My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 10 – Recap

Coach Ma told the seniors that the speed skating department had added a friendly match, and their 3v3 match was moved to eleven o’clock in the morning. It is now nine o’clock, so let them notify everyone as soon as possible.

The senior cannot understand the three of Wenbing, Sang Tian and William, so he deliberately didn’t notify them. One senior said they were too much? The senior said that he didn’t like the three of them very much, so he wanted to teach them a lesson. What they said happened to be heard by William, so they wanted to tell Coach Horse. William sent the news to Wen Bing. At this moment, William was locked into the toilet by the two seniors. They told William that it was Sunday, so there was no one in the school building.

Wen Bing received the notice from William and thought it was a prank, so she called Sang Tian, ​​but Sang Tian didn’t hear her because she was changing clothes. So Wen Bing ran into the dormitory looking for Sang Tian, ​​but no one was found. He asked his classmates in other dormitories whether the time of the game was changed, and the classmates told him it was. Wen Bing ran to the door of the milk tea shop and found that Sang Tian and Xiao Rou had gone to the road show, so Wen Bing rushed to the road show and found Sang Tian dancing in women’s clothing.

Sang Tian also found that Wen Bing had seen her at this time, so she ran away immediately. Wen Bing deliberately pretended not to recognize her, so he told her to let her help inform that the game time was changed to 11 o’clock in the morning.

So Sang Tian immediately returned to the dressing room to change back to her clothes. At this moment, she happened to meet Wen Bing riding a battery car. Sang Tian and Wen Bing went to the ice rink in the battery car together.

Cheng Minjun came to the ice rink to find the horse coach with a gift, and Cheng Minjun hurriedly stuffed the gift to the horse coach.

Meng Na came to the locker room to look for Wen Bing, but was very worried when she found that Wen Bing had not been there. Because the cleaner let him out, William rushed to the locker room in time and told Meng Na that the senior had robbed his mobile phone and locked him in the toilet, deliberately not informing the three of them. Coach Ma was very angry that Wen Bing and Sang Tian were late.

At this time, Wen Bing and Sang Tian arrived in time and did not miss the game. So their group played with the senior group. The senior said that if the score is tied, they will win the freshman group. In the first game, the senior group won a point, and later they recovered the score, but Wen Bing was also injured.

Sang Tian wanted to suspend the game and take Wen Bing to see a doctor, but Wen Bing refused. In the end, they tied with 2:2 and won the game.

So Coach Ma let Wen Bing be the squad leader, and Sang Tian was relegated to deputy squad leader, letting them cooperate well. Sang Tian was very happy to stay in Liuye, when Wen Bing suddenly fainted.

Wen Bing woke up in the school infirmary, and his uncle came in and told them that it was only a slight dislocation. Meng Na said she wanted to take care of Wen Bing, but her uncle refused. She told Sang Tian to take more care of Wen Bing these days, and her uncle asked Meng Na to talk to his brother. Meng Na realized that it was her brother who injured Wen Bing, so she immediately went to her brother to settle the account.

Cheng Minjun discovered that Coach Xue already had a boyfriend, and then Coach Ma returned the gift from him.

Meng Na found her brother Meng Qi and blamed him for hurting Wen Bing, saying that if something happened to Wen Bing, she would definitely not forgive him. So Meng Qi was criticized by Miao Miao and Coach Ma.

Meng Qi felt very angry, so he punished the team members who did this, and the team members said they would never do this kind of thing again.

Sang Tian sent Wen Bing to the dormitory downstairs. Sang Tian received news from Xiao Rou. She just wanted to leave, but was stopped by Wen Bing.

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