But it was still discovered by Meng Na and pulled by Meng Na.

After Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, she accidentally found Wen Bing’s birthday present for her mother, and found that Wen Bing was still angry with her mother.

The next day, Sang Tian gave Xiaorou their relatives and friends a ticket to watch them play. Xiaorou sighed and said that it would be great if Sang Tian’s mother could see her playing games. Sang Tian said, but this is not a figure skating competition. Xiao Rou said that as long as she likes it, her mother will be very happy. So Sang Tian found that all mothers in the world are the same, and they all want to be happy to see their children do what they like. So he took the ticket back to Xiaorou, and wanted to give it to Wen Bing’s mother.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na woke up in the hotel, Meng Na yelled very surprised. Why stayed with Sang Zhan all night? Sang Zhan quickly explained that she had forced him to play the game last night and showed him the game record. Meng Na said that she had beaten the injured kidney. At this time, Sang Zhan told Meng Na that he had injured the kidney, so he hurriedly left the hotel.

Sang Tian came to the door of the company to see Wen Bing’s mother but was driven away by the secretary. Sang Tian said she would wait for Wen Bing’s mother to end the meeting. Wen Bing’s mother’s secretary told her that she had been waiting in the cold wind for three hours, and that Wen Bing’s mother left the company after handling the company. Sang Tian immediately ran to Wen Bing’s mother and said that she wanted to invite her to see Wen Bing’s first game in school. After listening to Sang Tian’s mother, Wen Bing said she already knew and left. After seeing this scene, Wen Bing said that she hoped Sang Tian would not do such stupid things for him again.

Cheng Minjun came to the ice rink to find a horse coach, Wen Bing asked Cheng Minjun why he came to the rink? Cheng Minjun said to see how he and Sang Tian were progressing, so Sang Tian heard that Wen Bing could see his face for a short time after he kissed him.

Sang Tian went to the milk tea shop to find Xiaorou to find a way. Xiaorou hoped that she could change to a dormitory to avoid her being hurt. Sang Tian said that she would find a way to cure Wen Bing’s face blindness.

Cheng Minjun stopped Coach Ma, hoping that Coach Ma could let him add WeChat back. Coach Ma refused, and Cheng Minjun kept holding Coach Ma’s leg to prevent her from leaving. In the end, Coach Ma broke free and asked Meng Qi seniors to give her the game uniforms that the freshmen would wear tomorrow.

Meng Qi met his younger sister on the road and saw that her eyes were red. He thought that Wen Bing made her sister like this, so he wanted to find Wen Bing to settle the account. Pulling with her brother, Meng Na accidentally poured the paint into the game uniform and soiled the game uniform. They all wore the same uniforms on the final day of the game.

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