My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 7 – Recap

Coach Ma asked Wen Bing why Sang Tian must be punished, but Wen Bing said he didn’t know. Coach Ma said that Wen Bing was still pretending, so he took out the surveillance video and showed it to everyone. Only then found out that Wen Bing and Sang Tian were clever and lazy, so Coach Ma punished them for running ten laps around the school.

So the two of them ran ten laps at school, and William gave Sang Tian and Wen Bing a husky doll, saying that the three of them were good brothers from then on.

Meng Na called Wen Bing, but Wen Bing didn’t answer her, and she left first when she said something happened, and asked Sang Tian to help him bring the bag back to the dormitory. Sang Tian went back to the dormitory, thinking Wen Bing was going on a date. When Wen Bing came back, he was going to get oden, so the two of them ate oden together.

Sang Tian received a message from Coach Ma and asked her to go to the office. So Sang Tian and Coach Ma and Coach Xue met, and Coach Ma knew that Sang Tian was a girl.

Coach Ma was very angry, thinking that Sang Tian had been cheating on her, so she asked her to conceal her identity from everyone before the punishment result came out.

Coach Ma informed the students that they are about to usher in a 3v3 match and let them divide into groups. The coach analyzed each person’s strengths and weaknesses separately.

But only did not comment on Sang Tian, ​​everyone thought Sang Tian is very powerful. Wen Bing saw that Sang Tian’s state was not right, so he wanted to ask her. But Sang Tian fooled her and did not answer his question. Sang Tian told Xiao Rou that her identity had been discovered by the teacher, so Xiao Rou persuaded her to say goodbye to Wen Bing as soon as possible.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory, Shen William took the gift he sent to Sang Tian’s dormitory, hoping to be in the same group with her. Sang Tian said she had something to do and left.

Sang Tian changed into ice hockey outfits alone and came to the ice rink to skate and play while thinking of the days he spent with Wenbing. Coach Ma looked thoughtful at Sang Tian playing outside the ice rink.

Coach Ma asked Coach Xue for his opinion. Coach Xue felt that Sang Tian was very pitiful and hoped that Coach Ma could keep her as if she didn’t know. But Coach Ma felt that it was wrong to deceive people.

Sang Tian and his teammates came to the ice rink to train. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to practice passing with him, so the two cooperated very tacitly. The teammates were dumbfounded. After seeing this scene, Coach Ma told Sang Tian to stop training, and let all the others train with Wen Bing for passing. Everyone gathered around Wen Bing, and Coach Ma called the players’ names to let Wen Bing pass them on. But because Wen Bing was blind and couldn’t see people clearly, he passed the ball very slowly, and finally made a wrong pass. Sang Tian looked at this scene and felt very worried. Coach Ma was very angry and asked them to go home to train.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing were chatting in the locker room. Wen Bing thought that Sang Tian was really going to leave, so she held her and said that Sang Tian was his person from now on and could not leave without his permission.  Sang Tian was so irritated by these words that she immediately returned to the dormitory. Sang Tian saw that Wenbing’s bed was messy, so she helped him organize his clothes. Sang Tian found the black sweater in the closet and recalled the misunderstanding that occurred because of this sweater.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na play games in the game hall, and the two add friends to each other in the game. Meng Na asked Sang Zhan about feelings, so Sang Zhan gave Meng Na an idea.

Sang Tian decided to tell him that she was leaving when she saw Wen Bing, and asked him to team up with others, so as not to affect his assessment results. Wen Bing returned to the dormitory, Sang Tian immediately hid his clothes, but Wen Bing still found him. Wen Bing pretended to accuse her of having trouble with his clothes, and even changed his clothes indiscriminately.

After hearing this, Sang Tian suddenly became angry and said that she hated him, and asked him to team up with others, and left the dormitory.

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